bingereaderhere (bingereaderhere) wrote in teenwolffinders,

Sterek fics

I'm looking for a few different fics, all teen wolf and all sterek. My bookmarks are a mess and all of these were on ao3

1). Derek rebuilds the Hale house and Stiles inadvertently basically is the one to decorate and design it, they had a pool and weapon room and a baby witch is sent to them by a coven with an evil coven leader named eleanor


2). hunter convention fic where stiles goes to a hunter convention to learn stuff and hold booths and stuff, he does a thing where he moderates a discussion and this one dude just wont let them procede but then one of that hunter's friends is like "come on man, stfu already!!

Thanks so much for helping me!!

Tags: character: allison argent, character: chris argent, character: cora hale, character: danny mahealani, character: derek hale, character: dr. alan deaton, character: gerard argent, character: isaac lahey, character: jackson whittemore, character: jennifer blake, character: kate argent, character: laura hale, character: lydia martin, character: melissa mccall, character: peter hale, character: scott mccall, character: sheriff stilinski, character: stiles stilinski, character: vernon boyd, pairing: derek/stiles, theme: werewolf reveal

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