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Looking for a specific Chris/Peter fic

I'm looking for "Lay Down Your Armour (and Let's End This War)" as well as for its sequel(?) "Hold the Secret Close (I Can Hear You Say)" by havent_got_a_clue. There's so little Chris/Peter fic out there, and this one has been recommended a lot.

The page the first story used to be found at at AO3 is no longer in existence, and I can't find either fic on the 'net - anywhere. I've tried to contact the author(?) via tumblr (if that was, in fact, the same person), but didn't get a reply.

Anyone know what happened, could direct me to the fic, or - even better - could e-mail it to me at allaire[at]gmx[dot]at? Pretty please? :-)

traumatized Derek post-fire recovery

I'm looking for a specific piece that takes place shortly after the fire. Laura and Derek go to live with relatives. Derek is traumatized and can't bear to speak or interact. He won't go to school or go to the store. His Aunts and cousins try to help him - but it takes time. The part I remember is one particular scene where Derek is with his sole friend - a coworker's daughter who had been raped. It's night time and they shout out loud that their attackers were dicks and that at the end they weren't broken.

I've been looking for this for days and haven't been able to find it.

looking for a sterek with alpha!erica

Im looking for a fic that i read some time ago. Im pretty sure it was sterek. But in it erica survived the alpha pack and became an alpha.... But boyd died if i remember right. I remember that erica's memories were repressed and derek had to help. Idk if tje pairing was Erica/stiles or sterek with erica involves or just derek/erica. But im pretty sure it was sterek with erica being a main part. Please help me.

Also if anyone has any recs with sterek pairing but erica a main character close to stiles (derek to i guess) thay woukd be amazing. It been a few seasons and i still love Erica.
EDIT: Turns out it was 2 fics. :) One I found myself and the other found by the wonderful bec2224

I'm pretty sure I have this/these fic(s) somewhere but my searching for keywords is coming up empty. :( I'm almost convinced that the following points are in the same fic but they could very well be in seperate ones as they tend to blurr together for me. Also, the fics are most likely Sterek or simply Gen as that is what I actively search for.

What I Remember
1st: Stiles leaves California after a falling out with the pack, and he did it wihout their knowlage because he simply applied for early high school graduation since he had the credits
2nd: After Stiles leave BH, (again, if this is a diffrent fic, Not sure if it was a falling out or if he just left for training) he ends up in Russia with two teachers (I'm pretty sure it's 2 or at least a teacher and another apprentice) . Not sure if they're his mother's family or if Stiles just got "adopted" by them.

3rd: I'm 99% sure this ties in with point 2. Stiles ends up having to return to Beacon Hills to help out with something supernatural going on. Honestly not sure if it was the Alpha Pack or Evil!Peter, but they're all at Lydia's house because after Stiles left, Deaton started training her as the Emissary which she hated, (no Banshee!Lydia I think... still fuzzy on that) and she has one huge room that's ALL mountian Ash. I remember beacuse Bad Guy/Peter tried to get Stiles through the floor and Stiles fell through it to the room below when his magic circle finished powering up or something. I'm pretty sure this is the same fic as 2 because I beleive he had to call his Russian mentors for advice during the battle.If any or all of these ring a bell, please if you could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful! ;D

Sterek fic

Looking for a sterek fic where the only way Derek touches stiles is to push him against walls and be rough with him. Stiles has low self esteem I think and ends up liking it cause it's the only way he can get Derek to touch him. I think I remember him provoking Derek just so he will touch him. Derek finds out and is contrite.


Both Derek and Stiles are deputies.But have been a deputy for a while and is in a department that is not Beacon Hills, reason being he wanted to get away from his (unrequited) love for Stiles. But one day, Stiles appears at his department as the new deputy. Derek thought that Stiles was there by coincident but it was not. When Stiles just graduated from the academy, he had a few choices of department to join. There was a scene where he made a pros and cons list of working in the same department as Derek. Scott has been in contact with Derek, which is how Stiles knew where Derek has been. When Stiles was there, he always fights with Derek and always bugs Derek at the cafe that Derek eats at every morning.

I'm not sure which scene happend at the end but it must either of these scenes.
i. The Sheriff got hospitalized and Stiles decides to change department and go back home to Beacon Hills since he and Derek did not work out, but Derek managed to stop him from leaving.
ii. Derek could not take seeing Stiles at his department, so he decides to leave for another department. But he changes his mind after a colleague advised him to fight for Stiles. So he decides to meet Stiles at the cafe that they always eat at.

I'm pretty sure its the second scene but I'm not really sure. Hope someone knows this fic yeah! Thank you :DD

Specific and General Fics

Hello I'm looking for a Specific fic and a General fic, they are all Stiles centered. I hope you guys can help.

I was wondering if you guys knew a specific fic about Stiles time traveling to the past because the pack died, but I don't remember by what, and i remember a specific moment where Stiles tells Peter why he is so afraid of him and what he did in the future to Laura and the rest of the pack. Peter reacts really bad and freaks out. This might be a alternate universe other than time travel. Anyway I've looked everywhere and cannot for the life of me find it.

Another thing is I'm looking for fics where Stiles and Theo have like a fight or something like that. Honestly I just want Theo being evil and Stiles knowing about it and trying to do something about it. If Stiles gets hurt that is okay. I'm also for any paring really. The longer the better. Thanks!

Writer! Stiles


I am looking for a Derek/Stiles fic where Stile comes back from college (I believe) and has written a couple of very popular books under a pseudonym. Nobody knows he is the author, but the whole pack loves the books.

The fic is AU, Erica, Boyd and Allison are alive; it is set before the new characters came in.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Found! Link in comments.
Thank you!

Aftermath of Forced Bite

I saw a post on here the other day about Stiles being bitten against his will and it caught my eye.  So what I'm looking for are stories were Stiles is turned by a werewolf against his will.  Must be Derek/Stiles by the end.  I want everything from stories where Derek has to try to help Stiles with his new powers, or stories were Stiles shows up at Derek's years later with his own pack...  and anything in between!  It can even be stories where there is dubious consent (i.e. Stiles is mortally wounded and they give him the bite to keep him alive)


Looking for a sterek fic

Hello. I hope someone can help me I am looking for a fic I read a while ago and I don't have much to go on but what I do remember is that all of the hale family was alive and taila was alpha and her husband was a shifter but never shifted. Derek and styles were mates and towards the end or maybe In A sequel fic stiles finds out and Derek's dad is a lion shifter and the very last one of his kind. I want to read it again because I remember likeing it but I can't find it. Please help if anyone knows what fic I am talking about. Thank you in advance


Scott bites Stiles

Hey i need help finding a story. I only remember this one scene were Scott forces the bite on stiles.The pack and his dad already new that he was going to do it and they were their when it happened. Scott i believe either calls or texts stiles telling him to meet him somewhere and when stiles gets their he tells him he needs to talk to him they go upstairs and Scott bites stiles while his dad and the pack are downstairs waiting for it to happen and stiles i think starts screaming and begging Scott to stop and to not do it?

Please help id really like to read this fic but i cant find it anywhere.
I'm looking for a fic where Stiles is ultimately kidnapped by a mermaid. I don't remember if she was literally a mermaid or just incredibly similar and possibly confused for one by the pack. I think it was a slightly longer fic - I would say over 10k but I can't say for sure.

Things I remember:

- almost definitely Stiles/Derek
- pretty canon compliant, possibly end of season 2 divergent, the pack is still at BHHS
- the monster wants to eat peoples' voices and gets power from this
- the monster ends up being a high school girl who's kind of friends with stiles
- the monster has a connection to being french. initially they think it's a new french foreign exchange student. I remember the french girl and stiles have an interaction where he makes her laugh by being awkward and she seems to like him which everyone was confused about
- singing has something to do with the monster - possibly the french girl is in choir and that's why they think it's her?
- fairly positive Derek is an alpha

ETA: mishey22 found it! the fic is Werewolf Love Songs, Vol. 1 by aggybird
So I fear this may have been deleted as I delved through my bookmarks and couldn't find it. Stiles gets taken because of his not-so-...traditional browser history. He ends up in a big preserve in Colorado in the middle of a national park. Sterek happens eventually - they even let him go back home to make sure his dad stops freaking out and call off the national guard. Derek moves out to Cali to be with him, I think. Derek's family is also alive and living in Maine - he's just punishing himself for letting Kate close and burning their (old) house down (?). A/B/O and mpreg is a thing that can happen in this 'verse maybe? Sorry for not as detailed as usual - it's been a really long time since I've read this beast. Any and all help would be appreciated.


Thanks to aphicwicca, the story is : You Don't See Straight by annber (http://archiveofourown.org/works/441012/chapters/752217)

Looking for a hunter stiles fic!

Hi! I'm looking for a fic where stiles was kidnapped by some hunters, and taught how to hunt. I think it was a fem!stiles fic and she ended up being super badass and being one of the best hunters, and went by a nickname (which I'm pretty sure is the title of the fic) she ends up killing all the hunters and coming back to beacon hills. There were also 'hunter games' that she competed in and won and the Argents were there. Thanks!

Harley Quinn!Stiles

Hi, I am looking for a fic where Stiles is Harley Quinn and Derek is Batman. Derek pines for Stiles but Stiles is insane and only loves the Joker which breaks Derek's heart because he know the Joker will never be able to make Stiles happy.

Financially poor!Stiles


I'm looking for Sterek fic recs with Stiles being financially poor and having to cope with his situation by having to work multiple jobs etc.

Bonus if Derek is rich and the contrast is great between their statuses, causing Stiles to be insecure with himself.


Looking for 2 fics

I guess I've mainlined too many Sterek fics the last few months, because they are all starting to blur a bit in my memory...

1. A fic in which Stiles is angry/fighting/upset (something?) with someone (Derek, I'm pretty sure but not positive) and has a panic attack in his jeep, outside the someone's house. Can't remember any other details at the moment. It is not brokentoy's I can smell it on your skin.

2. Derek is concerned because he realizes Stiles is taking more and more medication, and confronts him about possible addiction. At one point later in the fic Stiles asks his dad to hold his meds for him so he won't take extra.
*FOUND this one: state of readiness by girlguidejones, http://archiveofourown.org/works/828353?view_full_work=true

Thanks for any help!

Lydia/ Stiles fic

There was a fic where Lydia was new in town and her daughter Ariel was in the same class as Eric, Allison and Scott's son. Lydia and Stiles start dating. Stiles gets in a car wreck and ends up moving in with Lydia and Ariel while he recovers.
It was probably on AO3.
Thanks in advance.

Looking for fic

I have read so much that I am losing track of favorite fics. The one I am after involves Stiles being turned into a werewolf. The main relationship is Derek/Stiles and I think there was a brief Danny/Stiles. The only scene that is really clear in my head was where Derek is scenting Stiles and biting at his shoulders/neck and then it healing. Any help would be appreciated!
Are there any recommendable Sterek, Steter or gen fics that are not on AO3 or fanfiction.net?

Scott's arrogance and self-righteousness


I'm looking for stories in which Scott's arrogance and self-righteousness is high-lighted, other characters notice it particularly or that sort of thing. It doesn't have to be a huge part of the plot or anything (nor does it have to make him a bad person) but it would be nice if it had some consequences.


I'm looking for a story I'm sure I read on AO3. It's definitely Sterek and Stiles is quite magical. There are several bits where it crosses over with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series: Stiles works at the Sanctuary bar run by the bears in while in college in NOLA, lives with Valerius and learns from Talon and Sunshine's grandfather. At one point, Stiles loses control control of his magic and sets himself on fire, freaking Derek out badly. Finally, and I hope I'm not actually conflating two stories, the story ends with Stiles investing almost too much of his magic in the Preserve to save the pack and becomes tied to the land. The very end has Stiles growing fruits that taste like pears that are decidedly not pears.

Looking for hunter stiles fic

Hi! So I'm looking for a certain fic. I remember stiles had been kidnapped by hunters and was trained by them. He ended up becoming to best and one by one killed the hunters to return to the pack. At some point there are 'hunter games' and the ar gents are there. It may have been a fem stiles fic. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks :)


Hello everyone!

I’m looking for two fics:
1. Stiles left Scott’s pack, because he felt bad about lying to his dad and he didn’t want his father to be alone if something happens to Stiles . Derek comes back to BH and he and Stiles become friends and then more (it starts with small talks in library about Cora). There’s a scene where Stiles finds shot Derek (with wolfsbane bullet) and tries to help him and then Sheriff arrives. Sheriff wants to call 911 but Stiles argues to give him 10 minutes and he will help Derek. And that’s how Sheriff finds out about werewolfs. There's also a short sequel from Scott’s POV – it’s about party. Scott and Isaac are shocked to see Derek embracing Stiles and then dancing with him.
Found - Residuum by velero

2. I remember only one scene – werewolf (probably from Alpha pack) attacks Sheriff at the station, Stiles is also there with mountain ash and then Derek arrives (also in Alpha form) and helps chase bad werewolf. It’s not Arrest Record by zynnser.
Found - Trusting wolves by ourdreamsunfold

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