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Steter Time-travel fic

Hi, I'm looking for Peter/Stiles fic, where Stiles (in present time) is in a relationship with Peter, but he travels back in time before the Hale fire and saves everyone, but he's unhappy, because his Peter isn't there. There's only the young Peter and he's not in love with him. In the end his Peter also travels back to him and there's happy ending. Ringing any bells? Please?
Thank you so much in advance!

looking for multiple fics

1. i'm looking for any sort of fic that includes chimeras and their plotline into the story quite a bit. they can either be oc main characters or one of the pack can become one. i just feel that i haven't found enough good stories that include those elements as a main plotline in the story

2. i feel that the show didn’t dive into the kitsune concept enough so if there are any kitsune creature fics you could recommend i would appreciate it. they again can be kira exploring more about her uniqueness, a new oc being one or one of the pack being one instead of what they are

ps/ i would like to avoid any stydia if possible so please don't recommend if it’s a major part of the story. basically all other pairings are fair game to me but please try to avoid any peter ships as well however i am willing to read them if recommended

Stiles kills people he touches

Looking for a fic, my memory is hazy and I might be mixing up multiple fics but if you can identify any of them I will be super grateful. Basically, the pack was out late at night (getting dunkin' donuts I think) and they were ambushed. Stiles was injected with something, i think a black liquid, and he turned magic and killed one of the bad guys by just touching him, causing the bad guy to either explode or disintegrate like he was Thanos snapped. 

The pack is trying not to touch stiles while they try to figure out what happened. Stiles is staying with Derek at his family's log cabin since it's isolated and safe. I think stiles turns green or purple and starts growing leaves. It was Sterek I'm 99% sure. 

Looking for a specific Stiles/Derek Fic

Hi everyone!
I’m looking for a specific fic that is/was on AO3. Stiles gets sick after the pool incident, and Derek is taking care of stiles, and spoon feeding him soup. Then Derek announces that they are mates and that Stiles is made for him.
Thank you!

Sterek Amnesia Lost Fic

Hey! I think I've gone crazy trying to find this fic lol. It's basically where Stiles and Derek were dating and were about to move into the same apartment together, but Derek just vanishes and basically ghosts Stiles. 

Stiles then moves back home and opens a bookstore (or something like that) and when he sees Derek again, he panics and pretends to have amnesia from an accident so that he doesn't have to talk to him. Derek on the other hand feels like really bad that he's the reason why Stiles has "amnesia" and tries to make up for it. 

There's like Issac and everyone else in the story as well that basically knew Stiles before he and derek broke up and they're also trying to jog Stiles' memory.

Thanks for the helppp (:

Stiles Centric- Erica brings dress Stiles cuts it up for her

Hi everyone hoping you can find the fic with the following plot points:

Stiles seems to meet specific needs of the pack

           Erica — sparkly dress makes her look ugly so she cries to stiles who cuts it up for her.

          Boyd — never seems to need just quietly sits with Stiles

           Don't remember it all but he starts to wonder why they are coming to him and his room for all of this.....

May be same story or different

Stiles rewards the betas  by cooking specific meals for them.  Jackson wins and it is something ridiculously difficult.  

but each person gets a specific meal or food. 

There may be a cookie rotation request but that may be a different story as well. 


Looking for a specific Sterek fic

This is driving me nuts, but I’m looking for a fic where the pairing is eventually Derek/Stiles, but at the beginning is Derek/Braeden.

This is where my memory gets foggy. I feel like there’s a magical element where Stiles maybe time travels. Or maybe it’s something else that’s magical, like soulmates. He always comes to visit Derek and sleeps on his couch. He’s very definitely in love with Derek, but assumes he’s happy with Braeden.

Braeden eventually leaves for her job and Derek also falls in love with Stiles.

Help please.

Looking for Sterek fic with essence

I think essence was in the name? Or fill it up? They find out that it helps the wolves keep control if they have some of the essence of their mate (ie cum, precum) and the other pack members give their mates stuff in little bottles. So Stiles gives Derek one. I am pretty sure I found it on AO3 and it was sterek centric.

I randomly thought of it last night and wanted to re read it. Thanks for your help!