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Help finding a fic

;So I need help finding a fic i read a long time ago.
**It was a sterek fic with a side parring of danny/jackson, (plus others but I don't really remember) so basically Erica and lydia are mean they ( lydia's the kanima not Jackson who's a werewolf) don't like stiles and danny cause they love derek and jackson ( i think they are mates) and anyway they run them out of town, Isaac went with them and they leave in a beach house, at some point stiles and danny take the bite and became werewolf too...
i know that the pack eventualy goes on vacation at the beach and ran into the three...

Coach Finstock is a Fae??

I read this eons ago, I am pretty sure it is a Sterek, and this tiny bit of a scene is all I can remember.

The Pack is at the school on the field after dealing with some baddies. Coach Finstock and I think Greenburg and a small retinue of Fae come up to them. I think Finstock is either royalty or a member of the court.

Does this ring any bells??

No Coach Tag??? LOL

specific fic search

Hey guys! I'm looking for a specific story I read from ao3 but have lost track of.

In it Derek babysits stiles even though he's as teen, like 14-16, it's all human, Derek is in college, and stiles sort of seduces him to have sex with him. Then derek was guilty over it and stopped coming around but warms up to it.

A specific scene that stands out is that Derek takes stiles to his college dorm and he turns music up high and they have sex and Boyd and erica are there and hear them and like taunt and cheer them.

And im sure at one point therrs a college party and stiles feels out of place so goes to dereks room and waits for him.

Thanks for all your help.
So I am new-ish to these communities so please forgive me for any obvious mess ups.
I A03rd the hell out of this fic and came up empty time and time again.
All I strongly remember is the Sheriff being devastated that he had some how missed his son's downfall into PTSD. Severe nightmares, sleeping with a knife under his pillow and his obvious skills with the weapon.
Stiles goes from the norm troublemaker to a broken person with the PTSD of a veteran.
At first I was so sure it was a time travel/ re-do fic but now I'm thinking it might be a universe jump.
I really hope someone can point me in the right direction b/c this is driving me just a little bit crazy.
Thanks for reading.


Omega Stiles

Looking for a fic where women alphas have trouble conceiving so families would often get omegas to carry babies for them. Stiles gets chosen by the Hale pack right out of school. I don't know if it's finished but I do know I read it on AO3. At one point Lydia was a little jealous because she and Stiles were both at the top of the class but Stiles was the one picked. Stiles looks after the children as too. And I think Allison comes into the picture as well.


Legendary Pack

Hello. I love fics where the pack are regarded as legend. Like, “yeah, we know the Beacon Hills pack and no, you should not fuck with them. You will not win”. Particular soft spot for Stiles included in that mythical status. The human, Red, Spark, anything like that is much loved. Gen or slash is fine.

I hope the community can help me with this and thank you in advance!

Derek and Stiles Protect/Guard Scott

Hiya. I'm looking for anything where yes, Scott is the True Alpha, and he's good and virtuous at it and a great leader. But virtue comes with vulnerabilities. So where Scott is the idealistic alpha, Derek and Stiles are his knights; the ones who protect Scott from any threat, maybe even behind his back. No bad Scott please. He's just naïve and still learning. Sterek would not be unloved, but isn't necessary.

I hope the community can help me and thank you in advance!

Magic!Hurt!Mental!Stiles and Pack

Hiya. So, I'm looking for and fics (or pics or vids) where Stiles has magic/is a spark/a red/something that helps the pack, but it has a terrible effect on him, his mind and body. Example; he speaks in riddles sometimes and tries to warn them about terrible things that are going to happen all at the cost of his own sanity and health. Or he uses magic to protect them with the same result. The pack tries to take care of him. Slash or gen. Doesn't matter.

I just have a real love of the pack taking care of a mental Stiles.

I hope the community can help me and thank you in advance!

Hi! I remember there was a fix that was slightly Derek/stiles. I remember Derek was stuck with a wolfs mind in his human body. Basically, I think the story starts with stiles waking up underneath Derek, and Derek only trusts stiles. He basically does not trust anyone else. Scott I think called stiles over. Stiles stays with Derek till he recovers or something like that, and after Derek is back to normal, he feels almost dependent or feels the need to not leave stiles. Does anyone remember this fic and what it is called? Thanks for any titles or anything you can give me.
Something along the lines "And You Say You're Alone" (though not necessarily as dark)
Stiles being rightfully angry and hurt and vaguely traumatized and just lots of comfort afterwards
Can be Sterek but doesn't have to
hi guys!
I am looking for a fic I read once before. I don't remember much, just that a teenage daughter of Stiles and Derek somehow is visiting from the future. And Derek is dating other people.

Sheriff kicks Stiles out of the house.

Hi all,

I'd like to read fics where the Sheriff kicks Stiles out of the house, from misunderstanding "get out" to full on forced to move and disownment, I'd love to read it.

In the canon-verse, please, canon divergent, not too AU.

The longer the better. :)

This is a Sterek fic, full of fluff and occasional angst. Stiles is out one night w/ the pack, a bit drunk, when Jackson (a beta) starts to come on to him, talking about how he's in heat and they should go take care of that. Stiles says no, because the last time he went with Jackson, J left him after a couple rounds panicked because he could no longer get it up (worst thing to do to an omega in heat). Then Danny comes over, with Derek in tow and saves the day (Stiles faceplants into Derek's chest and has serious difficulties backing off).

Derek takes him home safely and doesn't have sex with him (I think he fingers Stiles though). Somehow, S gets D's # and they start having heat sex (Stiles doesn't get heatbonded, but Derek does) and Stiles feels like Derek likes looking at his butt more than his face.

I don't how else to describe this one without completely regurgitating it. I fear it was deleted because I can no longer find it in my bookmarks and there were two "Sorry, this fic has been deleted" messages on my Ao3 when trawling my bookmarks.

And the ammmmmmaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzing Diggler has done it again!
It is Fling by the_ragnarok http://archiveofourown.org/works/772560

You're a star, you're a Johnson's kid!

AU - H/c - Stilinski Twns - Sterek Endgame

Stiles and Stuart are twins. Stuart just got back from trip and sleeps with Derek, knowing it would hurt Stiles. Stiles finds out because Derek hits on him at a gas station, thinking it was Stuart.

Stiles just finished high school (a year later than Stuart, due to a childhood illness.) and plans to follow in his father into law enforcement.

Stuart calls Stiles SS (Short for Stupid Stilinski). At one point Stiles has had enough and punches Stuart. (I think it was because Stuart had been out all night and was sleeping with Lydia... Stiles saw it as cheating on Derek.) Sheriff takes Stuart's side while Stiles runs to Melissa and Scott. Melissa tears the Sheriff a new one when he comes over to confront Stiles.

I think Stiles gets kidnapped near the end or something. I know Stiles winds up in the hospital and Stuart refuses to visit. Which makes the Sheriff finally understand that the twins do NOT get along and probably never would.

I know it ends with Derek and Stiles going out. I cannot remember if werewolves were a part of the story.

Found, link in replies.

Online Dating , Laura H alive

This one has Laura making an online dating profile as Derek, for Derek, only she doesn't tell him, and she logs in and communicates with other users trying to set him up with a match. She's dating an OMC.

Stiles is the match and is crazy about 'Derek'.

Stiles happens to stumble across Derek, Laura, and the OMC, (at a coffee shop maybe?), and recognizes Derek from his pictures. He approaches, trying to introduce himself, but Derek is very rude and blows him off. Laura, recognizing what is happening, tries to explain, and things go downhill from there.


I am searching for a Derek/Stiles fic set within a Dom/Sub universe. Stiles is a sub and Derek is his dom. This was on AO3 and I do not recall any specifics, except the following:

Stiles is hurt on his neck and Derek goes to treat the wound. As Doms collar their Subs within this story as norm, Derek takes off Stiles' collar and Stiles panics thinking Derek will be breaking off their relationship. I think Derek is also scolded by Laura when he tells her of Stiles reaction to having his collar taken off.

I am afraid I don't have any other details. Any help locating this fic is much appreciated. Thanks!
Hi I'm looking for a Sterek fanfic I read on AO3 where stiles goes on a road trip in secret to meet other werewolf packs who knew Talia hale, trying to find photos or possessions that belonged to the hale family to give to Derek as a present. Any idea what the name of this fic is?

Derek Plays a Vampire on TV

I’m looking for a Sterek fic, Stiles and Derek both star in a TV Series. Stiles thinks it funny when he finds out that his new boyfriend is a werewolf but plays a Vampire on the show. Thank you

Found it myself. It's Welcome to Vampyre Vale by Dark_K on AO3 incase anyone is interested.
I'm looking for a college era story. Stiles is away at college. What I remember is that Stiles and Derek somehow end up talking on a Friday night, might be on Skype, might not. Stile is out of Food Service credits for the week (or maybe month) and Derek has pizza delivered to him. It becomes a thing they watch movies together via skype and Derek sends takeout to Stiles on Friday night. I think it ends in eventual sterek.


ETA: Found by Anonymous. https://archiveofourown.org/works/649386 Movie Dates with the Alpha by Sybilina

Magic! stiles/ Sterek

hey i need your guys help with a fic. i'm 100% sure it's in AO3. all i remember is stiles is magic. i think he went in the summer to train with (maybe a shaman). all i remember is stiles is making a magical book (his own Grimoire) he cast a spell and a stag came to him and the stag was willing to die for stiles to make a book. stag was ready to die as stiles explained to scott. stiles made the book from the stag's bones and skin.


update : there is NO (danny/stiles, erica/stiles) i couldn't remove the tags

sterek wolf mates high school au

hey guys, i'm looking for a story where Derek is a werewolf knows Stiles is his mate but his parents tell him he has to wait to do anything about it because humans don't mature as fast as werewolves. any help would be great, thanks.
This fic is somewhere on Ao3, or it least it was last time I found it ~1+ month ago. Derek is totally head over heels for Stiles, but Stiles doesn't see it. Stiles asks Derek if they can practice having sex (or something like that) so his first time is with someone he trusts. They do, even though you should never have sex with someone who has no idea you're in love with them. Stiles then goes on to date other people/have sex with other people/go to college and get the full experience (if you know what I mean ;) and I think you do).

The conversation that might spark memory happens when Stiles comes over to the loft and Derek has a chick flick on tv, blanks made into some sort of cocoon on the couch and ice cream out on the coffee table. He says something like, "He rejected you?" and Derek, with the pieces of his broken heart scattered about his feet says "I guess so." (Context: Stiles left either before saying anything to Derek or before he woke up the night previously after they had sex. I think.)

Please help me find it. I would be distressed to find that this fic, along with many of my old beloved go-tos, was also deleted from the internet.

UPDATE: It is not "Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf" by lielabell.

UPDATE2.0: the_diggler found it! It is "I Behold You" by Omni http://archiveofourown.org/works/771123 . <3

Pretend boyfriends

Hiiii :)

I would like to ask if anyone can recommend some Stiles/Jackson or Stiles/anyone really... Just Stiles and someone... In a fake relationship developing into something more real :) possibly humor?

Thanks :)

Omega Stiles/Derek heat fic

Im lookng for a fic where Stiles is approaching his heat (not his first- he had one too young- but his first after puberty) and he needs an alpha to help him through it so he goes to ask Laura but she suggess Derek to do it.

Kind of a courtship fic, highschool setting, Stiles chooses Derek during school when his heat hits and they have a heat together.

I think maybe this fic may have got deleted off AO3???

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