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Because Derek is Derek, authors pretty much always write him as the one that fucks up, does something awful, runs away, etc etc, and has to apologize or fix things. After reading so many Sterek fics like this, I kinda got a bit tired of it? So I'm looking for stories where Stiles is the wrong one, where the whole plot's problem is his fault (maybe he was the one saying no to protect Derek for a change? idk), where he does something shitty and has to apologize, and so on.

Sadly this kind of fic doesn't have some kind of tag, nor is an actual trope, so it's hard to find unless someone recs it to you. Also, it doesn't have to necessarily be super angsty or long. I'll take anything, really!

Hope you guys can help me!
Thanks :)


So, I dont know if this has been posted on this tw finder, but I seen it on a different fic finder posted by wolfe808. ( (

Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and Danny are friends and they're not from Beacon Hills. Derek's pack was having some kind of problem with a supernatural creature and Deaton suggested Stiles and his crew. Derek didn't want them at first so he had his pack do all kinds of things to make Stiles and the others leave, including kidnapping them.

stiles knows about supernatural

Sooo, i'd like to read some sterek fics wherein Stiles knows about werewolves and meets Derek/the Hale pack/ derek's pack and they hang out or something like that and stiles soon realizes that they're wolves but doesn't say a word about it and the pack isn't aware of that sitles knows their secret so they try to keep it from him. If you know stories like this please send them to me. Thanks. :)

Criminal!Stiles fics

Hey! I'm looking for more fanfics where Stiles is some kind of criminal. He could be caught, on the run, or on the path to being a criminal. Preferably Sterek but it can be gen or another pairing. The main character should be Stiles though.

I looked over the fics on the Sterek Library and and Werewolf Wagon. And I'm going through possible tags on archive of our own right now.

Was hoping any of you might have any recs? : )

looking for Hung The Moon !!!!

hey as u know Hung The Moon by Burnitallclean was deleted. it was a dark day for sterek fans if u ask me. so, i'm looking for a latest version PDF file for it. plz if anyone has it plz send it to my

Werewolf Pack Packing Heat

Hello! I've only just found this lovely community and already have to make a plea for help.

I read this fic so long ago and I can not remember anything else about the fic save this one scene: the pack is barricaded in what I believe is Stiles' house with a mountain ash circle around the house armed with guns that are loaded with mountain ash filled/silver bullets and are shooting out the windows at the alpha pack. (maybe hunters? At one point Peter (who I believe was injured while doing something else {staling?}) had to be pulled over the ash barrier into the house. I just remember Peter standing at the edge of the circle staring at the teens shooting out of the open windows. :) Fun times.

Sorry it is so vague. I hope this rings a bell with someone.

Thank you for any help you can give!

FOUND: The Bond, The Pack, The Mate, The Alphas by BlondeFairy85

To the Mods: I shall try my best to have the correct tags. I apologize if I miss one.
hey I'm looking for a fic where stiles is badass (hunter/or he is good with weapons) and he is father to 2 kids who are weretighers. they r twins. i think they r 2 girls but I'm not sure. stiles returns to beacon hills and i remember there was a pack also. the son of the alpha is in luv with stiles but alpha (she) doesn't approve bcuz stiles is dangerous and her kid is gentle. plz help!!~!!
Basic summary: Stiles and his dad move to Beacon after Sheriff gets elected there. The whole town, bar Stiles, knows about werewolves and magic - the Sheriff's dept even has a special code for a wolf attack. Laura is alive, but she's struggling to keep the pack (Isaac, Erica, Boyd, Jackson, Scott) together because she isn't the Alpha. Derek is stuck as a wolf - it is some sort of curse that prevents him turning back. The fire still happened.

There was a ritual that was supposed to be performed every year but after the fire, everyone who knew about the necessary sacred object was dead and it was lost. Stiles works in the library and gets shocked by the magical metal grate in the basement, keeping the magical texts safe from prying eyes.

I had bookmarked this on AO3 but I fear it was deleted.

Jackson-Centric Stories

Hello I'm looking for some recs of Jackson-centric stories, preferablly Top!jackson/stiles, Jackson/any girl, or gen. I have only really come across bottom!jackson and was hoping for something different. I would also like it if the recs talked about jackson's issues and angst. complete ficsonly please!!


Stiles and Derek speak Polish

Ok so I'm pretty sure the fic was on AO3 but I've had no luck finding it. In this both Derek and Stiles can speak Polish(they may be fluent or just know the curse words) and spend most of their time together cursing at each other. The pack finally gets annoyed(it's Isaac that calls them out on it) because the think they've been trading dirty talk the whole time. It's an AU because I think Derek is still alpha and Erica and Boyd are still with the pack while I believe it's GEN pairing wise.

Sterek, Pack mom Stiles

Thanks to a friend who who posted the link in the first place, i read this fic who was abandonned, i would love to read fics like that, mom Stiles, pack feelings etc, slow Sterek building, like Derek waiting that Stiles is 18 before sleeping with him.. the link of the fic is if you know it

Looking for Jackson/Stiles fic

I'm looking for a fic where as soon as Jackson is turned, he finds out that Stiles is his mate. It breaks Lydia's heart and Stiles denies it. Jackson gets super posessive. If I remember correctly, it was posted on I believe.

Sterek fic with Bully Kate Argent

I'm looking for a fic where Stiles was still in high school and Derek was older. The fire never happened and all the hales were still alive. Stiles is an omega and Kate Argent is a substitute teacher who bullies stiles because of his relationship with Derek.

Stiles helps Derek be a better Alpha?


Can you please recommend any Sterek fic where Stiles works with Derek or helps him learn to be a better Alpha?

Thank you!

Specific fic: Stiles controls the pack

Stiles is kicked out of the pack or something like that by Derek. He later somehow use magic (maybe?) and force a spell on Derek, Scott, Danny, and Jackson (and I think the twins). Stiles has sex with each of then and so does the Sheriff. Thanks in advance.

Bottom!Derek/top!Stiles + insecure Derek

I'm big into bottom!Derek and top!Stiles and wondering if there are any good fics for me to read. Any fics with it even mentioned are good. I'm cool with them being versatile as well.

Also, any fics where Derek is insecure with anything, the pack, his relationship with Stiles, etc.

Hello looking for a sterek fic where stiles finds out hes pregnant but allison is too at same time and not wanting to steal her thunder cuz hes alpha mate he keeps quiet. He ends up getting attacked at his house and an arrow through his stomach. They are told the babies died. But later at a dinner with the sheriff and Melissa they hear six heart beats and find out the babies surviced. Thanks for the help. Found by the awesome archant thank u again. Link is in comments

Lost Sterek fic.

Looking for an AU fic where Stiles has some kind of PTSD or phobia, not sure which. He basically rarely leaves his house, has a very specific routine which he never breaks, and avoids social interaction. I'm pretty sure it's actually a phobia, and I don't remember if it's the result of a traumatic event, but I think not.
He finds Derek's dog one day, so that's how they meet. Then he offers to take care of the dog while Derek is out at work.

Both Stiles and Derek are adults in this and have their own houses. Scott is in it too and the Sheriff, but I don't think anyone else from TW makes an appearance.

It's an one shot and on AO3.

Hope this is info enough! :)
This was a fic that I loved so much I dld'd it instead of bookmarking it. So when my computer crashed several months ago... *sigh* yeah.

Basically, the fic is from Derek's pov. It's a human!AU and I want to say that Laura is alive, but I could be wrong. Either way, Derek is in a rock band - possibly with Laura, Erica, and Boyd.

Stiles is in a boyband with Scott, Jackson, and Danny. He goes out to see Derek's band one night and they end up meeting, but Derek doesn't know who Stiles is at first. They hit it off and spend most of hte rest of the fic dealing with a long-distance relationship where Stiles isn't supposed to be open about his sexuality because of his contract.

I know someone has to know which fic I mean because it's amazing.

Evil!Deaton and werewolf actors verse?

I'm looking for 2 fics that are not related:

1. I'm not sure if the Hales are alive but at one point Stiles discovers that Derek was wearing a cursed bracelet while Kate got her hooks in him, and it turns out Deaton knew but let him get spelled anyway. There was some magic!Stiles in this one.

2. This one is short; EricaHeather does Stiles a favor and hires him as a sex-body double for the first werewolf movie acted by werewolves, directed by Laura. There is hot wolfed-out sex with Derek? - FOUND! Link in comments

Stiles and Derek at a Conference


I'm looking for a fic which has Stiles and Derek (at least) at a conference/multiple pack meet-up and Lydia wants to know everything so they film the various panel sessions for her. In one panel they are called up on stage to talk about humans in the or human/wolf relationships (I think it's something along those lines) and Stiles (maybe Derek) is embarrassed by how obvious he is when he looks at Derek (maybe Stiles).

I hope this triggers someone's memory!

Lost Sterk fic

For some reason, half my bookmarks disappeared from my AO3 account. I found most but can't find one specific one and it is driving me crazy. In it, Lydia and Stiles are dancing at a nightclub and Stiles keeps trying to sneak upstairs and getting stopped by Boyd. At the same time, Derek is seeking the source of a scent he wants, which turns out to be Stiles. They get together in the end, while Lydia hooks up with a guy who looks like Thor. Please help!

specific stiles amnesia fic

Ello im looking for a sterek fic where stiles is in hospital has ammesia. He ends up spending time with derek who for some reason the pack do not want stiles around. Scott tries to get stiles to leave derek in the end. Stiles stays with derek and looses everyone else hes pregnant in the sequel. Any help would be great Found link in comments thanks again


Specific Fic Search

First time doing this, sorry if I mess up. :/
I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago that seems to have vanished frommy bookmarks. I know for certain it was on ao3. Stiles learns magic from a variety of teachers. One of them is a little Japanese woman, another is a Native American. At one point, he travels to the East Coast and enters a contrat with a more exclusive teacher who tries to steal something from him (I think it was either half his power or his eyes?) I think it might have been sterek . I'm not sure. Anyone recognize this?

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