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Liveta puidokaitė

Hey guys

Hey I need help again I just remembered a fic and can't find it anywhere. I think that fic is about stiles the monster in red I think that's what dereks pack called him. When derek is 16 he made a biggest mistake and a kid stiles is taken in Orphanage bicouse sherif is wounded. Then I think derek or Talia gives him a bite and saves him bus stiles is already taken and the sherif is told that he died trying to run away from the orphanage. When derek and his pack finds stiles they don't recognize him but stiles has sheriff's badge number on his hand also he is bided to someone to control him and to make him do anything that person wants. That's all I can remember I hope someone know this one I would love to read it again
Tags: pairing: derek/stiles, theme: abuse, theme: kidnapped, theme: tattoo

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