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Emotional Derek

Oh jeepers, here goes.

I wish I could remember more but the most I can think of is that the scene is most likely set at night, Stiles is talking to Derek and due to something or the other Derek starts crying. Like outright bawling, shoulders shaking, tears falling nonstop and Stiles just holds his head against his abdomen the entire time until Derek stops shaking as bad. It was like a dam broke inside of him and all his kempt emotions flooded out. He apologizes to Stiles then.

I wish I could remember what the actual story was about but I'd be extremely greatful to anyone willing to link me to a Sterek story or post a title and author to anything similar to the description above.

Thank you.
I have looked through all my book marks but can not find it. In the story Stiles has always been a girl but only Scott seems to know. She hanging out with the girls and they are complain about there periods, Stiles is like it not so bad.They say you don't know and then they end up realizing Stiles is a girl.Then she is with the boy and Isaac smells blood on her and she like it nothing.The others get on her case and Scott like it her time of the month and they think he is making a joke.Then later Derek shows up and smells blood finds out she is a girl and is like thank god. Anyone know what this story is and have a link to it? Thanks in advance.

Sterek fic

Hi guys, I'm looking for an old Sterek fic. I read it a long time ago, so I'm sorry if my description is not that helpful or accurate.
Ok so, it was a pack fic. I remember that Danny and Lydia were told of werewolves and that at some point they came to Derek's warehouse to a pack meeting/training. I think Danny, Lydia and Stiles were sitting and watching Derek try to train his wolves *and failing*. Jackson, Scott and Erica didn't go along or something and they got into a fight, so Stiles stepped in and scolded them and told them what they should do better etc. He was a total badass and then Derek told him never to step between fighting werewolves and pushed him back to Danny and Lydia who were kind of..amazed or something.
Oh and I think it was after season 2 or something like that.

Pleaseee guys, help me. :D I've been searching for the last few months for this fic. I'm sorry if the tags aren't that helpful, I just wasn't sure what tags to choose that would fit what I'm searching for.

Derek has a dog named Jordan

I'm not sure if it's a high school story or not. It's Sterek, Stiles spends time at the Hale house (everyone is alive, so AU) and they all have wolf dogs, Derek's is named Jordan after Michael Jordan. There's also a Hale grandmother that loves Stiles. Anyone know what I'm taking about?

Derek cheats on Stiles with omegas

Hello! I'm looking for two sterek fics. The first one has a plot line that goes: Derek and Stiles are together but Derek still has sex with an omega during full moons.

The second one has Derek & Stiles together but during full moons he has sex with Erica and Isaac (they are omegas).

Both of these plot lines has a very angsty Stiles.
Thank you.

sterek derek is scott's older brother

Hello im looking for a fic that ends up sterek. Derek is scotts older brother not sure if hes step or actual brother every year derek has to take scott and stiles trick or treating. I think its a series not sure. one year he cant come back from college to go so stiles send him pictures of outfits hes trying on. Derek is in class when he receives them. he makes sure he goes the next year. i thought it was on ao3 it has pictures in the story as well thank u for any and all help

searching for a de-aged!Stiles, Pack fic!

Hello all!

I'm looking for a story on AO3 - it's part 1 of a current WIP series. In part 1 Stiles is de-aged and the pack takes care of him. I remember Lydia wants the old Stiles back, and Sheriff Stilinski drowns him near the end of part 1 - the entire pack is depressed but they soon find Stiles (the deaged version) alive. In part 2 Lydia sees Stiles and Derek in the grocery store and calls after them, and Derek says something like she has no right to know why Stiles is alive.

Has anyone heard of this story before? I appreciate the help! It's extremely difficult sorting through over 1,000 bookmarks on AO3.

Hurt Stiles

Stiles is upset because Scott and him haven't been having bro time because Isaac now lives with Scott. Isaac and Stiles do not get along at all. Scott has been keeping Stiles out of stuff that involves the alpha pack. there is a scene where Isaac and Scott are whispering but immediately stop when stiles walks into the room causing stiles to get mad and tell them if they are going to keep secrets don't talk about them while he is around. stiles makes plans with Scott to play lacrosse but Scott brings along Isaac and that makes stiles upset and stiles is very aggressive towards Isaac during the practice game even though he is a werewolf and stiles cant hurt him. Scott wants to know what that’s about and asks stiles what his problem is. stiles gets mad and storms off.

That's all i can remember.

stiles leaves

Its where stiles is planing on leaving but the pack is trying to make him stay

Youtuber Stiles?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of any fics where Stiles is a youtuber? I've read a few Sterek ones and now i'm hooked! Any pairing is fine though :)
hey ppl i think this was the first fic i ever read for sterek so i'm not sure if it was FF or AO3 and i couldn't find it at all plz help..

i remember stiles has a spark. he and derek were dancing around each other for so long. there was a king for dark elves/fae who wanted stiles for himself but stiles told him that he loves derek. so they left but the king said he will be back after 10 years if stiles isn't derek's mate then he will go with him. stiles left beacon hills to learn about life and his magic,when he came back. he brought a coyote familiar and he was super powerful.

sorry for my Eng. i'm not a native so pretty plz help!!!!
I'm having difficulty locating a fic. I know it was on Ao3, I know it was one of my favorites, I know I had it bookmarked. I know, and yet I can't find it and every sentence I recall and pop into search engines doesn't find what I've misplaced.

It's a Sterek story. Stiles begins with flashing back and forth between being escaping from Peter and running late to meet up with either Scott or his dad. Then suddenly, Peter has forced the jeep to crash/Stiles swerves to avoid a deer and hits a tree. Using an amulet, from Derek, Stiles transports himself out of the body about to be eaten by Peter, into the one that had just gone into the woods. He wakes up in the hospital.

Stiles gets sent to a world that is a couple months behind in terms of attacks by Gerard and the werewolves he is controlling, so he becomes friendly with the stillalive!Hales and talks to Deaton and tries to make sense of it all.

It is a decently long story, at least 10k. Please, help.

You all are the best people in the world. Thank you so, so much. I'm having a bit of a rough time and this story always picks me up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I would have spent hours going through my bookmarks and getting distracted by other Teen Wolf fics (oh no!) instead of focusing on finding this one. Thank you. If there is anything I can do, please, do not hesitate.
Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a longer fic that I'm pretty sure I read on AO3 a few years ago. What I remember is that Stiles and Derek are married and have several kids. Stiles works for state law enforcement (I think), possibly as a child psychologist or something, and retires/cuts back and a coworker shows up at his house and Stiles calls him out for basically stalking him. I think there was also a plot twist with some orphaned brothers, one of whom was a werewolf.
That's all I remember, really. Pretty sure they weren't werewolves, I can't even remember whether there were werewolves in it or if it was a human AU.

Stiles wasn't hanging out with Scott anymore. And he either looked for somewhere else to eat and found the classroom where Erica, Isaac, and Boyd were all eating in or they invited him to join them. I think they asked him, at one point, why he and Scott suddenly weren't joined at the hip. But it's driving me crazy, because that is all I can recall.

Fic: other werewolfs want to claim Stiles

Does anyone know fiction there other werewolfs are after Stiles and want to claim him and take him from the pack? Derek is not happy about it and might have to step in.

Plz plz help.

Growing up / mates since childhood

I'm looking for fiction like "Hung the moon", "pretend this is our den", "Kick". Love these themes. If you know of a tag or theme that have these let me know. Thanks all you awesome people.

Looking for a fic about Stiles and Derek both working for the government but in different branches. They get assigned to a case with a bunch of dead werewolves being chopped up and Stiles goes undercover as a cop and Derek becomes his police dog. Kate is also works there and Scott + Allison work in the drugs unit

Uh... I wish I could remember more but that's all I got.
Hey everyone! I've been looking for a fic, I know it was on ao3. I want to say post season 2. The only thing I remember is Derek confronts Stiles after something dangerous. He thought Stiles was in Scott's pack and being protected by Scott and when he sees Scott is ignoring Stiles and leaving him unprotected he brings him into his pack instead. And obviously Sterek ensues lol.

False Memories

A spell messes with everyone by giving them false memories. Stiles thinks his mother is still alive and Derek thinks he and Stiles are together. To remember what's real, they make a color-coded relationship chart but Derek and Stiles aren't connected on it at all (because of secret pining?). Eventually, they do get together.

(Tagging 'amnesia' becuase of the memory issues.)


Are there any stories where Brunksi, either from season 3b or season 4, hurts and taunts Stiles? Non-con/rape, non-con drug use, etc.? Also, any hurt/comfort fics within that theme... can include Derek/Stiles.


looking for 2 fics

Hi!  Newbie here, I'm looking for 2 different stories, pretty sure both are on AO3

The first has all the pack training at the Hale house, and Stiles is clicking his pen, and without thinking of it Derek walks over and dislocates his shoulder to get him to stop, forgetting he's human.

The second story has Stiles still living in his house but his dad, the Sheriff had been killed and Stiles was still trying to investigate and the killer comes after him at the house.



can anybody recommend stories in which Stiles and Derek are the same age?
Or the the Hale Family is alive?
Basically all I remember is Derek breaking up with Stiles over a bad first kiss, but pretty soon he starts to regret it. I started reading it on Archive of our Own, but I don't know if it was finished or not. They whole pack and Derek were all in high school by the way.


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