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Found!Fic search: Derek/Stiles, Baby fic

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific fic where Stiles helps Derek raise a baby. The part that struck me the most was Stiles trying to keep it a secret from his father, which further worsens their already fraught relationship. I think at one point his dad grounds him for lying, before Derek intervenes.

I've read both The Littlest Alpha or He's not Mine, and it's not these fics. I've been trawling through aO3 with no luck, I hope someone can help me out, thanks!
I think it's late when Stiles gets a call to come to the Argents house (nor sure if it's the Argents house though, but I'm 90% sure of it) because the pack has been in a fight of some sort. Stiles goes to the house and helps to patch them all up, and when the adrenaline(?) leave him he goes out of the room and starts to panic. Not wanting to catch the attantion of the pack, but they still notice and asks what's wrong, what's happening, and I think Chris Argent help Stiles call his dad, because that's what Stiles wants to do to try and calm down, and they talk for a little while before hanging up and Stiles lays down with the rest of the pack to try and calm his heart down a bit.
Something along those lines is what I'm looking for, hopefully someone will recognize it!

I'm still looking for the fanfictions I'm searching for in these posts!

Young!Derek/Stiles from season 4

Hi everyone!
I'm dying to read first time Sterek based during season 4, when Derek was de-aged.
I'd love canon stories, as in, Stiles is himself, his age, not older, or a werewolf, or time traveling, I don't know if I'm making sense?
Sorry, if I'm not, I'm in bed, sick as a dog :(

Thank you all in advance!
Hello everyone :)
I need your help with locating fic Baby, if you only knew by kea1191. Below the summary:
Months after spending the night with Derek, Stiles discovers he’s pregnant. Of course it isn’t enough that there is a new threat facing Beacon Hills or that Derek is ignoring him like the plague. No, the universe just had to throw teenage pregnancy into the mix.
And here is a link to AO3 page: http://archiveofourown.org/works/832403. Unfortuantely I think that this fic was deleted on AO3 - I tried to search it on Wayback machine, but without results. I would be very grateful if someone could send me a copy of this fic - my mail is mal_kap_2@gazeta.pl
Thanks in advance!
And sorry if I made any mistakes - english isn't my native language.
A recent post just reminded me of a fic I read a while back that I cannot for the life of me find again.

I don't quite remember the plot, but I do remember it featured Stiles doing lots of object-related magic, like using a string to represent muscle and tying it to cause a cramp (I remember him doing this to the betas [Isaac?] during training), or a stick to represent a bone and snapping it to break the bone (I'm pretty sure he used this trick while fighting the alpha pack, breaking I think Kali's spine?).

May or may not be Sterek, and I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 since nearly all Teen Wolf I've read is on there.

Thanks for the help!!!

Superhero AU

Sterek Superhero AU. Stiles on a bridge trying to get Hero!Derek to save him. Derek shows up and they kiss only for Stiles to realize he is actually in love with Derek Hale (Alter Ego). Derek reveals his identity to Stiles and admits his feelings as well.

Looking for a few fics...

Hi all!

I'm looking for 1 specific fic and a few general recommendations if you have them.

The specific fic I read a while ago, I don't know if it was on AO3 or FF, either way there was a scene where Stiles was hyperfocused on his laptop and it was freaking the pack out, especially Jackson, because usually Stiles is always moving.

My other requests are:
- any fics where Stiles quits lacrosse for whatever the reason may be.

- any fics dealing with Mr. Harris harassing Stiles, in class or after school? (I'd prefer nothing with non/con but if that's all that's found then that's fine).

- any fics where Stiles is kicked/pushed out where he doesn't just forgive the pack right away? (gen preferred but again, if there's a good one that is slash that's fine too)

- any fics where Stiles speaks more than 1 language or where English is not his first language?

- any fics where Stiles runs into trouble at the Police Station (used as hostage or something like that, doesn't have to be because of something supernatural)

Thanks in advance for the help! :D

(let me know if I need to fix any tags)

Help again.

Does anyone have a PDF of The Thorn That Defends The Rose by standinginanicedress. I haven't been able to find that, but I've got the sequels. It's just for my own personal library. Please and thank you. And again if anyone has the one shot Big Dick Derek Hale( I can't remember who by), I'd love you.

I could use some help.

So I guess I'm desperate. I'd really like to have a copy of The Wolf Whistle Series by ashinan to read. I found a podfic-Ed version of the first arc, and I saw that someone else had an incomplete compilation of it, but I wondering if anyone had the whole thing. If not, part of it is still good. To my knowledge, the author hasn't said anything against private sharing of the story. You can be assured that it would only be for my own personal use. If anyone would be willing to share it with me, I'd be so grateful. Also, If anyone has Big Dick Derek Hale, It was a oneshot I liked, but I know it's a long shot.

Scott and Stiles friendship fic

I am looking for a very specific fic... It was bookmarked but then it got lost.

Anyway its an epic length fic where scott trying to save stiles both of them get stuck underground. they have to get through some obstacle course to reach an old temple for the villain who is holding them. both of them are hurt. it ends with an were jaguar goddess.

Anyone with any ideas? please???

Stiles and Lydia were in S.H.I.E.LD?

So, I read this fic ages ago and I thought I had subscribed to it but apparently not so...

In it, Lydia and Stiles, after leaving Beacon Hills, joined up with SHIELD. During the events of Winter Solider, they escaped but were believed to be dead and were reported as such, so everyone in Beacon Hills thought they were dead. Peter didn't think they were dead as he believes he would have felt it if Lydia had died.

To stay undetected Lydia and Stiles swapped fashion styles, so Lydia was wearing hoodies and Stiles was wearing suits or something.

I think the fic was on AO3, but I might be wrong.

Any help would be awesome and thanks in advance!!!!!

After the pool scene Derek claims Stiles

I read this probably a few years ago, so sorry about being a little fuzzy on the details. After Stiles holds Derek up in the pool, Derek comes into Stiles' room. He wants Stiles to be in his pack and claims him. They have sex. Derek is instinct driven I think. Thanks for any help, this has been driving me nuts.
Derek and Parrish are in a relationship and run into Stiles at a club who is there because he is trying to get over his break-up with his cheating ex-boyfriend Matt. The three of them end up going home together, and Derek and Parrish basically decide to keep Stiles.

I'm an avid reader of teenwolf-fanfictions and i'm looking for a fic i read some time ago.

The pairing is definitely Sterek. It's around christmas and Derek (he's an artist) is creating/sculpting Stiles. Stiles then comes to life and the whole sheannigans begin. I think i remember an original child character, a niece of dereks probably, going ice-skating, making snow-angels and so on. I'm quite sure it was on aow.

It would be great if someone can help me find it again. Thanks

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills

Please help.

I read most of a story before my computer crashed and now I cannot find it again.  Stiles is pushed out of Scotts pack and his Dad is not nice to him.  He leaves and moves in with Derek, Cora and Jackson in New York.  I remember one part of the story was from some one elses point of view, I think Deatons at the start Stiles turned up at the vets clinic to meet Scott and he had left with Issac already.  Another part of the story was someone telling the pack they had seen stiles getting a parcel for his birthday from Derek at a post office.  The part I had read upto was Stiles and Derek had come back because Deaton had called and said Scott had a problem with Peter but then mucomputer crased before I could finish it.

lost fic, kiddnapped stiles?

hello, lovlies!

so, I've lost this fic for about a year now, and I cannot find it for the life of me. I can't remember too much of it, but I do know this: it was a sterek fic, and Stiles was kiddnapped by a female Alpha. she had him chained up and she and her pack tortured him (not extremely though) until Derek showed up, then Stiles was unchained and he and Derek hugged. I also know there wasn't any sex, so it was probably not rated M or NC-17.
I could've sworn I read it on AO3, but I might be wrong, or it could have been deleted.

any help would be appreciated!

2 Deleted Fics

I have been looking for Softer than Silk Stronger than Iron (The Gleipnir Trilogy, #1) and The Wolf Whistle Series. Both fics have been deleted from AO3 and the way back machine and internet archives are not showing anything. Frustrating. I would very much appreciate if anyone, someone can send me a copy of either or both fics. Would make my week. My email is ffnettracker@gmail.com and hopefully posting that here is not against the policy. Please let me know if it is and I'll move it to the comments.
Please and thanks. Anything is appreciated.


I think Stiles, Lydia, Danny and maybe Allison isn't part of the pack, but they have their own little group.
They come to Beacon Hills to help Derek's pack with something, and the only little detail I can remember is that Lydia gives Stiles a tattoo that hurts really bad. I believe that Derek's pack isn't impressed of Stiles and co. the first time they meet, because they're so ordinary. But underneat all of that normalness hides great powers.
I think it ends with Sterek, if it ends with a relationship for Stiles, or rather, I'm sure it ends with Sterek if it ends with something.
That's really all I can remember, which isn't much but hopefully someone will recognize it!

Also, I'm still looking for this fic, and for the search I have linked in this post:
Looking for this deleted fic, and I'm assuming it's okay to ask since I haven't found anything about the author requesting it not be shared.

The old link, but couldn't find it via Wayback: http://archiveofourown.org/works/469050

"Stiles might make the rules, but Derek is more than adept at getting around them."

looking for a fic

I'm trying to remember what fic this is from. It has stiles and other fighting against the big bad. Stiles is really magically powerful and is the last one fighting against, like golems I think.

He breaks a twig from a phoenix nest and that works sorta like a fire bomb. The others are...tied up with trees I think.

I'm pretty sure that the hales are all alive, not sure if stiles traveled to another universe for sure, but maybe?

It is not Play it Again by metisket, but similar in concept


It's not the Where Thou Art, That is Home series by shanastoryteller, either.

*2nd update*

It's not If the ley lines you should follow by InTheArmsofaThief

It was on ao3

Pretty sure it was sterek


Looking for Creation of a Spark Fic


So since I'm crap at remembering the names of fics, and just things in general. I need help finding this fic I read forever ago that was soooo good. All I can remember is that the packs life is pretty cannon up to like s3 (I think), but if not the basic point was the their past sucked majorly. Then as some point stiles somehow comes into his spark powers, and him Doctor Deaton, and Ms. Morrell, talk about how the bad past they experienced was what caused his spark to come forth. And how things were so different after he came into the powers because his whole timeline changed too. Dc. Deaton said that he would slowly start to get memories from this timeline. Also in this time there was no hale fire, and I think Derek is a teen. Doctor Deaton, and Morrell also mention how they'ed never seen the creation of a spark before, or a timeline that had gone so wrong before it was changed. They explain to stiles how his powers will work, and how the shifting timelines will work. I think they said that he'll be able to see all possible timelines with practice, and even be able to change things (this might be part of a different fic tho). The only other thing I remember about it is that they had this in the school parking lot after stiles had been freaking out about everything in his life being different and not remembering anything. Oh, and it was definitely on Ao3, and almost definitely a sterek fic.

Thank you guys so so much :)

Looking for a fic

I'm not sure if it was time-travel, I have searched all the recs I could and nothing, but here is what I remember:

Derek and Paige were good friends, but nothing more, Derek didn't want more

Derek took Cora to the library? and presented her to Stiles, and later Scott, Erica, Isaac... I think he and Paige helped the kids with studying?

The Hales were alive

The fic (or series) was large, since Stiles was a kid until his college years

I remember more things, but these are the only things i'm sure about, the rest I could be confusings with other fics

Any help would be great, thanks!!!

'End Game' sterek Porn AU

Its been a long while since Ive read this, so not many details are remembered but the bits I DO remember are

  • Werewolves are known

  • The entire cast (at least the cast of Derek, Stiles, Scott and Allison, possibly Erica, Issac and Boyd) are porn stars

  • After a scene is finished with Scott and Allison knotted together, Allison is doing some sort of puzzle from a book and Scott asks why

  • Pre-season 3 (or if its after that, any new characters like Cora and Malia arent mentioned)

  • There might be romantic pairings between Derek/Stiles and Allison/Scott, but 'for work' they might have sex with someone not their partner

I know its not Dating Backwards, or Alls Fair in Orgasms and War.

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