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Specific Search - Raffling Stiles?

There is a fic I remember reading and now after searching everywhere I can think of, I still can't find it!

It was set up where Scott was selling raffle tickets or chances to have sex with Stiles. And Derek buys one and goes into a tent or room and I think Stiles was tied down to a bench of sorts?

I believe it was an omegaverse fic possibly with Omega!Stiles?

I'm pretty sure it was dub!con at least.

Any help would be appreciated!

Yet another that wont leave me alone

Im still checking to see if I can find this myself, but so far no luck going through this one or the Sterek Library, and its not coming up under any of the tags I can think of.

But I think it takes place sometime after Stiles has graduated high school (or is of the age you would expect him to be graduated), and Derek is in some sort of military unit (possibly). He's still a werewolf, and apparently an Alpha?

I THINK Scott dies, and Allison has 2 (or more) really young kids, or is pregnant when the fic begins. Derek comes to BH to visit and possibly take over as the Alpha for the area, which might involve sex with Stiles? He stays for a while, then leaves again, but eventually comes back.

I dont think Cora makes an appearance, but she may be mentioned. No Malia at all, so Im thinking it was out before 3B aired at the very least.

I think its on the longer side of things (30k+ words) but I may be wrong. (and Stiles may have some sort of magical ability/spark/is an Emissary)

This MIGHT be Letters from Home. Gonna read it a bit to see if Im right.

Pack being berated

I have this one scene stuck in my head and I would love to find the fic to reread. What I can remember is Stiles is injured and upstairs when pizza comes and the pack eat everything before he comes down. Someone (Peter?) starts to berate them on how they treat their packmate and how the pack does not function as it should. Any ideas what fic it's from? Thanks!

Grandpa Hale is alpha

Derek/Stiles, where stiles has been mostly raised by the alive Hale family since his parents died, and I think he is a spark in this fic but not 100% sure, anyways Derek who I believe is younger than Stile, has been very moody lately, possibly getting into a lot of fights which is unlike him, Stiles is using a first aid kit on him and asking what's going on with him when Derek suddenly bites Stiles. Anyways Grandpa Hale is the alpha and an asshole because he tries to make Stiles solve some kind of mystery that would end up with him dead at the end. All I remember is that it involves Grandpa Hales ex lover who is trying to kill him because he stole something from her. Happy ending with Derek and stiles together and grandpa hale dead, I think he is drowned by ex lover.Anyone know what fic I'm talking about?
I'm looking for a Sterek fic where Derek goes with Stiles outside of Beacon Hills and, once they get far enough away, realizes that people find Stiles attractive (including him) and that there's a curse on him making people in BH not realize how hot he is. I think they eventually realize that it's because of a sweater that Claudia knitted.

ETA: Found, thanks to mishey22 !
This Might Hurt by whiskey_in_tea
I'm rewatching season 2, and it's giving me a huge craving for:

1: Some angsty/dramatic Sheriff-finds-out fics. Like fics where he is forced into the know by either him or Stiles being in danger.

2: Stiles dealing with the mental fallout of all the shit he has been through/seen, like seeing that car mechanic killed, or getting kidnapped/beat up by Gerard, etc. (Pre-nogitsune, since I actually haven't seen up to that point yet.)

Thanks a ton! :)
Hi guys, new member here!

I like my mpreg with a side of serious angst ala Tiny House by ohmyjetsabel over at AO3. And I need help in finding a fic where a baby girl from an alternate universe was sent to original universe. As I remember it, the plot goes something like this.

Stiles was getting ready to go to school and he saw a suspicious green cloud followed by the smell of ozone but thought nothing of it until he found a baby on the doorstep of his house wrapped in a blanket that used to be his. Derek and Stiles were not together. Later, Derek recognized the smell of him and Stiles on the baby and concluded that the baby was 'theirs'.

Some weeks later, the pack had a picnic at Stiles' house and the same phenomenon occurred. Mage!Stiles from another universe appeared, badly hurt by his own magic. Their Beacon Hills was in chaos and their Derek had died. Mage!Stiles was cared for by the Sheriff and Derek (with Deaton and Melissa) while this universe' Stiles was angsting outside his bedroom. He died and the baby stayed. But they know for sure now that Stiles' magic will be powerful enough to make him able to have a baby with Derek.

The story ends with Stiles at college being picked up by Derek and their daughter for a weekend at Beacon Hills. And it was intimated that he is ready to work the magic to make him pregnant.

Please help. This fic is my happy place.

Thanks in advance.

Mpreg Stiles

Does anyone know any fanfics where Stiles is pregnant with Derek's baby, but Derek is with someone else?

Alpha Stiles

Hello all!
I was looking for any fics in which even though Scott was the werewolf Alpha, he deferred to Stiles, who was human, because he had always followed Stiles' lead since they were young. This kinda made Stiles the Alpha to Scott, and hence to the pack.

I'd also like to know if there are any Alpha!Stiles. He can be human/werewolf/any other creature.

I don't mind if it's Gen/Het/Slash. Hit me with 'em :D

Thanks a lot, guys!

Looking for sterek recs

Anyone know any fanfics where Stiles gets turned on when Derek shifts. You know shifts. Rolling his shoulders and face changing into his werewolfy eyebrowless face. Pack or Derek can smell it.

GHA I just need something. btw I'm not good at tagging

I only remember one scene from this fic!

Hey guys I recently remembered this fic but for the life of me I can't find it. I only really remember one scene, but Scott, Stiles, Isaac (and maybe Boyd
) are all hanging out watching a movie. (Stiles & Isaac don't want to hang out and only do for Scott's sake.) Stiles brings up having a list of celeb crushes and says how the guy in the movie is on his list and Isaac is rude about the fact that their's a guy on the list and upsets him. Sorry that's so vague!
This is an older AO3 fic, but I've looked through every related AO3 tag and can't find it--

Derek was the business' exec while Stiles was a temp working for Lydia's department. Derek intiates sex in the elevator, and later the parking garage, without asking Stiles' consent (hence the dubious nature of the fic) and then promotes Stiles to his assistant. Almost positive werewolves are still a thing, because I remember Derek mentioning how Stiles always smelled aroused, though Stiles has no idea. Also, Peter and Laura are alive and helping run the business.


Found, leaderofthepack's A Deal With the Devil Devil via wayback here and orphaned here

[FOUND] Derek leaves and Stiles finds him

Derek leaves BH and moves to a small town, Stiles happens to be going to college in that town and they run into eachother. At first Derek doesn't want anything to do with him but then he notices Stiles is all alone so they start talking, then Stiles starts sleeping over with his school books. And the whole city loves Stiles and gets angry if Derek upsets him. I'm sure I've read it in AO3, but I can't seem to find it again. And I'm pretty sure it was Explicit, maybe Mature.

Thanks already!
I'm looking for a fic I remember where Stiles and Derek are dating, but they don't really get physical.  I can't remember if it's because Derek thinks Stiles wants to wait or if it's because of Derek's own issues.  Anyway, after a while of Derek not making a move Stiles "realizes" that Derek isn't actually attracted to him, and tell's Derek that it's okay, they can just go back to being friends and Derek doesn't have to pretend that he feels that way about Stiles.  Which of course is not the truth, and Derek promptly sets him straight.

I feel like that's really vaugue, but that's the most I can remember, and honestly I'll take pretty much any fics where Stiles and Derek are together butStiles thinks Derek isn't attracted to him.  I've been through pretty much every fic insecure!Stiles fice I can find and all I seem to come across is the opposite- where they are sleeping together but Stiles thinks Derek is only interested in sex.

Looking for Matchmaker Stiles fic

So I am looking for a fic where Stiles is in high school and he apparently has this gift for hooking people up. Basically he gets a feeling of who are soulmates and he sneakingly gets his schoolmates to come in contact with each other and hit it off without anyone really figuring out that he got them together.

At some point he comes in contact with Deaton and Deaton tells him that he is "Matchmaking" which is a skill that some people have and they get training.

I think the supernatural is known so "Matchmakers" are protected and have bodyguards, but of course Stiles is not just a "Matchmaker" and not just a druid/witch, he is a super rare spark(top of the power scale) and that must be kept a secret as people might target him and he is still young.

I believe that it is Sterek or Steter, not sure which. I last read it on Ao3 if I remember correctly but I am not sure.

So if you know this one, please give me a comment.


Sterek magazine fic

I'm looking for a sterk fic where i think derek and stiles work for a hale magazine. Derek is a single father and i think all the hales are alive. I think derek is the photographer and stiles is an intern or assistant and at somepoint stiles has to do a shoot with dereks son. If i remeber correctly it is a sereis of a few fics where stiles ends up writing articles about the difficulty of starting a family. I looked in all the office and alive hales aus i have available.


Episode Related Fan/Slash fic Derek/Scott

I am looking for specifically episode related fanfic or slashfic related to Dereck and Scott.  I've not had much luck, because most of everything I've found is Dereck and Stiles.

Does anybody have any unique finds?
looking for a fic where im pretty sure they meet for a one night stand and derek goes out to buy things for breakfast but he cant find where stiles lives and theyre pining and stiles hates derek but they meet later on and it turns out jackson had lied and said stiles didnt live there when he did!!


I am looking for a story where Peter hires Stiles to look after his house for him. Stiles cleans and maybe cooks for him. Eventually they develop a friendship and Stiles helps Peter with his business. I believe it is something to do with antiquities. Stiles helps him mail packages and stuff. Does this sounds familiar to anyone? It is set in the regular Teen Wolf universe. Thanks in advance!

FOUND! http://archiveofourown.org/works/2267748

Steter fic

I remember that Peter is the (sort-of) alpha of a pack with Scott, Derek, Erica, etc. and Talia is the Alpha of the Hale Pack. Talia wants to send Peter to help train (bond) with either a young female or a sadistic male...Stiles starts dating Peter, in return for Peter paying for his college education. (I think) Also, the sadistic male is upset that Peter turned him down, and shows up and attacks. Please help me find it.

Sterek Possible time travel Fic search

Okay so this fic I read ages ago and am having trouble finding due to not remembering much. What I do remember is the fire didn't happen because I think Stiles accidentally time travelled and warned them about it. The next bit I remember is Peter having a baby and some sort of ceremony at the Nemeton, I think, where either Stiles or an elf lady do the naming of the kid. And I think Peter asks Stiles to be the godfather. I am sure it was a sterek fic as that is what I tend to read in the Teen Wolf fandom.

Any help at all would be awesome!!!!

Arranged marriage & Sterek

I'm looking for a fic where Derek is king and Stiles is a prince. At the beginning, Sheriff Stilinsky (who is king) announces to Stiles that he has arranged a marriage between Derek and Stiles. Stiles is very angry to leave his home and his father for the kingdom. When he arrives in his new kingdom, he is horrible with Derek. It lasts years. Then Sheriff falls ill and Derek allows Stiles to go see him. Derek begins to send him letters and Stiles begins to love his husband.
Thank in advance !!!

Lost Fic

Hi I'm looking for a pic where stiles wants derek to claim him as his mate and derek says he'll think about it and after a few days stiles asks derek if he should renew his lease and derek says yes and stiles leaves upset because derek won't claim him and derek feels like stiles gave him an ultimatum. Not sure if it was on fan fiction or a03

Hello. I come again with another fic that is driving me crazy as I only remmeber one little part of it. :(

I am looking for a certian fic where the Sheriff belives that the huge secret that Stiles is hiding is that he is gay rather than werewolves. I am almost positive that it does end up as a Sterek Fic but there's always a chance it was just a Gen fic. The one point I spesifically remember that is driving me crazy is Stiles and Derek were at the gerocery store, or just store in genereal, and they were spoted by Werewolf hunters who attacked them in the parkinglot. Stiles got stabbed and the novice hunter was shocked when he realized that Stiles wasn't healing and therefore human. The Sheriff thought this was because of him and Derek's supposed relationship.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!

FOUND: Blood Moon by WritingintheCandlelight

Thank you so much!

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