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Somebody Stalking Stiles

Hi! I'm looking for a fic where Stiles has gone off to college, but he notices that a (I believe?) werewolf from that city is stalking him. Either that or the werewolf has some connection to the school he goes to, either way the guy is stalking him. To help out and keep him safe, Derek pretends to be his boyfriend/mate? Honestly it's been awhile since I've read this fic, and I'm not too sure where to find it. I think I read it on AO3 though.
Please help! I'm looking for a fic that may or may not be a sterek fic, it definitely isn't in the beginning, I don't remember much but, here's what I do remember though. In one scene, I'm not sure if Stiles is sick or not, but he's home and doing dishes instead of at school. While Stiles is doing dishes, he looks outside, through the window, and sees a huge, black, monster in his backyard. It ends up leaving through the woods in his backyard. I'm pretty sure he called Scott or atleast considered it. He calls Derek, I'm pretty sure, and Derek goes to his house. I even think he called his dad. The calling part is very foggy, I don't remember much. Derek didn't see it, but he could smell it, all over the backyard. Stiles ends up following/finding it. He climbed a tree and watched it go near a cave or something in the forest and it ate a kid. A whole kindergarten class was out there. I think Stiles saved the other kid. There were two kids that the monster attacked/lured. Anyway, Stiles calls someone, I forgot who, and he's freaking out that he just saw a kid get eaten alive. Then his dad showed up saying a kid went missing and they're investigating. That's all I remember, I read this a while ago, but I realy wanna read it again, and it's bothering me that I can't find it. If anyone knows anything please email me at fanfictionrobin0203@gmail.com or comment! I'm desperate, please! Thank you!

clumsy stiles

I'm searching for ao3 fic. It is completed sterek fic. In the begining Stiles scratch Derek car because parking problems (they are neighbours). Then there are coincedental meeting at mall which Stiles stumbles cans of corn? I think? The end is at Scott and Kira's wedding that Stiles make a mess of his shirt.

memory loss sterek

Stiles gets kidnapped by the pack he assumes because hes a hunter but really it turns out hes the Alphas (Derek) supposedly dead mate. There was this huge tattoo on stiles back that was keeping his memories locked away and the pack was at war with the hunters because they "killed" stiles.

I might be mixing up 2 separate stories

Thanks in advance


Looking for a hearing loss- stiles fic

Hey everybody,
I read this fic where Lydia confronts Stiles about him not telling her her scream damaged his hearing. It was probably an AO3 fic. Any help would be great!
Thanks in advance!

Lost Fic

Hi, I'm struggling to find a fic that I read a while ago. In it Stiles had a brother (either a twin brother or an older one) that was introduced to the pack. Stiles is quite insecure and he believes that the pack like his brother more than him so he lets himself be replaced by his brother. There's lots of angst and I think the end game is Derek/Stiles but I can't quite remember. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! :D

Sterek Fic, BDSM, DomStiles, SubDerek

Hi, I'm looking for a fic and I don't remember if it was completed or not. I started reading and then lost track of it, life got in the way... but, Stiles owns a BDSM club with Lydia. Derek is there through an arrangement with Peter. Stiles becomes his Dom. It was a terrific start. I'd like to read again and find out if it's completed!

Does anyone recognize this story? I'd appreciate the help! Thanks, Lisa

FOUND! See comment.

Derek/Stiles future fic I think

Hi everyone I am looking for this Sterek fic that I read a while ago. People are also looking for it on Tumblr with no luck. Derek leaves Beacon Hills and Stiles and Allison destroy the Hale house together then they have sex. Fast forward and they live in New York(that's where they meet Derek again). They have a daughter together and Allison and Stiles both live in the same building I believe and like have shared custody of their daughter. Then Derek comes into the picture and at one point thinks that Lydia is the little girl's mom.


Hey guys,
I have this fic and I've been looking for it for hours. I don't remember much of it but it starts with Stiles doing push ups in the morning because he used to train with his mother or something and then he goes to school and the pack has been pushing him away/kicks him out and he goes to school in like black combat pants looking cool as hell and I think Derek disapproves or is unaware of what the others are doing to Stiles.

Thank you for any help.

Lost fic :/

Hello! I've been looking for this arranged marriage fic for forever on ao3, and I think I finally figured it out from a sterekfic tumblr - I am pretty sure it is Consort by Rikudemyx. Unfortunately the author deleted all her fics (which is why I couldn't find it).

Can you guys please help me, I would be really thankful! You can reach me from iamjacksfeelingofboredom@gmail.com.

Thank you!!

Pretend relationship with Omega stiles

Hello! I've been looking for an AU fic with omega stiles and alpha derek. Stiles is kind of an outcast in their town because he has a reputation of sleeping with a lot of alphas. Derek is a respectable alpha and he likes another omega (not sure if it was Paige or not). He wants to court her. He asks stiles to pretend to be his omega because he thinks it will impress the other omega that he likes. He thinks that it would give him an impression of a good alpha because he managed to "tame" stiles and also to make the girl jealous. Stiles agreed and I don't remember much except for one scene. Stiles saw the 2 of them in a restaurant and he was heartbroken. He started bawling his eyes out, derek saw him and ran after stiles. That's all i remember. It's been bugging me for a long time now. Hope y'all can help. Thanks!!

Stiles in dress fic

I am looking for sterek. The fic is completed one chapter only in ao3. I remember there is dancing and stiles take care of a baby and cooking in derek house. Maybe some courting? The ending is stiles and derek marry and they have kids also there are papa hale in there. I dont know if the fic is deleted or not but I already searched the web using tags and all but I still cant find it.

stiles taken care of by the alpha pack

I am looking for a fic that I read awhile ago. It was about where Derek and the pack break the pack bonds to Stiles and Stiles ends up in the hospital from the backlash of it. Deucalion and the Alpha help him recover. Another part I remember is that he has a seizure at the school in the cafeteria after Aiden and Ethan have an argument with I think Scott. He was in a wheelchair too and he has therapy with Ennis?

Sterek ao3 fanfic

In this omegaverse setting each year, alphas will go to each villages to select an omega for mating. Alpha derek select omega stiles who is wearing hideous purple suit from the candidates. I remember there are also omega jackson that is selected by OMC.
The fic is 10k words I think?

LF specific (deleted fic) Sterek story

I know the title is Saudade, Derek is an artistnin new york and a lady he was nice to brought his sculpture to life, the guy that shares study with him splashes the sculpture with paint giving Stiles his moles.
But then something happens and Stiles.goes back to be a statue.
My link says it's been deleted. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?

I'm hoping someone out there has a copy of the Sugary Sweet series because the author has deleted it and I really want to read it and the Wayback Machine doesn't have copies of some of the stories in the series.
Hi!! I'm looking for a complete Sterek fic. In it, Stiles and Derek go on their first date at the beginning of the story and are just about to start something, but the next day, when Stiles goes to see him, Derek acts really cold about it. It turns out there's this new character (his name might be Morgan.. I can't remember if I made that up or not) that Derek is convinced he knows from when he lived in New York. This character has the entire pack under his spell (minus Lydia because she's not there, Stiles and his dad). Stiles eventually figures out it's a spell based on knowing the pack's names and since Stiles and the Sheriff's real names, it doesn't work on them. Lydia comes back and they work together to stop the spell and get the OC arrested.


Found in comments: here


Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if you could help me find a specific fix where Derek was either a sculptor or a modern artist. I really don't remember much other than it being sterek and that his art was really good.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

milkman by griffinror

does anyone have a copy pdf or epub version of the milkman by griffinror i had i downloaded and then my computer crashed and i lost everything and now when i went to go read it on ao3 it looks like the author took it down or something is there anyway anyone can please help me?

I'm kind of fuzzy on the details...

It has been a long time since i have read this fic and I have been searching for a while now. I know that it is part of a series or at least a collection of works. I am somewhat sure that the Sheriff's POV comes in to play somewhere. There are two scenes that stick out for me: first, Stiles and Derek are at the Stilinski house and the sheriff finds them and something causes Stiles to have a panic attack and Derek talks him through breathing exercises. The sheriff sees how great Derek is with Stiles and allows them to continue their realtionship. Although, he lays down ground rules for their realtionship, a curfew, Stiles can't spend the night at Derek's place,etc.

The second scene has to do with Stiles telling the Sherfiff that he needs to go to Derek's loft despite it being after curfew. If my memory serves, it's the anniversary of Laura's death or the Hale fire. Stiles says something to the effect of "I'm worried my boyfriend might kill himself tonight."

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Non-human Stiles

It's a season 2 AU. When Gerard kidnapps Stiles he tortued him to see if he could heal himself. He did it because he knew something about Stiles mom. She wasn't human. It didn't work and Gerard killed him, I think it was with electricity. But Stiles came back to live (the eath gave him some power?). He was lying on Boyd and Ericas corpses. It turns out Stiles is some kind of fea or elf. At the beginnig of the story there were some OC's, they were fea or elven too.
I'm pretty sure that Stiles becomes a guardian for Beacon Hills. He put up a shield over the town. With it he keeps Allison and Chris out of the town.
I also remember that Scott was a bad friend. And he couldn't accept the supernatural, especially Derek. Stiles said something like "I'm not human" or "I'm supernatural." to him. And Scott really didn't like it and distanced himself from him. He also didn't want to become a part of Dereks pack. And because he was an Omega Derek told him he could only go to specific areas in the Beacon Hills.
I'm pretty sure the fic was on a3o.
Hi! I'm looking for a Sterek fic. It's probably quite short. Stiles and Derek are dating. Stiles invites Derek to come over via text and sends him some nudes. The twist is that Stiles sends all that to Danny by mistake (because he's right next to Derek in Stiles' cell phone contacts). Cue the awkwardness. I'm pretty sure in this fic Danny's working part-time in some fast food place.
I don't even remember whether the fic was good or nah, but the fact that I cannot find it has been killing me slowly.

Sterek fic

Hello!! I am looking for a sterek fic. The only scene I remember is stiles and lydia buying alcohol but they can't because they are underage. When they got to the store, they saw derek outside. Lydia got out of the car to ask Derek to buy the booze for them. He agreed only if he get to talk to Stiles. Stiles thought that Derek is asking for sexual favors in exchange. I don't really remember any more details. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

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