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Searching for two specific Sterek fics

Hoping someone will be able to help me out with these. I've gone through all of my bookmarks, but several of them have since been deleted and I think these might be among them.

The first is an AU with Derek choosing Stiles at some sort of ceremony. I think it's for something permanent, not just for a "heat mate." Stiles isn't particularly happy to be there, but it's manditory. It also has Deucalion as a rival for some nefarious purpose. I think it has some sort of scenting element involved in the ceremony. There may be something about marking the wrist, but no biting. It's not Divided We Stand, Alpha Spikes, Festival of the Red, or In the Solstice of Our Hearts—I just reread them to make sure.

The second is an accidental werebaby acquisition fic. Somehow, they come across a werebaby and Stiles becomes attached. They end up driving to see a larger pack that may have included the mother. While they're there, Stiles and Derek pretend to be mates, but not everyone is convinced. There's another guy interested in Stiles and he's pretty aggressive. I think there might be some sort of search going on, I remember maps and searching, maybe for mother's murderers? I'm pretty sure that the baby stays a baby, no transformations. I think they end up keeping the baby, but not completely sure. It's not Reasonable to Assume or The Littlest Alpha.

Second fic found: He's Not Mine by Sunnee

Still looking for first fic.

Thanks in advance!


Wolf Derek

I've been looking for this story where stiles finds a hurt wolf/Derek and takes him home without knowing it was him. He and Derek broke up before the fic and the wolf reminds him of derek. I remember the laura was alive and she saw stiles walking the wolf/Derek with a pink leash.

Does it ring any bells?

Sterek La Iglesia?

I might be confused about the details. Stiles dies at La Iglesia or somewhere else. They put his body in the back of the car and stiles sits back up in the back. he comes back to life. They pull over and Derek hugs Stiles.

FOUND stiles Kidnapping fic

I'm actually looking for two fics. The first one I'm trying to find is a fic where stiles gets kidnapped by two low level druggies as a way to get to his dad. One of the guys makes some lewd/sexual comments and threats toward Stiles. Eventually he manages to escape onto the roof and right when he is about to jump down his father and the cops show up. I've been looking for this fic forever, any direction would be appreciated!

FOUND : http://archiveofourown.org/works/706190

I was also hoping to find a fic that I think was on archiveofourown.org where Stiles enters a relationship with a new one of his dad's deputies (OC), who seduces him and pressures him to have sex in his dad's office. He is also being stalked by someone who takes a video of them together and releases it to the student body. He get's bullied for it and the deputy get's in trouble and I remember him being really mad at Stiles and barging into his chemistry class room and punching Stiles. In the end Stiles gets kidnapped by his stalker, who ends up being Greenberg.
I found this one! It's Disturbia by Cuppa Char http://archiveofourown.org/works/1000270/chapters/1980778

Sheriff Centric Stories?


I'm looking for any Sheriff!centric stories. Specifically anything where he is a good father or the relationship between him and Stiles is shown. The Sheriff finding out about werewolves or about Stiles and Derek dating are also good.

Anything Sterek or Gen are both welcome!

Thank you for any help!

Sterek - Incubus Derek Hale - FOUND

I've been looking for a fic where Derek's an incubus. I remember the setting was like medieval times and a demon was threatening Lydia so Stiles changed rooms with her (she was a Princess or something like that) and the Derek ended up finding him instead of her. Either they made a deal or they had sex, I'm not too sure, but Stiles starts lying and says he killed Derek when actually they start developing a relationship and Stiles "feeds" Derek.
Scott was a werewolf or he got bitten along the way, I'm not too sure. I also believe there was another incubus leaving a trail of dead bodies and people thought that was Derek's doing. Kate Argent showed up at some point.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!

Sterek, fighting leads to kissing

I'm looking for a specific short fic I remember reading, but can't for the life of me find.  It took place after the pack was in a fight, and I think Stiles starts chewing Derek out for being a self-sacrificing idiot who almost got himself killed, but it might have been vice versa.  This of course leads to kissing, and Derek picking Stiles up and pushing him up against a wall or other vertical surface while the rest of the pack (who of course are still in the room) make a break for it and try to get out before clothes start coming off.  Pretty sure Kira was in the pack.  That's all I can remember, and honestly that might be the entire fic, but it's driving me crazy that I can't find it!

Stiles & Danny become Blood brothers

This fic came out several years ago and is part of several stories. Stiles tells Danny the truth about what is going on in town and they go through a simple ceremony to become blood brothers, either to guaranty Danny's silence or to bring him into the pack. But doing so also brings Jackson into the pack because he and Danny became blood brothers when they were small kids, maybe 5. Jackson has left town but the pull of the bond brings Jackson back. Scott is not happy that Stiles has become part of Derek's pack and is slowly wasting away.

There are a lot of stories where Stiles leaves after the pack kicks him out or a lot of angst after the Sheriff finds out and refuses to let Stiles see them.
Anyone know any fics where Stiles just goes "f*** them" and does what he does best- protecting the pack. I dont care if he's magical or plain human, as long as his dad is shocked at how ruthless or badass he is, or if Stiles dives into a fight in front of him and just beats every one coming at him.
(I know theres a fic where the pack and the sheriff make him stay away but then theres a fight and Stiles shows up to fight next to Derek and wins, and when they're back at Deatons and the sheriff is sort of freaking out, Stiles is yelling at Derek about how he can protect them and he should have trusted him when Stiles literally had another wolfs jaws around his throat and sheriff kind of freaks out about that but I can't find it anymore )

Werewolf Conventions/Fake Mates?

Im reading this thing right here about the pack (or at least just Derek, Stiles and Erica) going to a 'werewolf convention' and Derek and Stiles are doing the 'fake mates' thing.

So now I wondering- anyone know of some really good fics where they go for being fake mates for any reason, or if they go to a 'werewolf convention'? The longer the better IMO.

Fluffy an angst? <3
'Failwolf' Derek/Oblivious Stiles? *squeals*

Aug. 8th, 2016

Hey everyone
I was wondering if there are any fics where other packs want Stiles because he is able to have werewolf babies. Or anything similar. Weird i know but thats what I want to read right now. Thanks!
Hello, I'm looking for a specific fic that was season two AU. Lydia was kidnapped by a witch, and to save her Stiles reluctantly helps Derek build his pack. Stiles and Scott had a falling out and were not close in this fic. Peter Hale also tried flirting with Stiles in this fic so he could be resurrected. It was a slow burn Sterek fic.
Stiles makes Derek get out of the car to do a strip search and you all know what happens next. They obviously do it out in the open, with Stiles fully clothed.
The narration is from Derek's perspective, and all throughout the story, he feels humiliated. However, in the end, it is revealed that they're in an established relationship and were roleplaying.
I've been trying to find this one for a long time, but my google-fu has failed me. :( HAALP!!

Sterek 'heat week' fic

Its been at least a year since Ive read this, very likely longer.

Its on the shorter side of things, less than 10k words i think, maybe even less than 5k.

I think it starts out with Stiles coming home from college to Derek since 'heat week'. (so in the Omegaverse). Im not sure if Stiles (or even Derek) are a werewolf, or if everyone is on the alpha/beta/omega 'spectrum'.

Stiles might mention to Derek (or 'think' it) that he's thankful school lets out for the week, which makes me think that not everyone has heats (maybe just the betas dont?)

Im pretty sure the only characters in it are Derek and Stiles, but others might be mentioned.

Derek likes building kites

I'm looking for a fic where Derek likes building kites. His family thinks its just a hobby and doesn't think he should waste his time with it. There was also mention of him spending time in Europe before coming back home.

I think this had female Stiles too.

Also, Derek (spontaneously) becomes Alpha when a few members leave the (main) Hale pack and go with him when Talia confronts him about his kite building hobby...but I could be mistaking that with another fic.

does this sound familiar to anyone?

Stiles and his Dad

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for stories that feature the strained relationship between Stiles and the Sheriff: mistrust because of the lies, disappearing into the night turning up at crime scenes... Both/one of them thinking they are loosing the last family left...

Parings or other themes are not important to me, as long the story centers around Stiles and his Dad

Give me all the angst and h/c - happy ending would be great, but is not necessary.

Thank you!

Sterek Mpreg

Looking for a fic where Derek gets pregnant with Stiles's baby. Stiles doesn't know about it but Cora helps him through the pregnancy. Afterwards Stiles meets Derek's daughter (I think her name is Sonya) and falls in love with her even before he knows she's his.

Sterek Fic

I'm looking for a fic where Stiles and Derek get really close the summer after high school, Stiles ends up leaving Beacon Hills because he thinks Derek doesn't care about him. He comes back when the Sheriff has a heart attack and he needs to take care of him. He was a cop in some other city in the midwest and got shot by his ex boyfriend. Meanwhile, Derek gets roped into a relationship with a girl named Maggie from another pack. Stiles ends up getting turned. I can't find the right set of tags to get me back to this fic. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I hope this works

Firstly let me say sorry if I've got this wrong, I haven't been using lj for very long yet.

I've been looking for this fic on ao3 forever and with every tag combination I can come up with, so i'm hoping you guys might be able to help. It goes like this:
The sheriff and Talia arrange a marriage between Derek and Stiles, Derek is present at the meeting but Claudia has died.
Stiles is raised not knowing about the wolves and the fact that he is a wolf but he just can't transform.
Derek is the alpha and lives in a big compound outside Beacon hills and waits for Stiles to grow up enough to mate.
Eventually Derek goes to claim Stiles and takes him to the compound in order to mate. Stiles didn't know and gets angry and has to decide if he wants to stay with Derek or open himself up to other alphas.
By the time I lost the fic they were like a day or 2 before the mating day.

I hope someone can have more luck finding this. Thanks in advance.

Sterek babysitter fic

Hey, so I'm hoping someone knows this fic as I've been looking for it for ages, but don't have a lot of information on it.

It's definitely from AO3 and is a Sterek fic. In it, Derek has a child (daughter I think?) to Kate, and needs a babysitter and hires Stiles. The part I remember most clearly is Stiles and the child are in the garden and Stiles is sat on a chair? I think Stiles realised its too quite so looks up and finds the child struggling with Gerard- he tells her to bite him, this results in some kind of law case about how werewolves shouldn't be allowed to bite people.

I think there was a part before this where Kate shows up and Stiles refuses her entry and rings Derek, who tells him to lock them both in the basement. I'm pretty sure Stiles then says he'll talk to his dad and get a restraining order put on Kate.

Near the end Stiles says he's resigning, then explains that he shouldn't be getting paid for looking after his family.

Thank you in advance to anyone who may know what this is!
Okay so I have a couple of fics I want to find, with literally nothing to go on! So I'm really hoping someone knows what I'm talking about!

I'm pretty sure the first one was on AO3 as that's generally the only place I read fics, and I'm pretty sure it was Sterek (usually what I read) but it might not be. The only thing I can definitely remember from this fic is that Stiles leaves Beacons Hills and makes it look as though he's driven his jeep off a cliff and so the pack thinks he's dead, but he wasn't actually in it. I think I remember other stuff but I'm not sure about it- I feel as though it was because he was being neglected in the pack? I'm about 60% sure that's why he left. Also I'm pretty sure Derek never gives up looking for him, even when the rest of the pack eventually do? But like I said, I'm not sure, and they could be from completely different fics.

The second fic is again a very vague piece of information, probably on AO3 again, and definitely Sterek, and I'm pretty sure it's an established relationship. The only definite idea I have of this fic is that Derek has a certain spot on his body (lower back I think?) where it's completely human and doesn't heal, it's a very private place and I think only Stiles knows about it. Here's where it gets fuzzy- something happens where stiles ends up in an alternative reality or Derek loses his memory? I'm not sure what actually happens, but for some reason Derek doesn't know how Stiles knows about his human skin.

I would be so grateful to anyone who could find these fics, and also seriously surprised considering the amount of information I don't actually have on them... I realise I haven't given you much to work on! Thank you so much for anyone who tries though! (Also thank you for reading this super long ask).

Update: the second fic has been found its misfire by mothlights- http://archiveofourown.org/works/1934361 but I am still looking for the first one! Thanks guys!

Stiles and Argents at Tribunal

I'm looking for a fic where Stiles, Allison, Chris, Scott, et al. are summoned to a Tribunal to see Kate (and maybe Gerard) be tried for Code violations. Kate is executed and Scott later tries to tell someone else (Melissa?) that it wasn't justified but Chris, I think, corrects him. This fic is either a long stand-alone or part of a series.


Sterek/unappreciated Stiles

I only have a vague memory of this... I think it might be just after season 2, definitely before 3b. The pack is pushing Stiles away, slowly, not a "you're out of the pack" thing, but by just neglecting him. I think that Peter defends him to the pack and might be trying to get Derek to acknowledge that Stiles is his mate. I think Peter gives everyone a guilt trip over how they've treated Stiles, especially Scott and maybe Erica for the dumpster/carburetor incident. Hoping someone might remember. Thanks!

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