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Alpha!Derek & Omega!Stiles (omegaverse)

I'm looking for a omegaverse fic with many parts where omegas chooses alphas. Omegas are the centre of society. When they have their first heat, they choose an alpha to get pregnant. It's the omegas who keep babies. Stiles will choose therefore Derek but instead to leave after being pregnant, he stays with Derek.
Thank in advance!

Looking for a fic that was deleted.

Does anyone have a copy of talktowater's Beach Cities AU? I had it bookmarked to read and didn't know it was deleted. I have no idea if they deleted for a reason or would mind my asking this. 

I'm looking for a fic by halfhardtorock. I believe it was called Taking the Edge off and it was a 3-part Sterek series. Does anyone know where I can find a copy or if there's still a version somewhere online?

Thank you!

Looking for some major Stiles whump

I've been in the mood for some major stiles whump lately, with a dash of hurt/comfort sterek. Any recs?

Found: Stiles mother isn't dead, but left

Looking for a specific fic in which Claudia, if that's what the author named her in the fic, isn't dead.
She did however leave Stiles and his father years ago, and in the fic she comes back an try to repair the relationship.
She isn't very nice and the sheriff and Stiles doesn't forgive her, not really, and Claudia leaves and writes a book about how her family turned their back on her or something along those lines.
I think Stiles and Derek is in a relation, and maybe the Sheriff and Melissa. I think Stiles says something along the lines that Melissa is more lika amother to him then Claudia at one point, so at relationship between the Sheriff and Melissa is a possibliity.
Anyone who regongizes this? 

Morallydubious fics

Does anybody have copies of any of morallydubious' ao3 fics? Particularly the Derek/peter series or the tumblr fics series?


Stiles has mental illness kind of

Hi, so I'm going to try and write as much as I remember about this story as I can so please bear with me.

In this fic Stiles is mentally unstable to the point where everyone is super careful with him and tries to make sure that he is rarely alone. But a big plot device is that werewolves are known, and the nemeton is protected by the federal government. Peter is an alpha too, but he bites anyone who wants it. Peter is kind of like a werewolf supremacist.

Another part is that there is some kind of woodland spirit that Deaton is trying to help but nothing works and Stiles ends up taking her to the nemeton and she gets absorbed into it and is saved, I think?

Is this helping at all? Thank you to anyone who has any clue as to what I am talking about?

Derek and Stiles end the world

Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Derek and Stiles are gods (?) that have been killed repeatedly in their past lives due to people fearing them and their power. Something happens that wakes up their memories of their past selves and they decide to end the world and start again, or maybe start somewhere else? It's been a few years since I last read it, and I believe I read it on a03, but I'm not 100% sure if that was where I found it first.

Stiles plays piano?


Are there any fics where Stiles plays the piano, not necessarily professionally, where the pack finds out or something like that?

Please and thank you :)

Sterek Role Reversal

Hi, I'm looking for a Sterek fic in which Stiles and Derek's roles were essentially reversed.

I remember it started with Stiles and Derek being born, and Stiles was about a week? older than Derek. The main role that was reversed is that Stiles was miserable his whole life, his family died, etc. while Derek had a happy life where the Hale fire never happened. I removed Stiles's part being fairly angsty, and he is sort of closed off.

I vaugly remember the McCalls being in place of the Hales as the werewolves and Stiles wanting revenge? I think maybe he was their emissary? I apologize if I'm confusing multiple fics

Thanks for any help!

coffee shop supernatural sterek au?


i'm looking for a sterek complete au. I don't remember much of it. I'm pretty sure it was multichaptered. What I do remember is that Stiles and Derek meet in a coffee shop, Stiles is the barista and there's like supernatural issues that Derek has to come to help Scott with. Stiles, it turns out is Scott's kind of emissary? Or who Scott always goes to if he needs something but I remember that Scott kind of kept Stiles out of the pack officially so that he wouldn't get hurt? That's literally all i remember :(.

thank youuuu

Kate argents shopping list

im looking for a sterek fic that had kate argent in and they tried to get her sent fown for a fire/arson and thy looked at her shopping list or something and saw like condoms tampons and oil and stiles realised you can make a molotov cocktail from them ingredients

Stiles loses virginity at 14

So I'm looking for a fic where Stiles and Derek have known each other since they were kids. I'm not sure whether they're just very good friends or if Stiles lives with the Hales in this fic... + Derek might be a bit older than Stiles (like 0-3 years).

Anyway, Stiles tells Scott about having had sex with Derek and Scott is a bit disapproving (bc young age, they're like 14 + Stiles took some time to tell him?) about it. But Stiles is just like "but it's Derek." I think they're at lunch when this happens.

Definitely some a bit longer fic, multiple chapters, most likely finished. I don't think it was abo au and I think Stiles was a human, not sure about the Hales.

Alright...hopefully this wasn't deleted

I'm looking for a Sterek fic where Stiles decides to go to the still burnt out Hale house and visit Derek. He starts to knock down the house and Derek joins him, and it's over the course of the summer (I think) that they slowly tear it down. I know at one point Stiles almost falls off on of the floors and Derek catches him. And at the end of it, Derek mentions moving away and Stiles is shocked and upset because that's not what he was trying to do. It's pretty centered on the two of them, I know it was on ao3, and I'm 99% sure it was finished.

Stiles gets impaled with a sword?

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a fanfiction posted on AO3 a while ago (possibly 2 years or more?). It had multiple chapters, the main pairing was Derek/Stiles and it may or may not be part of a series. Sadly, I only remember a couple of scenes (which is why I'm having such a hard time finding it). In one scene Stiles goes to confront the Alpha pack but discovers that they had captured Lydia and offers his life in exchange for hers. I'm pretty sure this happens just after he and Derek had sex/mated and had formed a bond through a bite (he shows the bite to the alphas). In a later scene he gets impaled with a sword by Gerard Argent (I think) who was possibly trying to control alpha werewolves through the bonds they form with their mates?

I'm 90% sure these scenes happen in the same fanfiction but I may be wrong.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help!

3 Deleted Fics

I haven't seen any requests by the authors to not reshare, but please let me know if I am wrong, as I haven't been able to get in touch with them to know if it's allowed or not.

Stiles is the Supermom by ThePackWantstheD

Derek doesn’t realize how much Stiles actually does until Stiles isn’t there. And then all hell breaks loose because who the hell knew Stiles almost died every Saturday?

the sound will bring me home again by notallargon

They stop for gas. Stiles considers making a run for it but the wire of his headphones is tangled with his seatbelt. “Stop fidgeting. I can smell your fear,” the trucker deigns to tell him. “You talk like a serial killer,” Stiles says. “I watch Criminal Minds, too.” “How great was Prentiss this season,” the trucker says. “She died.” “Oh my god, shut up. No spoilers.”  In which Stiles doesn't remember what happened with Gerard Argent, or very much else, actually.

(if you have any other notallargon's works, it'd be greatly appreciated!)

Rich People Stuff by WhoNatural

“There’s a dead raccoon in the fucking pool, Derek.” He fights back a smile; he fights it so hard. ”Well, make him get it out.


Sterek fictions

Hey everyone I'm looking for some fic's that have been bugging me and I really want to read them again so if you know any of these please tell me [mostly female Stiles]:

1] One where Stiles is a female and she was also bitten by peter with Scott out in the woods and Scott is in denial and blames Derek for him being bitten but Stiles doesn't care about that and is training with Derek and their helping each other and when one time their in Stiles house and she know that Derek is testing her senses as he hide in the house somewhere, and then once they are on the floor after tackling each other Stiles tell Derek he's her mate and he already know just waiting if she found it out herself.

2] Stiles is a girl and her best friend has just been bitten by a werewolf and Scott is hating it and not believe Stiles when she tells him and Stiles and Derek went to the party to keep an eye on Scott as it was the full moon and was dancing when Allison and Scott notice them and then I remember that some time throughout the story Derek and Stiles are date or faked it at the start and then Stiles and Derek go on a double date with Scott, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson to play boiling and it ended up with Stiles and Derek telling them about how they meet but they were making it up but it was funny and believable.

3] Also another one with Stiles as a girl and it's about Stiles and Scott running from a monster or something and then hide in a freezer then Scott gets a text from Allison and leave Stiles stuck in the freezer alone and cold and when Derek finally comes for her after she called him she not breathing or has a heart beat.

This is all I can remember about the fic's. Please let me know if you know these story thanks x.
I'm remembering a small.. something from a fic I've must have read a long time ago.
The thing I can remember clearly is that someone, i think Derek, get's to drink from Stiles waterbottle/glass/something similar,
which is unheard for because Stiles doesn't like sharing/germs/something. Not really sure of the why Stiles doesn't like sharing his drinks, but he let Derek do it, and I think Scott gave him a knowing look or something along those lines.
That's all I can remember, and it's very vauge. I'm thinking this whole scene took place during a pack meeting, but I could be wrong about that.
Hopefully someone will know which fanficiton I'm looking for, or just confirm that it actually is a fic I've read and not something my mind has made up.

Derek coaches lacrosse team

Hey, I'm new to the community, but there is a fic I'm looking for that is driving me nuts and I'm hoping someone knows of the fic. I actually remember several details, but that hasn't helped me. Here is what I know:

--It wasn't an AU story, instead it was either set after season one or season two.
--Derek was Alpha
--For some reason, Derek had to come in and coach the lacrosse team, and I think he may have also started teaching a class at the school.
--I remember that Stiles got injured somehow and wound up in the hospital, and the only way to heal him was to bite him.
--In order for the bite to be successful, the pack had to be stronger, and to do that they needed more wolves.
--Someone told the rest of the lacrosse team about werewolves, and they all asked to be bit.
--I think it ended with an all werewolf lacrosse team.
--I think that it had Jackson and Danny in it too, but not sure.
--Probably Sterek, but again not sure.

That is all I remember about it, but I appreciate any help!

Specific fic request


I just noticed KinkyFics just deleted their AO3 - would anyone happen to have a dropbox/google drive with all of their stuff? I'd love whatever they have.

I'm also specifically looking for this one Stiles/Derek - the concept is that Derek has been Stiles' guardian for a while, and when Stiles becomes sexually active, he becomes "involved" in that way with Stiles too. The fic was first in a series, so if you have any of them, I would be super thankful.
I do not recall any other details or themes of this fic except it featured a Derek/Stiles pairing and involved a wish granting fairy/nymph?
I do recall that towards the end, somehow Kate Argent ends up being the receipient of the Fairy's favour and asks to be able to kill all werewolves. The fairy grants her wish and Kate is turned into a wolfsbane plant.

Would most appreciate any help identifying this fic.Thank you.

magic stiles sterek fic

im looking for a sterek fic where stiles is magic and he can create fire with it and he uses his magic to protect derek when hes fighting and his fire doesnt hurt derek

two lost fics

1. A fic where Stiles and Derek have been dating for a while and Stiles has moved to live with Derek, or has at least a lot of his stuff at Derek's. Stiles is messy and one day Derek gets pissed because of it and they fight. I think Derek says something like "take your shit away from here" etc something horrible and Stiles gets really sad about it. Derek goes out and Stiles cleans before going to work. (I might be mixing this with another fic but Stiles gets hurt at work? He's a deputy?) Anyway, Derek comes home and it's clean and Stiles isn't there and he feels horrible.

2. Derek and Stiles have been having sex and Derek thinks that's all Stiles wants from him. They've just finished fighting some monster of the week etc (or maybe Boyd had just died?) and Derek is very exhausted so Stiles is helping him get cleaned up. Stiles puts Derek in the shower and he thinks Stiles wants to have sex and Derek really really doesn't. But Stiles just takes care of him.

Sterek & family

Anybody know of any long or a good length Sterek stories where the Hale family is all either alive, resurrected or presumed dead but they made it out or some of them did? I read one where some of the family was living in Mexico (I think it was Mexico) and they Derek and Peter find them. Also I read one where the family along with Stiles mom was resurrected. Would love to read more like that. I would also love to find the where Peter and Derek find the family alive and Derek ends up in the hospital.

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