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Creation of a Spark Fic


So since I'm crap at remembering the names of fics, and just things in general. I need help finding this fic I read forever ago that was soooo good. All I can remember is that the packs life is pretty cannon up to like s3 (I think), but if not the basic point was the their past sucked majorly. Then as some point stiles somehow comes into his spark powers, and him Doctor Deaton, and Ms. Morrell, talk about how the bad past they experienced was what caused his spark to come forth. And how things were so different after he came into the powers because his whole timeline changed too. Dc. Deaton said that he would slowly start to get memories from this timeline. Also in this time there was no hale fire, and I think Derek is a teen. Doctor Deaton, and Morrell also mention how they'ed never seen the creation of a spark before, or a timeline that had gone so wrong before it was changed. They explain to stiles how his powers will work, and how the shifting timelines will work. I think they said that he'll be able to see all possible timelines with practice, and even be able to change things (this might be part of a different fic tho). The only other thing I remember about it is that they had this in the school parking lot after stiles had been freaking out about everything in his life being different and not remembering anything. Oh, and it was definitely on Ao3, and almost definitely a sterek fic.

Thank you guys so so much :)

Looking for a fic

I'm not sure if it was time-travel, I have searched all the recs I could and nothing, but here is what I remember:

Derek and Paige were good friends, but nothing more, Derek didn't want more

Derek took Cora to the library? and presented her to Stiles, and later Scott, Erica, Isaac... I think he and Paige helped the kids with studying?

The Hales were alive

The fic (or series) was large, since Stiles was a kid until his college years

I remember more things, but these are the only things i'm sure about, the rest I could be confusings with other fics

Any help would be great, thanks!!!

'End Game' sterek Porn AU

Its been a long while since Ive read this, so not many details are remembered but the bits I DO remember are

  • Werewolves are known

  • The entire cast (at least the cast of Derek, Stiles, Scott and Allison, possibly Erica, Issac and Boyd) are porn stars

  • After a scene is finished with Scott and Allison knotted together, Allison is doing some sort of puzzle from a book and Scott asks why

  • Pre-season 3 (or if its after that, any new characters like Cora and Malia arent mentioned)

  • There might be romantic pairings between Derek/Stiles and Allison/Scott, but 'for work' they might have sex with someone not their partner

I know its not Dating Backwards, or Alls Fair in Orgasms and War.
I don't remember too much about this fic, but at the same time I feel like I should be able to find it on my own. But I haven't, so I'm asking you guys for help. I remember that Stiles and Isaac is kidnapped/captured/tortured?, living under those conditions for a while before they're rescued, and while they are kidnapped/captured/tortured they grow very close to each other.
I think it ends with them being a couple, because they're both pretty messed up after the whole thing and they only really feel comfortable with one another. That's really all I remember, but hopefully someone will recognise it and know what fic I'm looking for!

Also, I'm still looking for the second fanfiction I'm searching for in this post:
So if you have an idea to what that one could be I would be very thankful if you left a comment on that post!

"Tragedy in Three Acts" by cheesewithmy

Hi! I´m looking for a deleted fic written by cheesewithmy ...

"Tragedy in Three Acts" by cheesewithmy
Summary: The idea of bringing in a pair of hormonal, teenaged werewolves to help him hunt down Laura’s killer is probably not his best, but you have to work with the tools you have. Or: The one where Derek is human and Stiles is a werewolf.

I already searched the wayback machine and is not there. :(

Looking for a Mpreg Derek fic

I don't remember alot about it. Some reason Derek gets Pregnant, I believe it may be Stiles but I'm not sure. Anyway he goes into wolf form and stays that way until he gives birth running in the woods he finds a cabin and gives birth. He has the baby in a niegboring packs area and the alpha is a friend of the pack. She lets them now where he is. Stiles goes and gets him. That's all I remember.


Hi.  I have a scene from a fic stuck in my head, I'd really like to read it again, only I can't remember the name of the fic!  Here's hoping you can help.  The sheriff left some surveillance equipment in his hall - I think with no intention of filming anything? - and when he remembered about it and checked it, saw Stiles and Derek.  Stiles burst through the front door and had a panic attack on the floor, then Derek burst through and helped Stiles through it.  The pair of them ended up sat (on the stairs?) having a conversation that included talking about their relationship and how they weren't ahving sex until Stiles was 18?  The Sheriff watched and listened, when he remembered to turn the sound on, to the whole thing.  That's all I can remember!

Searching sterek

I honestly only remember one scene in this fanfic. I know its Sterek. Derek runs into Stiles in a furniture store. An employee tells Stiles he forgot something or something. Stiles's dad is sleeping in a recliner, snoring away bothering other customers, i guess. It was also in Derek's pov.

Hung the moon

Hi there! I know that probably thousands of people have asked for the deleted PDF "Hung The Moon" by burnitallclean, but I have faith in people and I know that someone with a wonderful soul would send it to my email. Please, I beg you, I'm dying to read it!!! Please send it to me? My email is jujubetica@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!
I'm looking for a fic where Stiles and the Sheriff go camping and get kidnapped. Stiles is unaware that his Grandfather was on some kind of Supernatural Council that monitored and policed the Supernatural community. Not sure if the Sheriff was aware of what his Dad did or not. In the fic I'm looking for, Stiles and the Sheriff go camping and they decide to go to a remote site that Stiles' Grandfather used to take him.

Unfortunately, this puts them in a territory of someone (magic users/pack, not sure?) with a grudge against the Grandfather who recognize Stiles and also I think, has a grudge against Derek or the Hale pack. Someone in this other group had starting sacrificing people so Stiles Grandfather killed that person as punishment from the Council and now their family/pack(?) want payback.

I think they put Stiles on an altar of some kind and are about to sacrifice him but Stiles is a totally BAMF magic user and can use the blood of the past victims killed on the altar to kill the entire group (of magic users or pack) and save himself and his father.

I think Stiles was going to tell the Sheriff that he was dating Derek on their bonding camping trip, or maybe they were an established couple and the Sheriff just wanted them to take a break, can't remember that clearly.

Also not sure if the Sheriff was aware of the Supernatural before this, I'm kinda thinking that maybe the "spark" skipped a generation so the Grandfather never told the Sheriff about the Supernatural thinking it wouldn't affect him and died before he could tell Stiles about his own "spark."

Wow, that turned out longer than I expected, sorry, but the more details the better, right? If this is familiar to anyone, I'd love to read it again. Thanks!

Sub!Derek Sterek fics

Hello! Does anyone know some fics with sub!derek and dom!stiles, either A/B/O or BDSM themes?
Thanks! :)

Looking for a Peter/Stiles fic


I'm looking for a Peter/Stiles story I read at least a year ago on AO3. I sadly don't remember much about the story although there is a small fragment, that I think was near the end of the story, that I do remember.

This part of the story that I actually do remember is as follows:
-Stiles gives Peter a casserole (I think, could have been something else), which Peter brings back to where he stays with Derek. He offers some to Derek but Derek is more concerned with figuring out what Peter wants with Stiles, and Peter is more interested in eating said casserole Stiles gave him, which turns out to be good.

I'm sorry if this is lacking in information but this is all that I can remember. If anyone has any idea on the tile of this story, or even if anyone has a link to this story, I would be grateful as I would love to read this story again.

Thank you!

Copy of Wolf Whistle?

Hey, so I was wondering if anyone had a copy of Wolf Whistle series by Ashinan. It was on AO3 but not anymore. So if any one has a copy and is able to send it to me that would be great.

I'll post my email in a comment if I get a hit

Thanks in advance :-)
I remember reading a story quite a while ago, thought i had bookmarked it but can't find it now. in the story stiles is in a bad place and goes with his dad to a friends cabin. while there he texts with derek and his dads friends daughter gets ahold of his phone and thinks they are dating. later derek and stiles end up hooking up multiple times and its pretty rough sex. i think one of/the last times they hook up is at an airport hotel. cannot for the life of me remember the name of this story, and i'm kind of worrie di might be thinking of two different stories and mixing them together, so i would really appreciate it if someone knows what im talking about lol.
Okay, so I posted this search + one more in an earlier post, but I just deleted that one.
I got help finding one of the fics I was looking for: Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories on AO3.
Link to that one: https://archiveofourown.org/works/518387?view_full_work=true

I was, however, in that entry looking for another fic, and now I'm looking for another one as well. So, I'm looking for two new fanfics, if they're not the same one. Not sure if they are or not. So I'm going to treat them like two different storys.

Found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/624143
I only remember a scene, where Derek and Stiles are talking. I want to say they're outside a school, because Derek's about to pick up his little sister. If that sister is Cora or an OC I'm nor sure of, could be either. But I'm pretty sure it's a little sister at least.
Derek and Stiles are at least talking to each other, because Derek remembers Stiles from when he used to pick up his little sister when they were younger (they're older now, Stiles might be around 17-20?) and Derek says something that leads Stiles to revel that he's actually a year younger than Dereks sister. And I do believe Derek thinks it must be hard for Stiles always being a year younger no matter how hard he tries to catch up with all of his friends (because Stiles was in the same grade as Dereks sister and everyone else, so he skipped a grade). This fanfiction ends up with Sterek, if there is a pairing, but I'm pretty sure it does. That's all I can remember, and I'm not even sure if where they are when this conversation is right, but hopefully someone will recognise this from a fic!

I'm hoping this is the same fic as the one above, but I'm actually doubting it. Yeah, It's not the same as the one above. It's another fic.
I only remember that Stiles was a bright kid and therefore skipped a grade, ending up in the same class as Scott, Lydia, Jackson and maybe Danny? They're in, like, a kindergarten age-ish. Maybe a bit older.
And Stiles makes friend with Scott and really loves it, so when the teacher/someone says to his parents that he actually could skip another grade he refuses. And therefor continues going in the same class as his friends. That's all I can remember, and hopefully someone will know a fanficiton that fits!

Spirit animals

Hi, I'm looking for a fic that may be a crossover with His Dark Materials (I've looked on AO3, and either it's not there or I have selective blindness. To tell the truth, it could be either).

Derek's spirit animal/daemon (companion?) is a wolf, Scott's is a bear. Called Proserpina? Maybe? Stiles' is a large cervid, either a deer or a moose. Kira's might be a sparrow? There's a snake belonging to either Lydia or Erica, I think Erica.

If there is a pairing, it is likely to be Stiles/Derek, but I wouldn't swear to it.

I've been looking, as I said, and I can't find it. It may be a series? It may be part of someone's file of short or incomplete stories?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Fic recs: Post-3B Stiles

I finally gritted my teeth through 3A to watch 3B, and how wonderful 3B was! So does anyone have any good recs for Stiles dealing with the trauma (mental or physical, supernatural or normal) post-Nogitsune? I've found a few, like You're a Real Boy Now, Pinocchio, but there must be more out there!

Gen/canon pairings or believable Sterek please, and the longer, the better (because oh how I love to watch/read my favourite characters suffer). :)
So I have 1 or possibly 2 fan fictions I have been looking for. I probably got them crossed in my desperation to find them. The main focus is Stiles is Pack Mom and it's Derek X Stiles, there are two scenes I remember clearly. Stiles hits Derek with a frying pan after he learns that Derek broke Isaac wrist during training to toughen him up basically. The second one is Stiles is giving Scott advice (using doctor who references) about how to let Kira down easily. she was constantly bring in her pet and Scott is happy with Isaac and wants to let her down gently.(most likely on fanfiction.net or A03) PLEASE HELP!!!!!

original male character fanfic

I'm looking for fanfics from a original male character pov. Maybe a omc shipped with Stiles or Derek or anyone guy in teen wolf. I wouldn't mind omc with female characters.
Can anybody recommend some fics where people of the general public see Scott shift? Such as him having to shift in front of the school to fight the Beast and protect the students, but therefore exposing his secret. Anything like that would be great!
I think that this is a relatively new story.

Derek and Stiles are in an established relationship. They’re adopting a puppy from a shelter (Stiles might be browbeating Derek into adopting said puppy). At the shelter, Derek realises that the puppy is in fact a werewolf toddler trapped in his wolf form. He insists on adopting the puppy immediately, much to Stiles’ confusion. They take the puppy home, Derek sits in the back seat with the puppy.

The rest of the story explores helping the werewolf toddler.

In the fic Female Derek gets Pregnant for Stiles. Peter attacks them in Dereks Apartment (not the loft) Derek is the alpha and has to bit Stiles to save him. Scott gets jelousy cause they go to in and out burgers in the middle of the night. That's all i can remember but I have tried to find it on AO3,fanfic,and Live Journal.

Fic with Revenge!Unicorn

Hey all,

I was randomly hit with the need to reread one fic, and my search skills have led me nowhere.

I can't remember if it was gen or Sterek, but there was a unicorn going around killing people, the connection being they were all rapists/molesters. Can't remember if the pack already knew, but turns out Stiles had been raped at some point and eventually realizes he was the one who "summoned" the unicorn, and sends it away.

Invisible Derek


I’m looking for two fics:

1. Derek becomes invisible to everybody but Stiles. I remember that he called Stiles (he was in college probably) but didn’t say what the problem was and Stiles hung up.

2. Stiles and Scot have plan how to trick Alpha Pack – Stiles wants to spell Scot invisible but when he learns the charm, he hits Derek (who is hiding in the closet) with it.

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