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Stiles is a father on the run.

I know that it was an Alternate Universe, where Stiles is running away from what I think is his old pack? or baby!Isaac's old pack. Isaac is a few months old, and Stiles is his guardian I think. He runs onto Talia Hale's land, and she takes them both in. What I remember is that Stiles was Derek's mate. I think it was a series of one shots all linked together.
What I remember most about this story is that Stiles was sent back in time. He was able to become a sub teacher in Derek's school. It was during Halloween week or something. Teen!Derek became curious about Stiles instead of Kate Argent. There was a story told to Derek's class about a legend. Something about fate giving two destined people a second chance, especially if they were Mates? I think by the end of the week Teen!derek had figured out the story was real.

I can't remember the rest. I have checked out both the Time Travel and Ship tags but couldn't find anything close to this. Please help me out.
I'm trying to find a fic where the Derek was kinda nervous at the thought of the pack splitting and Stiles was like their kinda alpha on the East Coast for like Lydia and maybe Jackson? I'm not too sure. When they return the half pack still has puppy piles on Derek's bed or something like that and I don't know what happens but Sterek ends up on the bed fucking and the pack wants to enter the room bc feels but like they keep quiet bc there's a rule that if you don't answer they can't come in and stuff. I'd be glad if somebody helped me out, thanks! Been looking for it for so long, gosh!

Derek/Stiles > Misunderstandings

Hi, everyone!

I'm looking for fics that have misunderstandings in them, or simply the boys being really bad at communicating. Rec me your favorites.

It can prevent them from getting together (at first) or it can lead to them breaking up (if they eventually make up) or it can even be misunderstandings about who they are, etc.—I'll take it all. I only ask that they have a happy (or somewhat hopeful) ending.

Here are the Sterek fics with this theme that I've already read (or bookmarked).

Thanks in advance.
Hi all!

I am desperate and posting this in a hurry, so please forgive any mistakes I make. This is my first time posting here.

I am looking for a fic which starts out in canon. Everyone dies and Stiles is the only one left. He gets attacked and this magical object Derek gave him transports him to a different world. What he realizes is that he is in a different Stiles's body. The other Stiles was in a car crash too. In his new world there had been no Hale fire. I don't want to write more and maybe spoil it for anyone, but that is the whole beginning part of it, and it sort of goes from there. It is a really good fic, but I can't remember where among three or so different places I saved it in, its title or the author.

Please help! Thank you!


Hi all so I am looking for a Fic that I have read before and it has vanished on me. Its a college AU, I know derek is a football player at the school and Stiles is the water boy. I think stiles is deaf, and is out of the closet, Derek is not out yet. Scott is protective and later teaches Derek sign language. I would love some help… Thank you in advance!


Can't find fic...

So I was reading a fic on my phone and it was really good but then I accidentally closed out of it... :(
Anyway of you could find it that's be great.
I know it was on ao3 but it was about Stiles stumbling upon Derek who had lost his memories after being basket tortured and beaten.
The hale family is alive and Kate isn't related to Allison.

Anyway if you could find it that would be wonderful I really want to finish reading it!!!! It's driving me crazy that I can't find it....


looking for specific

hi i Looking for a specific Fanfic
the hale famlie Were alive and I think Derek and Stiles were about the same age.
I remember a scene in which Stiles helps one of the young children to beat Peter chess
and the fact that he spent a lot of time with them
it could it be the same fanfic ware the hale had real wolves as pets but I'm not sure....

If you help me find this fanfic I'll thank you forever I'm looking for him for eternity!
Sorry for my english, its not my first language

AU's, Season related and Protective!Peter

I am looking for a few types of fic.

1)Fics that tie into the events of seasons (like the events with the Alpha pack but including a non-canon pairing like Sterek, or season 4 with Scott/Derek). I would especialially like Scott/Derek season 4, or Sterek any season, but I will read most slash pairings.

2)Stories where it goes AU because something in cannon happens differently (i.e. Peter actually turns Stiles when he kidnaps him; Scott kills Peter in season 1 and becomes Alpha while Derek stays beta; Stiles is permanently injured when he is beaten by Gerard, ect...)

3) fics with Protective!Peter, especially if he is being protective of Stiles or Derek.

Like I mentioned above, I like Sterek, but I will read almost any slash pairing. My only major squicks are permanent major character death, and infidelity between the main pairing (ie Derek cheating on Stiles in a Sterek fic).


Lost Sterek Fic - very vague

Hi again everyone

I have lost another Sterek fic - the only thing I can remember is that Scott convinces Derek that Stiles is pining to get them to talk to each other again and Stiles is like "I'm not pining, omg you get played by Scott!"

Thanks in advance for any help!

ETA: FOUND! Amor Fati by alocalband

stiles called to beacon hills.

Hello, all! I'm hoping you can help me find a fic where my usual searching methods have completely failed me at. You see, I remember the opening scene of this fanfic really well, but I lack the name of the fic, or even the pairing! (My thanks for helping me find it.)

It started, or included the scene where Stiles had been called in to help with the Beacon Hills pack through one of Allison's contacts because someone in the pack was missing their wolf, or their heart. The scene was pretty amusing, as they missed each other while sitting in the same room of a diner or a restaurant, and once they had finally met, there was miscommunication, particularly since there had been an implied threesome with Stiles, Scott and Allison.

I'm pretty sure it was either Gen or Derek/Stiles, but I'm not 100% positive on this one. I'm also thinking this is on AO3.
Hi, lovelies! I hope you can help me. I'm looking for a specific fic wherein Stiles is bitten by an alpha but simultaneously (or very soon after) kills them, and does not turn into a werewolf. The Argents are very suspicious about this and bring in an elderly lady to investigate. She had been bitten and cured herself years before and confirms Stiles is human. She gives him an Argent heirloom, a necklace made from the bullet that killed the Beast of Gevaudan. She also notices that Derek's behavior shows in wolf terms that he is romantically interested in Stiles, but Stiles hasn't noticed yet. Any help would be really appreciated!! 

Two Sterek Stories

The first one all I can remember is the end. Takes place in season one. The fight at the house with Kate and Peter went differently. I think everyone is there, fighting like in the show and Stiles is telling Peter that if he does this he's no better than the Argents. Peter makes Stiles take his hand and slashes his own throat, so Stiles will be the alpha, although still human.

Edit: Found this one myself, it's Not According to Plan, and it's Derek that he was going to kill at the end.

The second one is super vague, sorry. It's Sterek and Stiles calls him fuzzy butt, cause he's a werewolf with a hairy butt, lol.
Hey guys!

I am looking for fics where Stiles falls through windows, from cliffs, from building,.....I'd prefer it not to be a death-fic.
He can be severly injured or really lucky, but I'd especially like to see Derek worried/devastated.

Thanks in advance!

STEREK fic - Kate kidnaps Stiles, BAMF Stiles

Hey guys!

I'm looking for a fic where Kate kidnaps Stiles and he finds out that Kate basically raped Derek and she talks about it while he's chained to the wall or something. Finally Derek comes to his rescue and when he frees him, Stiles picks up a baseball bat and beats Kate up in revenge for what she did to Derek. I think it was pre-slash before the kidnapping, but afterwards they got together.

I'll love you forever if you found this fic for me! <3

Derek/Stiles > Opposites Attract

I’m looking for Sterek fics where there’s an emphasis on how different the boys are—where they’re opposites either in looks, cliques or personalities, etc.

For example: one is super shy, the other is extra outgoing; one is promiscuous, the other is still a virgin (or very inexperienced); one is a goody two shoes, the other a bad boy; one looks like a nerd, the other a punk; one is insecure, the other is confident/cocky; etc. You get the idea.

I’ve read a few stories like that but I was wondering if you guys had any other recs for me. I’ll take anything (AU or non-AU, first time or established relationship, etc.) with this theme. Thank you in advance.
I've compiled (read: cut&pasted verbatim) the searches wrongly posted to our Contact a Mod post in 2012, 2013 and 2014 into the lj-cuts below.

If you recognize one or more fics you can use their search number in your comment to avoid confusion. As I or my fellow mods have no way of recognizing a correct answer you probably won't get a response, but please be assured that each and every reply to this post will get a big smile and silent kudos from myself (and my fellow mods, natch). :)

Without further ado, the anon searches are:

#01: sterek fic
Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#03: Magical stiles saves the day
Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#05: messed up collee student!stiles with caring derek
Read more...Collapse )

#06: Looking for a specific domestic might-as-well-be-married Sterek
Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#07: Stiles is a pregnant model
Read more...Collapse )

#08: Sterek Roadtrip Fic
Read more...Collapse )

#09: I can't find it
Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

#11: Where Stiles is a Delta
Read more...Collapse )

#12: Specific Sterek Story
Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#13: Sterek fic
Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#14: Need serious help finding this fic :(
Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#15: Stiles/Derek
Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#16: Stackson Stiles name is Kitten
Read more...Collapse )

#17: trying to find a sterek fic
Read more...Collapse )

#18: Derek finds feral Stiles and reluctantly takes care of him
Read more...Collapse )
possibly found: here

#19: Stiles and Danny friendship?
Read more...Collapse )

And that's the lot. The anon comment searches of 2015 might be compiled at the end of this year, if the mood strikes and this post works out well.

Note: All wrongly posted comments, anon or not, at the Contact a Mod post are screened to keep things on topic. Us mods are always there to help you out should you have trouble with anything, do get in touch there with any concern you might have about the comm.

Sterek, a/o AU, heat week?

Hi! Does anyone know the alpha/omega AU fic where once a year they round up all the omegas and the rich (?) or famous or Ruling alpha (can't remember which one,sorry!) picks one to spend heat week with? Derek is the Ruling Alpha or whatever and picks stiles to everyone's surprise. I seem to recall him not actually having sex with stiles until he consented/couldn't take the heat because stiles didn't want to/was scared/was newly eighteen. I think there was a sequel to it as well. Thanks either way guys!

Stiles learns magic from Deaton's Grandma

Stiles went to some country in Europe to learn magic from Deaton's Grandma(maybe mother) There was something about the nemeton and healing it. there was a nemeton there as well except it was a full tree and healthy. I think Deaton's grandma lived in a village? There were spirit animals like snakes and coyotes and owls and they could actually turn into thier spirit animals? I think Stiles had a coyote or an owl for his spirit animal. He ran into Jackson in the woods for sure. I think Jackson was all clingy? I feel like i've been looking for this forever. Pretty sure it was on Ao3. Might have been Sterek(Maybenot)

HUGE Twist Ending

Unfortunately the twist is the most memorable piece of this fic, so I've got to spoil it, although I do still highly recommend reading it.

It's a short fic, one chapter, no more than about 5k.

Stiles wakes up chained to a chair under the Hale house and Peter is there watching him. Peter tells him that he's been affected by a drug/wolfsbane or something and is hallucinating. Stiles doesn't feel strange and demands why Peter is there with him, not Scott. He demands to see Scott or Derek and Peter is strangely evasive and cryptic about where they are. In the end Peter shows him a mirror and it turns out that he's Derek and is hallucinating about being Stiles.

Season 1 AU

Season 1 was really rough on Derek (losing his sister, being accused of her murder, Scott rejecting his offer to be pack, Peter going crazing and killing people, Kate coming back, ect...) I am looking for fics that have Stiles starting to trust him earlier, and how that effects the events of the show. I would really love if Stiles goes full on Pack member. I have already read I Love to be the Underdog on AO3. Any pairing is fine, but Sterek is my favorite.

Alpha mating run and New year's eve kiss

Fic 1: Can someone please help me find a specific fic?  It starts out with Derek and some of the Alpha pack going on a mating run to capture humans that they can turn and train into pets, whether they want to or not.  Stiles, of course, is found by ethan but run off by Derek and is given prelimenary training before Derek is allowed to take him home.  Pets are considered property and half-werewolves, so Derek renames Stiles as Puppy Hale and introduces him to his beta trio.

I know this is probably a multichapter fic and the author indicated it would be part of larger series, but I don't think any more was ever written.  i'd really appreciate anyone who could help me on this.

Fic 2: there was this fic about a two years back that I can't find.  If I remember correctly, it's around 15k, but the most poignant thing I can remember is that Derek and Stiles finally address the tension between them and Stiles invites Derek to Lydia's New Year's Eve party, with the understanding that if Derek it makes it there for the midnight kiss, that he also wants to start a relationship with Stiles, so the pressure is off of either of them having to talk about it.  Stiles waits all to midnight and is disappointed when Derek doesn't show up. He runs into Derek while getting gas and waves to him, but neither are willing to speak to each other at the moment.  Later, suspicious, the sheriff notes that he finds it shame that Derek crashed his car bad enough to stall it on New Year's, that it seemed he was off to somewhere in a hurry.  Stiles and Derek, of course, correct the miscommunication.
I remember reading this fic where they knew eachother as kids. i think it followed the events of season one? I think Stiles already knew about werewolves?i think they were mates? Im looking for that fic or something similar.

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