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Derek and Stiles mysteriously swap bodies one night but when Stiles-in-Derek's-body seeks him out, he finds that Derek is unwilling to even try to swap their bodies back.

Derek takes his 'new' body as a second chance to have a life again - building a relationship with the sheriff, applying for college etc. while Stiles discovers just how depressing Derek's life is, but attempts to make it a little better by reconnecting with the pack.

No one else knows that anything is amiss, and nothing changes for a long time (a year maybe) until Stiles is captured and tortured in Derek's body (which Derek somehow senses?) and Derek realises the unfairness of the situation.

Not sure whether it ended up in a Sterek relationship, but at the least they reconcile after being restored to their original bodies. Probably a relatively short one shot, and almost definitely on AO3, but I haven't been able to find this fic despite trawling the bodyswap tag.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hello, I'm looking for a specific fic that was set after season one. Lydia was kidnapped by a witch, and to save her Stiles reluctantly helps Derek build his pack. Idk Stiles and Scott were cool in this fic, and it was a slowburn Sterek. I read it on a while ago and I can't find it.

Ignored Stiles?

I'm looking for a fic I believe was post nogitsune. The pack and the sheriff are both avoiding Stiles, they don't know that he knows they're hanging out behind his back, and then he finally gets fed up of it. He starts making plans to go see his aunt? He confronts the pack and the sheriff on one of their pack bonding nights, they tell him they need time to get passed what happened (Allison's death I believe), and he tells them he needed their help to get past it too. He tells them that he's leaving, they follow him out trying to stop him, and he causes a storm? He goes to live with his aunt for a few years before returning to BH. I think everyone knew him well because he was a great witch, and most knew him Little Red (something like that). I don't really remember the ending though. TIA
I'm looking for a Tumblr multi-post fic that was a WIP when I last read it. Scott and Stiles were at a werewolf convention as fake boyfriends. Stiles meets Derek and starts falling for him. Peter was the Hale alpha and Cora was in it. There was talk of a marriage of convenience for pack alliances, so Laura wanted to hide how close Stiles and Derek were getting. I remember the last post I read had Stiles breaking into the pool and the Hales following.

Mermaid Stiles!

Im looking for a mermaid Siles fic were he was a Half Mermaid and after his mom died he didn't shift anymore but then has to shift I think in a pool to save derek and it makes him sick and he has to be rushed home and put in the bathtub with Derek and his dads help.

If anyone knows where this fic is please let me know I thought it was on AO3 but I just can't seem to locate it

Fic Found on AO3: No Oceans Left By: zoemathemata

Nice! Peter fics

They can be OOC as hell or in-character "nice" Peter (killing people for someone else to help them or courting people by giving them creepy gifts). Friendship, romance, or family themes are fantastic.

Any pairings welcome (though I am partial to Stiles/Peter and Stiles/Derek).
I'm searching for a specific fic where I guess Stiles and Derek is in an established relationship. The thing is, that during sex, Stiles always top and Derek bottom, and they haven't done it any other way. They do, however, end up switching one time because of something, and it turns out they love it the other way around, with Stiles as bottom and Derek as top. I think Stiles said something about how Derek had kept it to himself/he loved it and couldn't believe how Derek hadn't said something about how good it felt to be the bottom. I don't remember exactly, but that was kind of the fic, the main point of it anyways.

I've also posted two other searches that I haven't found yet, så if you would like to try and help me I would be grateful.
Does anyone have a copy of "The Grimm from Beacon Hills" by by monstrousmurders? I went to AO3 and but it's no longer there and I was hoping to read it again.
1. Does anyone have Hung the Moon downloaded from ao3 prior to deletion?

It was my favorite & I'd love to have it :(.

2. A sterek fic with mates as a theme, I believe, where Stiles is in the woods & derek (as a wolf) pins him and has his teeth on his neck & Stiles' dad and Derek's pack etc show up and make him get off. But then he's claimed him as his mate, and wants to woo him. Stiles is atleast reluctant...

I remember one part where Stiles gets drunk with Allison & calls Derek to tell him that he would come visit if he really loved him or something, but wolves aren't allowed to cross the border into the town so Gerard and the other hunters catch him. Stiles & Allison go to save him and he's bound to a chair by something that forces him to keep the shift...

I feel like the summary said something about it being a bad idea to run from a wolf, but I may be confusing that with something else...

Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance,

Looking for Ghost Stories

I'm in the mood for a good scare: ghost story, hauntings, possessions, whatever (make it scary though). Preferably Sterek but any good ghost story will do. AU's or cannon - whatever you got for me. Give me your recommendations please!

Trying to find a couple of Sterek Fics

I am pretty sure both of these stories were posted on AO3

1. Stiles and Derek are shopping at the store, Derek ends up buying Stiles a new phone to replace the one that dies in the pool, later hunters attack them in the parking lot. I think the Sheriff thinks that it was because they were together.

2. Stiles has manufactured car trouble the hunters stop and shine a special flashlight into his eyes to see if there is a response.

Sorry I don't have anymore information.
I read this on AO3 a few months ago. It's a human AU, where Stiles and Derek don't live in BH.

Stiles and Derek live in the same building. When Stiles leaves his window open, Derek can hear what he is saying. Pretty sure Stiles lives above Derek?

Stiles usually sees Derek in the park running and has a crush on him or something. He's on the phone with Scott one day and tells him that he wants to ask Derek out (this is in his apartment so Derek hears him).

Stiles and Scott also talk about how Stiles thinks giving someone a coffee is like a declaration of interest. Scott says Stiles is the only one who thinks that way. I think Derek gives him a coffee, but he's oblivious.

Eventually, Stiles is on the phone with Scott while in his apartment. The phone is on speaker. Scott tells him his dad was shot. Stiles has a panic attack, and Derek comes through the window and helps him breathe. He then helps him pack and go to BH to see his dad.

Later on he comes back to wherever he was and starts dating Derek and stuff. That's really it. Anybody know what I'm taking about? Hopefully it's not deleted.
I read this awhile ago on AO3. Kate is raising Allison and marries the sheriff becoming Stiles step-mom. The sheriff is very sick and basically a shut in, so he doesn't know Kate is abusing Stiles. Stiles meets his mate Derek, who convinces Stiles & Allison to run away with the Hale pack.

The werewolves are full shift wolves, and I believe Laura is still the Alpha. She turns Stiles and Allison before the Hale pack takes off as full wolves.

There's a bit where the pack doesn't spend much time in human form.

Eventually the sheriff gets well, Stiles and the pack go home.. etc.

Sound familiar?

Alternate Universe and Mages?

Hi, I'm looking for this one fic where a bunch of mages put the pack (Derek, Stiles, Peter, Allison, Scott, Boyd, Erica, Lydia, and maybe Jackson?) into a weird medieval alternate reality in an attempt to kill them. I remember Peter made a deal with the mages and only he was supposed to be able to remember, but since Derek and Allison (because she was actually related to the Hales) shared the same blood they could remember too. The kingdoms in the alternate reality were all named after colors and Allison was the Silver Knight and Peter was the Purple King or something. I know I saw it on Ao3, but I can't find it anymore?

Hurt Derek, Bad Kate

I'm looking for fics where Chris Argent and/or Sheriff Stilinski find out/realize/react to how Kate treated Derek, realizing she committed statutory rape/burnt his family alive. Basically, any fics where one of the adults in the show realizes and acknowledges how much Derek suffered at Kate's hands.
Thanks : )

Looking for a tattoo

I'm looking for a fic where Derek owns a tattoo parlor and Stiles gets fascineted by his work , start going there and ask question, he also finds a magic book and learns magic but magic is forbid and Deucalian is suddenly after him but Derek protect him!!

The other one Stiles ride a bike, wear leather jacket and has a lot of tattoos, when he goes back to Beacon to visit his father he meets Derek at the supermarket and he thinks it's funny how now peaplo are wary of him and not Derek, because Derek wears a suit and is in the town for years

Specific Fic Search

There is a story on AO3 that is a multiverse/alternate universe/time travel fic where Stiles is chased by a supernatural creature (I think it's a werewolf, but I'm not completely sure) and crashes his car. Derek had given him a necklace and when he dies/is about to die, it transports him to the necklace's pair. I've read this story before, but I can't remember the name of the fic or the author, nor can I remember the rating or if there were any pairings. If anyone knows which fic I'm talking about, I would be very thankful.
"Stiles and Scott find themselves faced with a new task when Derek takes a more offensive position. He’s suddenly their new substitute for Advanced World English, and saying they’re shocked is putting it mildly. Not to mention, he’s brought his pack along in tow, like it wasn’t already bad enough. Now Stiles plans on having to dodge more car parts and expects on getting even more jumpy than he already is. So goes the life of a teenager who’s friends with a teenage werewolf."

The fic has been taken off AO3 but there is a link from wayback. It is said that it works if u are logged into AO3 first - which I have been all the time. Still, I can't pass the "process" page:

I'm really really hoping someone has a copy of said fic and can send it my way.

Been looking and asking around for ages.

Characters watch Teen Wolf Tv Series

Hello! I'm looking for a fic where the characters of teen wolf watches the show. I've already red “Watch and Learn” and “Cheating the Future”. Thank you in advance!

Homeless Derek

I'm looking for fics where Derek is homeless, and the Sheriff finds out and Derek ends up living at the Stilinski house.

Sheriff and Derek Bonding

I'm looking for three different types of fics:
1. Fics where Sheriff Stilinski acts in a fatherly way towards Derek, particularly if Derek moves into the Stilinski house for whatever reason, or the Sheriff grounds Derek or something. Basically, father/son bonding between them, with an emphasis on how much Derek needs a father in his life. Sterek is totally cool, just not Sheriff/Derek slash thanks : )
2. Derek and Chris Argent bonding fics, if such exist. Or anything really where Chris acknowledges/feels remorse for/apologizes for what his sister did to Derek, and realizes how much if broke Derek.
3. Any major Derek whump stories where he's sick/badly injured/despondent/depressed, etc, and some of the adults in the group take care of him as well as the teenagers-ie, Sheriff, Deaton, Chris, etc.
Thanks : )

Derek likes how Stiles smells

Searching again. In the fic Stiles is in college and works in the college library. He's reading something about this weird group of werewolves and he suddenly knows Derek is there and asks him if it's true. When they're leaving the library, a girl who works with Stiles hits on Derek and Stiles thinks Derek will go with her but Derek of course follows him out. They go to their usual restaurant and get their usual table and waitress and order. Stiles realizes it's a little weird that they are there enough to have a usual considering how far he is from Beacon Hills. They end up talking about mates during dinner. Scott uses his sense of hearing to focus on Alison but Derek uses scent. It comes out eventually that Stiles is his mate. They maybe go for a walk in a park after dinner? Not sure. Hope this rings a bell with someone. Thanks in advance!!

Sick stiles

I read this when I first started teen wolf fancfiction and I've been searching for it ever since

So Laura and Derek are at the hospital (i'm not sure why either one was working there or volunteering) and stiles is a patient, and I think Melissa is a nurse there, but stiles is sick with I think dementia and he talk sort of weird, like nothing he says makes sense (riddles kinda) and he is dying and Derek and Laura get really attached so Derek ask Laura to turn stiles so he doesn't die.

that is about all I remember but I will never give up on the search!

The gang plays Settlers of Catan - Sterek

I don't remember much about this fic except one scene. Not sure if it's a college AU or they are all just hanging out in someones apartment, but the gang is sitting around playing Settlers of Catan. Nobody wants to be Stiles's partner since last time he got a monopoly of some mineral or something (I'm not sure, I've never actually played). Derek volunteers to be his partner and by the end of the scene Stiles is sitting in Derek's lap and Derek is nuzzling the hell out of him, essentially outing them as a couple. And that's all I remember. I've tried googling it but not getting any good hits. Pretty sure I read this over on AO3. Thanks!

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