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Two fics:

1. Single Dad Derek. Father of Issac (?), I don't remember the circumstances. Something about pumpkins/concerts/something. Stiles is the teacher? Derek is a parent volunteer. Don't know the name or author.

2. Stiles has magic and he knits? or something like that. it doesn't sound like there was a pairing, but it was stiles/derek.


I can't seem to find them. They may have been deleted? I don't know.

If anyone has a copy please send them to me painfullystoic[at]gmail[dot]com

thank you so much!
In the story I'm looking for the Hale family is alive and everyone assumes that Laura will get the alpha power (it's passed down, Talia doesn't die but can't influence it) but in the end,it goes to Derek.
I think Stiles was training to be their emissary? He and Derek learned together.
Thanks in advance!

Looking for a fic

I hope someone can help me. I just realized that one of my favorite fanfic works has been deleted, I'd like to know if someone happens to have a copy of it that they could send me. It's absoulutely just so that I can read it again. It's called "Even in the dark" and it was previously in AO3. It's about Stiles being an ambiguous demon who shows up all the time to help the pack, and with whom derek gets involved and eventually they sort of have a relationship.

Thanks in advance for any help!
My email is savedbythesong45@outlook.es
Stiles is a writer for the high school’s newspaper but doesn't get to write major articles; and his first big assignment when he gets to write an article about the captain of the lacrosse team - Derek Hale.

I think it was called White Blank Page? I don't know who the author was...  I don't know what the rating was...

I can't seem to find it, does anyone have a copy? Please send it to me painfullystoic[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you so much!!

Missing Fic?

I've been Looking everywhere for 'Heat Mentor' by halfhardtorock, but I think it's been deleted. Does anybody know what happened to it? or have a copy of it?? I'd really appreciate it!

Soul bond magic Sterek

The only thing I can definitely remember is the Argents have Stiles locked up in the basement. There's a silver chain on the ground around Stiles, blocking his abilities. Victoria comes down at some point and beats Stiles with a stick. Stiles manages to disrupt the chain so Derek can sense him and he and the Sheriff show up.

I've been searching for it for hours and can't find it.
I remember reading a fic where Stiles uses social media to connect with other supernaturals or supernatural-adjacent people online to help research and solve a lot of the pack's problems. Eventually a lot of people start following him online and lots of people outside of Beacon Hills knows who he is and are able to keep tabs on what is going on in Beacon Hills.

I'd love to read this again if anyone knows what is it I'd be grateful.

Specific Type of Scott Whump Fics

I've been searching for fics where Scott is in danger or is having a mental breakdown or something (any and all angst please) and the members of the pack hear his distress or can hear his heart racing from across the room or something.

It's a bonus if in the fix the pack members tell Stiles so that he can help fix the issue with Scott.

I'd really appreciate any help in finding these kind of fics! Any slash or pairings are accepted but no gender swaps please.

Thank you.

College Stiles bitten by a stalker alpha

Hi All,

Looking for help finding a story where Stiles is bitten while away at college by someone NOT DEREK. I think he runs all night or something after escaping the stalker alpha guy to get to Derek, to join his pack. He and Derek hook up as a result/during it all.

Thanks for any help!

scott abandons stiles

Hi I'm looking for a fic where scott leaves the pack with Alison, stile and derek rebuild the pack. They all make up again when stiles and derek adopt a baby from Scott new pack.
hope this sounds familiar to someone!!


Okay so the subject refers soley to a fic I read maybe decades ago. Stiles for some reason had to mate with an alpha (maybe due to omega laws or something else, but i feel like he was able to avoid it until something happened?) theres only one thing i remember from the story (basically the plot) and it was in the beginning where he had to "interview" potential alphas and they were either down right creepy or rude, thus he turned them all down
When he got to derek he was burnt out from the alpha bs and basically bad mouthed all alphas. Derek made a bet with him where they would live together as mock mates so he could prove to stiles that not all alphas sucked.

I believe I read it on archiveofourown but could be on another fic site.

Thanks guys!

Found! Stiles is a Cop

Hi there, iv'e been looking for this story for months now but google search has failed me. sigh. So i was hoping someone out there might know about it. I dont remember what happens later on in the story; just what happens at the beginning. Stiles and Scott are both cops and have been dispatched to go check out Kate argent's house. They knock on the door and after a while derek answers and tell them that kate's not there and he can't let them in. Stiles and Scott know something's wrong and go inside anyway. Long story short - Kate had kept derek as a slave/pet since the Hale fire and he's all kinds of messed up because of it so Stiles takes him home to try to help him. It's probably a sterek fic too if that helps any. Soo yeah, thats about all i can remember. If anyone knows anything about this fic, let me know! Thank you! =D

I had posted this earlier but apparently there was some confusion about clarity about permission from the author and the mods deleted my post even though I had mentioned that the author said it was ok - they don't care if people share their deleted stories. In fact, they said they would share download links for them if they found download links (since they don't have any copies of their deleted stories apart from very early/original drafts) I have compiled comments where they expressed these views. These are in comments of their latest story Between Men and Lions, and although they mentioned that the stories that are up now are likely to stay up permanently, they have also stated "[they] are impulsive, so who know" so I screen-capped the comments JIC the story is deleted, I don't think the author is on any other social media as far as I can tell, so I wouldn't know how to get in touch with them other than the comments of their fic.

1. I'll Bet The Odds Against It All (preferred .epub & .mobi, but anything will do -- if you have a .doc file that works too... not picky at this point)

OTHER FICS BY standinginanicedress IN .EPUB & .MOBI

2. Heartbreak is the National Anthem
3. Infatuation
4. Morning Finds You
5. Playing God
6. Someday When You Leave Me
7. this story's got dust on every page
8. Till You Make It

PDF doesn't seem to work on my computer. The files keep giving me a corrupt file error. I've tried all fixes I can find.

Wayback Machine doesn't seem to work. I tried. I don't know if I don't know how to use it or if it doesn't work in this region or what, but it doesn't work.

Thanks so much!

looking for Lime And Chili Aioli by Jinko

Hey, everyone, I was trying to reread Jinko's Lime And Chili Aioli and it seems to be gone. Of course, I figure this out after Ao3 removed its url from the wayback machine. Does anyone have a copy they could send me? my email is elise.animefreak@gmail.com

Alternate Season One fic

I'm looking for a Stile/derek story that takes place in an alternate season one. I want to say that it starts by having Scott not get bitten, with nobody being bitten, but I'm not 100% positive. I also believe it involves Stiles having some kind of magic ability and Sherif Stilinski gets told about the supernatural much earlier on. What I am totally sure of is that it involves this one scene where Stiles is getting werewolf-type courting gifts and he and his dad find a dead stag in their drive way. They don't know what to do with the body, but don't want to waste the meat, so Stiles calls around to see if anyone will take it and ends up calling a gun range to ask if there are any hunters that would know what to do with a dead stag and be interested in doing something with it. Chrs Argent ends up coming by the Stilinski house and he and Stiles talk.I believe Chris is trying to find out how much Stiles knows about werewolves and Stiles either doesn't know anything or knows about werewolves but not about hunters. Later in the story, after the drama with Kate when everybody now knows she's psycho, there's another scene where Chris is trying to convince Stiles that werewolves are dangerous and both Stiles and his dad say that they trust the werewolves more than they trust the hunters.

It was a long story. Does anybody recognize it?

Thank you in advance!
hey :) I'm looking for a fanfic from Ao3 where Stiles lives alone (in a cabin?) and is visited by wolves. He doesn't know that they are werewolves. First, it's just one but over time all of them visit.They even sleep on him. I think he calls them cute names like cupcake. I know it's not much, but maybe you wonderful people can work your magic? Please and thank you! :)

not searching for a specific fic

Hey :)
I'm not searching for a specific fic
I'm just searching for some fics where Stiles is a werewolf or gets bitten
(Sterek fics please)
it would be great if someone could recomment me some :)

Thanks in advance
I recently remembered this fic, "it's the flame that burned the forest down in me," and spent a while looking for it again on AO3 only to realize that it probably got deleted? When I searched for the title, all the links led me to a 404 page... :( The author is halfhardtorock and I was wondering if anyone had this fic saved, or any of this author's Teen Wolf fics saved? Thanks in advance :)

Hope anyone knows it

Hi merry Christmas and happy new year 😊

I'm looking for a fix where Stiles was bandaging Derek up in the Argent's bathroom, i believe it was after he fought with someone/something, meanwhile the pack was laying together in the bed in order to help their hurt pack members (i think it was in the same room, the room had a bathroom in it?)

Stiles was applying cream (i think that he made it) on Derek's back, and he was howling or something, while (Erica?) was about to come or to check on Derek, stiles shut the door (with his powers?), preventing her from coming, which appeased her, telling him to not do what he did again.

After Stiles done fixing Derek (i think he returned him to the bed) he left the room had a panic attack because he was worried about his father, and Chris tried to help him with his panic attack but Derek came to his aid and succeeded in stopping the attack, and (i think that the pack members came to help him as well) he took him to the bed, where the pack was.

Stiles raises wolf cubs

Hi all, I know this is a fic that was deleted from AO3 but unfortunately I don't remember the title or author. I'm hoping someone knows where else to find it/whether the author has any intention of releasing it again. Stiles finds a dead wolf mother and adopts her two cubs, names them Hati and Skoll, and raises them as part of the Hale pack. Bringing actual wolves into a werewolf pack is a thing that happens, mostly in Canada (according to the fic), but Derek is uncertain at first because it's usually a thing reserved for larger/more established packs with bigger territories. Eventually he's on board with it and supports Stiles in raising the cubs (also Peter comes back at some point and is very snarky about how Stiles taking care of the cubs kind of turns Derek on? I might be getting this mixed up with a different fic).

Stiles is sleeping with the mechanic

A fic where stiles cant afford his jeep repairs and the mechanic suggests he pay in sexual favours. He keeps taking advantage of stiles for a while until all the werewolf stuff happens and the kanima kills the mechanic like in the show. Also there's a scene where Derek confronts Stiles about how he smells like he has a boyfriend and Stiles tells him he just watched the guy hes been sleeping with die in front of him. End game sterek i think!

searching for Erica & Boyd fic

Hey all,

I'm looking for a fic (or possibly ficlet) where Derek and Stiles have spent all summer looking for Erica and Boyd and during that time they got together.  They had an understanding that when summer was over, so was their relationship, and I believe at the end of the fic one of them goes to the other and is basically like "can we let this last longer than summer because I miss you" and they get back together.

Any help is very much appreciated!!

Office Au


I am looking for a specific fanfic where Stiles and the gang (or at least Scott) work in an office where Derek is the boss or high up in the company. I'm mixing up things in my head, so its making it hard to track it down. What I do remember is that Derek only listens to Stiles when he complains about things in the office, like replacing the copier since it doesn't work when he finds Stiles complaining about it. As well, I think Derek is always telling Stiles to change his clothes or his pants or something like that. And in the end Stiles end up in heat and ends up with Derek. I believe the story is on A03.
I'm looking for a specific Derek/Stiles fic. It's long, and when I read it last it was incomplete. Derek and Stiles are college students. They're both on their school's hockey team. Stiles is out to his family, but Derek isn't. It's discovered that Stiles has lupus, and there are times when he's in tremendous pain. Derek's family is very well-to-do and he has several siblings. His dad's a senator or some kind of politician. His mom is a doctor. While Stiles is from California, Derek is from Minnesota or Michigan or Wisconsin or the like; places I think of as very Northern and cold (as if I'm not from NY). Oh, and there is a strong theme of having to deal with homophobia and coming out. It goes without saying that the story is AU; no werewolves. I've provided as many details as I could remember about the story, which is exquisitely written. Like a fool, I neglected to save it. Also, it's on AO3. Please help!

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