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Specific AU Sterek fic

Hey. I'm looking for a specific AU sterek fic in which Stiles has older brothers and is like the middle child and he's and artist and Derek is a doctor. I read it a little while ago and can't find it again >.<

LfS - pack in college - pov outsider

i know there are many stories out there with pack in college.
i am looking those of then, that:
1) has pov outsider that is supernatural themselfs. i remember couple of stories that i liked, where stiles roommate is a werewolf. i would love to read more of those. doesn`t have to be stiles. can be any from the pack. i think i saw lidya-centric ones.
2) has all of the pack or most of the pack interacting with packs/creachers who holds the territory where their college is.
i will read everything and anything, even if my favorite is gen and/or scott-centric.

thanks in advance.


I'm looking for any fic where Stiles knows how to shoot, and is actually pretty good with a gun?!
or which he is angry because was kicked out of the pack?!

Specific Emissary!Stiles fic

I'm looking for a specific Sterek fic. It's post 3A and Derek has moved to Oregon (or Washington, I'm not sure) and Stiles is really depressed. BH Pack is ignoring him, Deaton told him he can't be emissary and is training Lydia instead, and the darkness is completely screwing with him. He ends up seeing Derek and staying with him and the pack that Derek has joined. The current pack emissary for Oregon pack kind of takes him on as an apprentice.
It gets pretty angsty and it's a slow-build, but it's AMAZING. And I can't find it again!
I'm looking for a fic, I'm pretty sure it's a 5-times fic about Derek being possessive/jealous or noticing Stiles is attractive.  One of the times includes Lydia and Stiles doing yoga together the morning after a pack night, and Derek sends the betas out on a run because someone else was leering at the humans.

I'm pretty sure they don't get together until the end, and Stiles is oblivious to the effect he has on Derek.

Kidnapped and Amnesia Stiles

I remember reading a fic on AO3 where Stiles is kidnapped but all he remembers is walking through the woods and showing up at hiss house. Derek, Boyd, and Erica are the deputies put in charge of protecting Stiles because they fear the kidnappers will come after him. Stiles gains some memories and learns that he was electrocuted an kept in a cage by Gerard and Matt. It's a Sterek fic.
I cannot find it anywhere, please help!

Sheriff Stilinski shoots Derek

Hi all!

I'm looking for a sterek fic and can only remember one particular scene: Stiles and shifted!Derek are running from lizard!Jackson, but the sheriff thinks Derek's the baddie and shoots him instead. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

I keep a document open where I save figurative language, imagery, and expressions I particularly like. If I'm reading while I'm on my laptop, I make a footnote where I write out the name of the fic and a link to wherever I read it first. But if I'm reading on my smartphone I can't do footnotes. Usually I can just google whatever line it was I saved, but this time it's not working. Worse, I can't remember anything else about the context in which I read this fic, except that it was on AO3. Hopefully someone recognizes it:

It's bad, because the pang in Stiles' chest is decidedly not casual. It's formal. Stiles has formal feelings for Derek. Derek wanted to wear jeans and ironic graphic tees, and Stiles accidentally showed up in a three-piece tux, the kind with tails and a tophat. The best Stiles can do is untuck his shirt, hide the cummerbund, hope Derek doesn't ask about the shoes. At least while they're having sex, they're mostly naked.

It seems clear from this paragraph that it's some sort of "fuckbuddies first" Sterek fic, but I've read about forty thousand of those because it's one of my favorite tropes.

Multiverse Stiles has panic attack

I'm looking for a fic where Stiles ends up in a parallel universe and has a panic attack when he sees Peter (and possibly Laura?) in the grocery store. It's not Play It Again, because I distinctly remember the grocery store setting, but I can't remember many other details of it, or even if it's Sterek though there's a good chance it is since that's about 90% of what I read.  There might have been a  scene with Stiles and the Sheriff having dinner at the Hales, but there's a good possibility that I'm just blending fics.  Anyone have a clue?


so I read a fic a while ago that was part of a series I think? the main piece is a sterek one but there was a companion piece with Jackson/Danny, Danny is much older than Jackson but Jackson thinks he smells really good and always acts possessive of him, and he always ends up chasing off Danny's suitors and eventually when Jackson grows up
they get together. I've been going thru the tag on ao3 but somehow I can't find it!! would really appreciate help :)


Slightly unbalanced Stiles

Hi, I've been looking for this fic I read awhile ago yet can't seem to find it again. It's about Stiles being a little crazy and instead of going serial killer he goes to the red district part of town and beats/kills the baddies there. He is also trying to hide this habit from the pack. He calls himself Little Red, I think and fights with a bat? His dad also knows and is resigned to this habit because it's better than the alternative.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
I lost some bookmarks when my old laptop died. One was I believe a recently posted story of the pack having no memory of Stiles (definitely Sterek). Derek would buy curly fries for a pack member he doesn't know for who though. There is a red hoodie behind his couch that smelled familiar but not of who. Scott had an imaginary friend growing up. When they realize there may be someone important missing they track him to the Sheriff who in turn helps them find Stiles away at college (magazine subscriptions). The Sheriff said something along the lines (to Derek and Scott) "That kid has my dead wife's eyes and the chest she carved her initials in in his living room. Her jeep is parked out front. That's my son!"

I've tried googling and keep having no luck. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
I've been trying to find a fic that was written pre-Season 3.  Derek and Stiles have been sleeping together for a while.  Stiles assumes that it's just sex and nothing more.  He gets into an argument with Jackson, and Jackson tries to cause trouble by telling Stiles that he saw Derek with someone else.  Stiles is hurt, but tries to tell himself that it wasn't really cheating because they weren't really together anyway - it was just sex.  Eventually Derek finds out what had happened and confronts Stiles.  He never cheated, Jackson was just being an ass, but if he HAD been with someone else it would absolutely have been cheating because they WERE in a relationship - it had moved past "just sex" a long time ago.

This was a shorter fic, around 5kish I would estimate, but it was one of my favorites.  Any help finding it would be appreciated!  

Sterek first time fic set in season 2

Okay, so all I remember about this fic was that after Stiles and Derek have sex for the first time, Derek says something along the lines of 'had to be older than me' when talking about why they hadn't had sex earlier.

I think it was set around season 2, but I may be wrong.

Any help would be great!!

Sterek fic

Hi! I'm newie here so sorry for any mistakes \:
I'm looking for a specific Sterek fic, but I can't do it for the sake of my life D:

 These are the things that I remember:

1. It is an alternate medieval era or something like that.
2. Stiles is some kind of sex professional.
3. That kind of sex professional has a high status in the society; they spend years studying it into different  "Houses". You belong to one House or another (I think)
4. Stiles is raised by Peter (I don't remember why) so he meets Derek and Laura when they're little.
5. When Stiles finishes "his studies" or whatever his virginity is sold, and Derek is the one who gets it because the prize (set by Peter) was really low.
6. I think the fic has like five or six chapters and it's completed.
7. Laura dies in one chapter, and Stiles comforts Derek with sex.

Thanks in advance (:

Derek/Peter works


I started watching the show just over a week ago and have loved it so much I'm completely up-to-date. Unfortunately I have hardly found any Derek/Peter works. I'm mostly looking for fics but was also hoping someone could direct me to any art, vids etc. as well.


P.S. I'm happy to read these guys with Stiles or Chris Argent, too. I'd prefer slash but gen is fine, just no non-con or mpreg.

Kate Argent molest stiles

Hi I'm looking for this fiction where stiles was raised with the hales and they've helped him when his mother died but i remember glimpse of it :-

-that the pack had a treat with the argent's
-Victoria and Chris were friendly
-sterek was an established couple.
-that sterek went to high school together
-stiles overhears a part of the plan of burning the hale house
-Kate molest stiles when she finds him alone in the (biology room?) after stiles hearing her plan of burning the hales house.
-Laura and Derek hears the encounter
-Laura , Derek and stiles went to victoria's office at school [I think she's the vice/principle]

I've read it on Ao3 , thank you.

I really don't know how to tag this one.

Stiles can see the future

A fic where Stiles has dream/visions of the future where theres a virus of some kind that turns werewolves rabid. He doesnt tell anyone because theres like mysterious magic making him not and he goes pretty crazy. Theres one part where he writes all over his walls/floor and then covers it with clothes and paper. He eventually figures out who the cause of it all would be and he goes to kill him but i think stops himself? Thats all i remember.

Werewolf Stiles

Hey everyone! So, I'm not looking for a specific fic persay but I was wondering if you all lovely people knew of any fics where Stiles is bitten and has to be locked up/looked after on the full moon?

If anyone knows any fics like this I would be forever grateful!

Where is this fic?

I think it's on AO3 its a fic about Stiles' class having to write down something nobody knows about them anonymously and put it on a wall. Stiles takes awhile to write about how if his friends really knew him that they would know he was thinking about killing himself twice. I'm pretty sure its a Sterek fic but other than thats all I remember. Anyone know what this is?

Steamy Derek/Stiles

Can you guys recommend some good, steamy (like smoking hot, like burning, like could start a forest fire) Derek/Stiles stories, preferably set within the context of longer, plottier fics? I'll take PWPs but meatier stories (no pun intended) are preferred. Please and thank you!
I have recently finished reading Children of the Wild Ones by Dark_K and Everything’s Not Lost by jumpinmattflash, and it's left with a craving for fics where Derek, Stiles, and Peter form a unit. they came become close friends or family, run the pack together, be paired together, anything really. I will also take fics that feature Peter as a primary character, ones where he is a real part of the pack. Canon!verse only, complete fics, longer fics prefered!


Derek bonds with parents, new family

So, I'm interested in any fics where Derek bonds with characters on a family level. For example, Derek and Melissa become closer and he sees her as a substitute Mom, or Derek viewing Scott as a brother.  Or even fics where Derek views Sheriff Stilinski as a father or Stiles as a little brother. Maybe Lydia reminds Derek of Laura or something? I've mostly seen romantic ships for these characters, but I'm looking for family-feels (though if there are ships in the fic, too, that's okay). Anyone have any favorite fics with those sorts of relationships?

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