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lost fic please help... again

I am looking for a fic about stiles coming to beacon hills and goes to the sheriffs house because he is the sheriffs son that he didn't even know about. and sorry but that is as far as i got before my stupid computer glitched  up and i lost alot of my files please help.

Also i was wondering if anyone could recommend any fics that are with stiles being kidnapped, stiles being an orphan or have bad sheriff, disabled stiles,but also stiles being a were from out of town or something. please i need some new fics to reads i have been sooo bored please help .

Looking for specific fic and some recs

Hi I'm new and I was hoping you guys can help me with a few things.

1. I am looking for a fic where Stiles was kicked out of the pack after the Alpha Pack(?) totaled his jeep and sexually assaulted him. I remember that he and Derek were dating when it happened and told Stiles that he was damaged goods and not welcome. Stiles leave for collage and comes back later for Christmas and the pack apologize to him and Derek tells him that they only did it to protect him... I don't know if I'm mixing up a couple of different fics of not but hopefully someone can help me.

2. I would really like some fic recs of Stiles and Melissa having a mother/son relationship, or anything with Melissa and Stiles being bros. Can be fluffy or Angsty or whatever I just want something exploring their awesome relationship.

I hope I did this right and thanks in advance!
This is probably written around S1/S2; the Sheriff works in a sort of Triumvirate with the Mayor and a Judge (?) to manage Beacon Hills during some sort of outbreak/zombie thing. They send out foraging parties and in one Derek gets bitten and it turns out he's immune? Then the Bite saves the Sheriff. There is an attack or something and the pack is revealed when they wolf out and stop an incursion.

I searched the apocafic tag but did not find it. Help?

ETA: Found! It's AZA (After the Zombie Apocalypse) by LadyAngel. Thanks for finding it so promptly!

Stiles adopts wolf Derek as a child


I'm looking for a specific fic where Stiles adopts Derek, who has chosen to live as a wolf, as a child. Derek is a part of the family and occasionally changes in secret to look after Stiles. Derek "runs away" when he hears Laura howl for help. Stiles spends a lot of time trying to find his wolf but slowly accepts that he is a wild animal and isn't coming back. Scott still gets turned, Stiles is involved, and human Derek is around. Eventually during an attack, Derek shifts into a wolf and Stiles realizes that Derek was his pet. There is a big fight but I don't remember much else. Possible Sterek but can't say for certain.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer!

Also, posting from phone so apologies if posts/tags are awkward/wrong. I'll try to double check them when I have computer access.

So, are there any Sterek fics where they start out as casual sex partners?

The 'no strings attached' setting, either as friends/allies that have sex on occasion or the 'I hate your guts but let's fuck like bunnies' scenario, before realising the err in their ways and living happily ever after, will be welcome. Or any other variations on it.

Thank you.
I recently read a fic where Derek thinks about how much Laura would have hated Stiles, and that made me crave more fics with Laura in it.

I'm not fussy with pairings or gen/het/slash, but I would appreciate a warning if it is still a WIP. To make it easier for people later on could you say which of the groups below your rec falls under, please?

1/ fics where she either doesn't like Stiles at all or where she doesn't like him to start with

2/ fics where she is/becomes best friend with Stiles

Anyone followed up the comment by Rafael McCall: "We will talk when I`ll be back" from 4X08? I want stories when The Pack (everyone + parents) explain to Agent McCall about werewolves, assassins etc., like promised.


Halp pls!

So I once read this sterek fic I'm trying to find: its a sort of zombie au where stiles and Lydia are scientists and Derek plus the rest of the season one and two pack are some sort of military unit and werewolves aren't know so they're just considered "immune". The Argent's did tests on Peter to try and replicate the bite. Sterek becomes established pretty early on and I believe it's a multi chapter fic. Anyone know where I can find it? It's been driving me so nuts lol. Thank you!


Aug. 29th, 2014


I'm looking for a a fic where Erica wants to be Alpha mate and forces Stiles out of the pack and Beacon Hills, I'm not sure but i think Danny goes with him. I think Stiles is given the bite by another alpha and is a werewolf when they met Derek and his pack.

I'm also looking for another fic where the pack is kidnapped (by the Alpha pack, I think) and drugged. Stiles wakes up in the woods and he finds clues in how to find the rest of the pack.

I hope some one can help.


I'm looking for a fic where the Sheriff finds out about Stiles relationship with Derek or suspects, and Stiles ends getting put on all sorts of restrictions.

The scene that I remember is Stiles is over with Scott and Isaac when his dad calls demanding to know where he is and then coming straight over to pick Stiles up and take him home. I believe he has pictures of Stiles and Derek hanging out together, but Stiles manages to cover up the relationship by convincing his dad that Derek didn't want anything to do with him that way, and Stiles just had a crush.

I know this isn't much to go on, but this is driving me completely nuts. I thought I had it saved, but I can't find it in any of my bookmarks.

FOUND: It is the series Ever Fallen In Love With Someone by DeCaStDe. Sadly no longer readily available on A03 (see comments).

Looking for a specific kidnapped Stiles fic

Hello, I'm hoping someone will know of this. It's an aufic where stiles is kidnapped by hunters and tormented by wolves. Then he and derek escape -it turns out they were all the way in Illinois- together despite stiles' lack of trust in wolves and then stiles gets a dog as a way of confronting his PTSD, and he and derek keep crossing paths and eventually romance happens. The torture is heavily implied and not shown.

I also remember a confrontation between Stiles and Chris Argent later in the fic. Argent sees certain behavior that Derek exhibits towards Stiles and starts spouting things about what happens when a werewolf mates with a human. Stiles walks away from him because he doesn't want to listen to Argents' pandering.

Any help with this would be great. Thank you!

**Found: Total Eclipse by Sa_kun**
This is my first time posting, so please forgive any mistakes I make. I'm looking for a Sterek fic that is very slow build! Stiles is a professor at a college in San Diego or somewhere in South California and he finds a pair of twins who he discovers are werewolves. Something happened to their pack. Anyways, he tries to find them a pack but no one will take them so he decides to take them home to Beacon Hills and see if Derek will take them. (Oh and in the process of trying to find them a pack he meets with an older female alpha and says he not Hale pack anymore and Derek finds out and gets pissed) He goes back to BH with the twins and Derek accepts them. The female twin had a crush on Stiles, until she realized that there was something between him and Derek. Erica and Boyd are still alive I think. Stiles ends up staying in the pack? I read it when I was sick with a fever, so some of the plot is fuzzy. Anyways, if anyone could help I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Sterek Fic: Stiles becomes Derek's Emissary

The fic I'm looking for is multi-chaptered but I can't quite remember which series it was set during/after/before, Derek is still an alpha though and Erica and Boyd are still alive.
Sterek accidentally begin a werewolf mating ritual after Stiles gets Derek a weird plant from the preserve as a house warming gift for his new loft, except they don't realise it until they hang all over each other with the rest of the pack around. So they try to stay away from each other until after the next full moon in two weeks but it doesn't work and they spend a butt load of time together. (sex also happens) They end up in some kind of relationship.
There's a particular scene when Derek takes Stiles to the preserve to show him how to connect with the earth and see all of the Hale Pack territory. This is what leads onto Stiles becoming Derek's emissary.

Stiles saves Hale family

I've been searching for a week now (no lying) a fic in which Stiles travels to the past (I think? Can't find it by time travel -tag in AO3 or even rec sites.) and saves the Hale -family.
It's Derek/Stiles and I remember about the end that Stiles goes to the house with the Hale -family and is ready to die with them if they fail with the send-back to the present when Kate comes to burn the house. He succeeds and if I remember right Talia kills Peter at the end for killing Laura.

(I've never done this so if I've done something wrong with the posting, please tell me!)
This is my first time posting here, so apologies if I do something wrong.

Anyway, I'm looking for fics where a love spell or sex curse makes Stiles fall in love with (or throw himself at) Derek, and it's really hard for Derek because he's already in love with Stiles and tries to hold himself back. Yes, I want all the pining and angst.

I've only found one great sex-curse fic so far (Touch My Body), the rest are fics where everyone else falls in love with Stiles... which I'm also currently enjoying. But after reading Safety in Silence, this specific idea has been stuck in my head.

I would appreciate any recs along these lines, even if they're not exactly what I'm looking for but are really good anyway. Any rating, length, and self-recs are welcome.
Okay so, when I say Stiles I mean Void!Stiles. Basically Void!Stiles leaves Beacon Hills and ends up in Japan. A Japanese family find him and saves Stiles by exorcising the Nogitsune. I remember that Stiles and a son of the Japanese family have sex, but they're not in a relationship. Stiles eventually goes back home.

I think at one point when he gets home, Scott throws him into a wall, because he thinks that it's not Stiles, but this may be another fic. I think the story was Sterek, but it may have been gen.

Any help would be great guys!!! :-)

Looking for Scerek or sciam fics.

Hoping that someone here knows some Scott/Derek or Scott/Liam fics.

I prefer the ones that are Scott-centric

Preferably no mention of Sterek (Sterek's an NOTP for me) .

Please no bashing, especially of Malia who's slowly becoming a favorite of mine

I'd also appreciate some fics that deal with the relationship between Scott and either of his parents, or Scott and the Sheriff.

Derek/Stiles fic


I'm trying to find a fic I read before, though I can't remember where. Stiles and his father get into an argument and Stiles misinterprets something the sheriff says as him kicking Stiles out. The sheriff thinks Stiles has been staying with the McCalls and calls Melissa to thank her and offer some money for taking care of Stiles, only to find out from Melissa that Stiles has not been staying with them. He ends up finding out that Stiles is living with Derek and that they have been in a relationship.

Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated!

LF: Specific Sterek Fic

I'm looking for a shortish fic that I am pretty sure I didn't read on AO3. Possibly tumblr, but I'm not positive.

I believe the fic is from the Sheriff's POV and he see Derek and Stiles having sex while Stiles is underage. I think Derek is fingering Stiles while Stiles blows him and there is dirty talk and sort of a D/s vibe. The Sheriff freaks out, barges in, and actually shoots Derek. Who obviously heals, and tells the Sheriff that they are mates.

I've tried searching for it, but I haven't had any luck!

Stiles has friends outside the pack

Hello all!

I'm looking for a fic (pretty sure it was on AO3) where Stiles feels left out of the pack. I'm not sure if he was kicked out or just not included, but either way he decides to meet up with a group of his original friends before the whole supernatural stuff started. He's on a bench when Scott sees him and thinks Stiles will join the pack outing, and the pack meets Stiles' other friends - Derek gets jealous because Stiles and another guy had a thing. I remember he was friends with a pair of twins and one of the girls slapped him (which caused the pack to growl). Scott later on tells the pack that he forgot about this group, and that they used to let him tag along when he and Stiles were younger.
I'm looking for a fic where Stiles is a spark and accidentally changes himself into a girl while setting up wards around the Hale territory. He's afraid if what might happen if Derek (Sterek is established) finds out so he has Allison and Lydia to help hide him.

Extra details:
- Stiles isn't focussing when he sets the wards (something Deaton warns him about) and uses the wording of "when the Calvary comes" or something like that.
- Lydia thinks that Stiles hiding from Derek is stupid, but helps anyway.
- they make Stiles eat rabbit food like salads and make him walk in heels.
- when the pack finds Stiles as a girl, they think she's kidnapped Stiles.
- Stiles eventually breaks the spell by being captured by an encroaching pack and then being saved by a Mustang driving Derek.
- if I'm not mistaken, this fic is written by the same author who wrote a Steter fic about the zombie apocalypse.


Looking For a Sterek fic

In the fic derek changes when the pack meet for pack meetings and stiles does not come. Derek asks stiles about it and stiles says that he refused to give a certain day and I cannot remember which but I think it was monday. None of the pack know where he goes so derek follows him. Stiles goes to this gym/club. Stiles found the gym/club when he was i think 14. I do know that Stiles does have sex with a man in the shower there. Can anybody help me find this?
I have been trying to find story of Derek and Talia are at the sheriffs office laying claim to stiles when he comes of age. At that time he was only 6 and the sheriff tryed to fight it. On the day stiles came of age Derek was back in town and broke into his room through his window waiting on him. Stiles calles his dad when he found derek in his home trying to take stiles away. Claudia was a wolf that died while stiles was young and thats why we turned from his wolf and Derek thought stiles wolf was damaged.... Please help me find this story!

sterek fic with special!stiles

I'm trying to find a fic but the only scene I can remember is Stiles heals the pack bonds while he's asleep on Derek's couch. I remember Erica wasn't dead, just really really injured, maybe in a coma?? and Peter's bond was described in ways that made it seem broken/sick. I think it might only be Stiles/Derek pre-slash, but I'm not sure. It's also probably not finished.

Thanks for any help!

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