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Teen Wolf Fanwork Finders

all fanwork finding, all teen wolves (and their human sidekicks), all the time

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Teen Wolf Finders
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a Teen Wolf (MTV series) fanwork finding comm
Like the username says, this is a comm where you can look for Teen Wolf (the MTV series) fanworks of all kinds. You can look for fanworks you lost, or ask for fanwork recs.

You can Contact a Mod at any time.

As well as using the tags, you can search through the comm with this handy & secure search box:

teenwolffinders @ lj the web

If you're looking for a fanwork which is no longer online you can check if its old URL has been archived by the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine or ask the author in question about it.

This comm DOES NOT ALLOW the sharing of deleted fanworks from October 2017.

We value the authors' rights to have a say in what happens with their own fanworks, and want to keep our corner of fandom as welcoming and fun for them as it is to everyone else.

Our rules are pretty basic:



#3 SUGGESTED POST LAYOUT (and by suggested read: yes it should totally look like this)
[description of your search in the subject line]
correct: Derek turns into a fluffy bunny on the full moon recs, Stiles grows tentacles when aroused fanart, Ice cream is made by pack fic, etc.
WRONG: Looking for a specific fic, General search or Fic search; if you weren't looking for something, especially a fanwork, you wouldn't be posting here, now would you? So just summarize the bare bones (heh) of your search and leave words like looking, searching, specific and general OUT of it if at all possible.

In the post/entry body itself: what you're looking for, relevant details and all; also, NO SPECIAL FONT FORMATTING.
Your post should like any other post to everyone, so: please switch to HTML mode when typing or copy&pasting your search so the font type, color and size stays unchanged; you can switch back to Visual editor and add hyperlinks, etc. if you need to.
In your search try to mention the type of fanwork, characters, pairings, genre, themes, any or all of these (if applicable) so folks know what you're looking for.
Don't go into details too much, especially about stuff you don't want, or wax poetic about the personal reasons behind your search; you might want to take those to your own journal. Stay on topic, get to the gist, cliche cliche just ask for what you want don't blab around cliche. :)

But that's just the bare minimum, so for every search you post please include any or all of the following kinds of tags, as relevant to what you have in your post: category, media, theme as well as character, genre and pairing. (If you don't mention any pairings, please use only character and the appropriate genre tags; if you do mention pairings, you'll need all three kinds.) Please use our existing tags as best you can. When you can't find any appropriate tags, use the appropriate other tag; a mod will be along soon enough to sort them out into proper tags.
Also: when in doubt, try to find the closest similar looking previous search, and try to emulate its tagging system. It's pretty much that simple.

- the *found tag should be added RIGHT AWAY if your SPECIFIC SEARCH (i.e. for a fanwork you've lost) is ANSWERED CORRECTLY; OR, you can edit your post to reflect this (e.g. with an ETA: Found! It's [fanwork title, link] by author)
-- addendum: if your crossposted search has been answered, though not at this comm, please still do the above, and provide link to the answer (e.g. like in the ETA mentioned above)

- the *unanswered tag is for posts at least ONE WEEK old. Please don't get tag-happy with it before less than 7 days have passed.
#3.2 No editing your existing post beyond the above-mentioned things.
That means NO STRIKETHROUGHS, or changing your request altogether, or anything that disrupts anyone else from reading your post easily, or in the same general form it's been from the start.

#4 If at all possible, REPLY TO RESPONSES
This is now a rule because folks can't know their efforts weren't wasted if you don't tell them. So please TELL THEM, even if all you reply with is a quick comment of thanks. It's folks who do stuff for you with no expectation of any reciprocation who keep comms like this running, so giving them incentive to stick around is in everyone's best interests. :)

#5 Keep it low volume: make one or two posts per day.
You are welcome to make as many searches as you like, but to keep from spamming folks' f-lists try to keep it to one or two posts per day. You can have multiple requests in one post, just try to keep 'em separate enough folks can keep track of which search is which.

#6 Any and all NOT fanwork finding posts need to be cleared with a mod first.
Please Contact a Mod before posting if you don't want instant deletion and a modly talking to.

Last but not least:

- You are not the Robin to the mod's Batman, and the mod is not your babysitter, either. So no policing, abuse, bashing (you may look for character bashing stories AS LONG AS YOU DON'T DO ANY BASHING WHILE DOING IT), shaming or disrespecting anything, anyone or their bad wolfie breath while at the comm. This goes for posts AND comments. Don't like something, tell a mod and they'll deal with it, and you can move on. Your personal opinion(s) are best kept for your personal journal.

- What a mod can and will do: delete any post or comment if it's against the rules^, revoke posting rights temporarily or permanently in case of rule breaking, tsk tsk and shake their head at your furry werewolf butt if you haven't read the rules.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, affiliation or promo inquiries, etc. you can Contact a Mod.

And don't forget to have a great fanwork finding time!


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