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Sterek magazine fic

I'm looking for a sterk fic where i think derek and stiles work for a hale magazine. Derek is a single father and i think all the hales are alive. I think derek is the photographer and stiles is an intern or assistant and at somepoint stiles has to do a shoot with dereks son. If i remeber correctly it is a sereis of a few fics where stiles ends up writing articles about the difficulty of starting a family. I looked in all the office and alive hales aus i have available.


Episode Related Fan/Slash fic Derek/Scott

I am looking for specifically episode related fanfic or slashfic related to Dereck and Scott.  I've not had much luck, because most of everything I've found is Dereck and Stiles.

Does anybody have any unique finds?
looking for a fic where im pretty sure they meet for a one night stand and derek goes out to buy things for breakfast but he cant find where stiles lives and theyre pining and stiles hates derek but they meet later on and it turns out jackson had lied and said stiles didnt live there when he did!!


I am looking for a story where Peter hires Stiles to look after his house for him. Stiles cleans and maybe cooks for him. Eventually they develop a friendship and Stiles helps Peter with his business. I believe it is something to do with antiquities. Stiles helps him mail packages and stuff. Does this sounds familiar to anyone? It is set in the regular Teen Wolf universe. Thanks in advance!

FOUND! http://archiveofourown.org/works/2267748

Steter fic

I remember that Peter is the (sort-of) alpha of a pack with Scott, Derek, Erica, etc. and Talia is the Alpha of the Hale Pack. Talia wants to send Peter to help train (bond) with either a young female or a sadistic male...Stiles starts dating Peter, in return for Peter paying for his college education. (I think) Also, the sadistic male is upset that Peter turned him down, and shows up and attacks. Please help me find it.

Sterek Possible time travel Fic search

Okay so this fic I read ages ago and am having trouble finding due to not remembering much. What I do remember is the fire didn't happen because I think Stiles accidentally time travelled and warned them about it. The next bit I remember is Peter having a baby and some sort of ceremony at the Nemeton, I think, where either Stiles or an elf lady do the naming of the kid. And I think Peter asks Stiles to be the godfather. I am sure it was a sterek fic as that is what I tend to read in the Teen Wolf fandom.

Any help at all would be awesome!!!!

Arranged marriage & Sterek

I'm looking for a fic where Derek is king and Stiles is a prince. At the beginning, Sheriff Stilinsky (who is king) announces to Stiles that he has arranged a marriage between Derek and Stiles. Stiles is very angry to leave his home and his father for the kingdom. When he arrives in his new kingdom, he is horrible with Derek. It lasts years. Then Sheriff falls ill and Derek allows Stiles to go see him. Derek begins to send him letters and Stiles begins to love his husband.
Thank in advance !!!

Lost Fic

Hi I'm looking for a pic where stiles wants derek to claim him as his mate and derek says he'll think about it and after a few days stiles asks derek if he should renew his lease and derek says yes and stiles leaves upset because derek won't claim him and derek feels like stiles gave him an ultimatum. Not sure if it was on fan fiction or a03

Hello. I come again with another fic that is driving me crazy as I only remmeber one little part of it. :(

I am looking for a certian fic where the Sheriff belives that the huge secret that Stiles is hiding is that he is gay rather than werewolves. I am almost positive that it does end up as a Sterek Fic but there's always a chance it was just a Gen fic. The one point I spesifically remember that is driving me crazy is Stiles and Derek were at the gerocery store, or just store in genereal, and they were spoted by Werewolf hunters who attacked them in the parkinglot. Stiles got stabbed and the novice hunter was shocked when he realized that Stiles wasn't healing and therefore human. The Sheriff thought this was because of him and Derek's supposed relationship.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!

FOUND: Blood Moon by WritingintheCandlelight

Thank you so much!

I'm looking for fics slashing Peter with any of the younger characters listed below:

* Derek
* Isaac
* Liam
* Theo (let's just pretend Peter was in S5, m'kay? LOL)

I'd prefer stories in the TW setting but AU is also fine. No mpreg or scat please but pretty much any kink or subject is fine.

TIA =)
I think this fic is an alternate retelling of season 1, in which Stiles trusts Derek from the beginning and goes to him for help and advice about Scott and all the werewolf stuff. Derek's living in the old Hale house at the time. Eventually Stiles starts developing feelings for Derek and writes "Stiles+Derek" all over one of his notebooks, and he gets really embarassed about it when either Scott or Derek sees it. It was a rather longish multi-chapter fic.

I read/saved the fic a long time ago before I started tagging things better so it's pretty much lost in my collection. I would really appreciate any help with the title!
Hi everyone :)

I'm looking for some Scott centric fanfiction. I already read all the ones in Ao3 under that tag, but I was wondering if there were others. I'm ok with all pairings, but I'm partial to scallison and sciles.

Also I would love to read some ff about Scott and Stiles growing up together, like how close they were during Scott's parents' divorce or when Stiles' mum died.

Thank you so much.

Stiles turned into fox

I'm looking for a fic where the pack is out and Stiles is turned into a fox by a witch. He slowly starts to forget that he's a human, but bonds with Derek. Any ideas?
I've read this story a while ago and now I can't find it anywhere although I am pretty sure it was on AO3.
In this story Stiles wants to date this one guy but doesn't know how to get him. So he thinks the best idea is to ask the guy's ex boyfriend Derek for advice. Derek agrees to help him just because he wants Stiles for himself and hopes he'd be able to change his mind.
I am pretty sure there were the Beacon Hills pack and they were all werewolves but Stiles had no idea which led to funny moments.
Does anyone know it?

Looking for a fic

In the story Stiles didn't know his father, he used to live with his mother but she died and he ran awat from the people that killed her, like she had an affair with the Sherriff but if she stayed with him the people who killed would kill him! So Stiles ran to Beacon Hills and i remember that Claudia and Stiles were a kind of omega i think, they had great power and the only to acess the power was to have sex with them but they had protection because they couldn't be raped, they body wouldn't allow it!
I read and re-read this fic a while back. It's one of my favorites. It's a future fic where the pack is engaged in a fight, Stiles tries a spell to save the situation. Out of no where two Boys comes strolling in and fighting over who ate a cake. They join the fight and save the day. At first the pack assume they are Derek's sons but then they call Stiles Dad. The boys Zack and Chris (surprisingly named after Chris Argent) tell them that they were actually conceived with Stiles's sperm, and Cora's eggs (Cora gave birth to them and therefore no ass-babies in Stiles' future lol that's an actual line in the fic)

Stiles and Derek were already in a fwb situation and as they get to know their sons, they get closer. Stiles is suspicious at first of the boys' intentions and is reluctant to accept that there might be something more to his relationship with Derek. Later Stiles and the pack realizes why the boys are really there. Derek was having a hard time and was about to give up on life.
Chris, Sterek's son, dies in a pack fight. In one of the mos heartbreaking scenes in a Sterek's fic, Derek holds on to him convinced his son is not gone yet and will wake up. Zack disappears and even though Stiles was reluctant in his acceptance of them as a family he takes it really hard. Him and Derek grieve and become cooped up in their apartment for weeks until the Sheriff comes and draws out Stiles, while Chris Argent draws out Derek. Chris gives Derek Allison's Childhood teddy bear which in the future becomes his sons favorite childhood toy.

The story is amazing and I can retell every scene and detail because that's how many times I have re-read it. I have been looking for it for week but I can't seem to find it again anywhere.

Wolf Whistle by Ashanin Final Fics

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone might have the final two stories posted in the now deleted Wolf Whistle series (Interlude: Sideshow Villain and Magic, Werewolves, and Hunters, Oh My!). There have been a few posts on here with links either through wayback or google cache that no longer work.

Would someone mind sending them my way?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a story where stiles and Derek have a big family of their own? Im thinking of 5, 6 ,7+ children of their own. Mpreg would be lovely but the could be adopted too. Just something with stiles and Derek trying to restore the Hale pack.

I've been looking for a story like this for a while but there doesn't seem to be any :/

Searching for two fics

So there are two fanfictions i'm actually searching for:
1) Stiles joins college i think and meets the pack, i think he is magical, and the pack is trying to make them closer. Derek even installs a gaming system in his wonderful condo, i think derek is an architect.But one day, the pack thinks stiles broke derek's heart because he couldn't accept the fact that he was a werewolf and become mean to him.
2) This one is also a college AU where stiles meets scott in it and they become the best bros and they kiss someday then he is invited to the pack house and he ends up having foreplay with all the pack members until the day he finally fucks and gets fucked by Derek.
Thank you so much for trying to help me guys! It really means a lot :*

Weekend Lovers?

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Jinko's Weekend Lovers?

Derek stuck in wolf-form

Hello, Im looking for a fanfic where Stiles come back to Beacon hills. The town knows about werewolf because everyone knows that Derek is the wolf/well stiles thinks his a dog, Derek is stuck in his wolf form and I don't remember how but stiles take him home and guves him food and even a shower. I remember clearly that stiles when to buy junk food and he didn't had to pay because they gave it for free because wolf!Derek was with him. Also the people in the town are happy the stiles come back because he the one that going to help Derek.

Thank you in advantage :)

Post-Gerard, bad friend Scott

So I saw a fic a little while ago, I think on AO3, that I can't find again.  It took place immediately after the showdown with Gerard Argent and Derek is at the train station telling the rest of the pack that they can no longer trust Scott or Stiles because of the way Scott deceived them, assuming that Stiles was in on it.  Then Stiles shows up and says that he had no idea either and that he feels betrayed by Scott and can he be part of Derek's pack, please?  There is a similar fic where it is Erica and Boyd who stand up for Stiles saying that he was tortured with them so he couldn't have been in on it and later Derek goes to check on Stiles and finds him still really injured.  This is not that fic.  In this one, Stiles is definitely the one who approaches the pack.

Any ideas?

Magic Stiles

I was recently thinking about magic systems and I remembered a fic (or possibly series) where Stiles had to create the spells he used by writing runes in a page then activating them by pressing them to himself. (There were some incidents of the ink from the pen causing bad side effects).

I'm pretty sure the fic was an early classic (from the first few seasons) and almost certainly Sterek. For some reason the magic stuck with me more than anything else.

Is that enough to stir anyone's memory? Thanks.

Young Derek

Hi guys,I been searching for sterek fanfic. If you know it I be grateful for your help.

what I remember is that derek is a teenager, Laura is alpha in traing and there I kind of reunion in the hale house and there apha and their pack. Derek want to ruin his sister ceremony sitting in alpha Deucalion lap. Then Stiles arrive and derek did something so they end bond to each other.

That's all I can remenber please help me. Thanks

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