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I'm looking for a fiction.

Lydia want to know how Derek and Stiles knows each other so well.

Peter and Stiles is half brothers and the same is Peter and Derek. And because of Derek and Stiles connection through Peter, Derek won't date Stiles.

Thanks in advance.

Looking for deleted/moved(?) sterek story

Hello, i wanted to read Lime And Chili Aioli by Jinko but it seems that the story is taken down form ao3. Does anyone have it saved on their computer and is willing to share? *__*

Specific sterek fic

Looking for a sterek fic where stiles casts a curse that creates a blue mist it kick backs and knocks him down. Its established sterek he goes to lydia when hes a girl the pack think hes missing finding his jeep abandoned sny help would be awesome

Sterek recs

Hello i have a hankerin for any and all sterek stiles cursed turned into a girl fica. can either be permanent or not. Thanks in advance

Stiles is a social outcast

Hey guys! Im looking for a fic I read on ao3 where stiles parents have been dead for years and his pack have mistreated him ever since. Eventually the Hale pack arrives and members start mingling and derek begins courting stiles, until erica sticks her nose into places it doesn't belong and gets stiles in trouble with both packs. Harris takes the chance to beat him within an inch of his life and noone realizes anything is wrong until he is found nearly dead days later.

I really enjoyed this one, so if you guys could help me out i would appreciate it!


Stackson Fic Search

Hello, so I'm looking for a specific Stiles/Jackson fic that I'm almost positive was on AO3 but I can't find anywhere. So the fic is a future fic, I'm pretty sure, where Stiles (and Scott?) somehow stumble into becoming famous edm musicians during college and later this causes Stiles to meet Jackson again when they play an Oscar afterparty that Jackson is attending. Jackson ends up being an actor or something and they start dating. There's a scene where Jackson visits Stiles after a show and they start a live stream and answer their fans questions about their relationship.

If anyone has seen this your help is appreciated! Thanks!

Mates Search - Specific Fic Search

Hello all - I'm looking for a fic which starts off with Stiles delivering a package of some specific strain of wolfsbane to Derek on behalf of Deaton. He walks in on Derek hooking up with a random girl. Then Stiles overhears Derek arguing with Deaton about how he needs to 'just tell him'that they are mates and stop medicating the problem with the wolfsbane. I can't remember the middle part of the fic, but I know at some point the pack is playing tag and Derek tackles Stiles while in his wolf form and there's a moment of gray almost non-con behavior. During the tag scene Stiles walks in the water to cover his scent.

Has anyone read this fic? I've been going backwards in my AO3 feed for days and can't find it...

Thank you!

magic!Stiles with earth based magic

So recently I had a craving for magic!Stiles, but with my extensive bookmarks, I'm having a hard time remembering which one is the specific one I'm looking for. I just remember the ending.

Things happen, and somehow, the forest around Beacon Hills burns down because of it, and Stiles uses most of his earth magic to restore the forest. However, with so much of his power in the trees, it's pretty much Stiles so in the end Stiles basically won't ever be able to leave Beacon Hills.

That's all I remember. Somebody help? I would really appreciate it! (Plus, recs of any really epic, relatively new magic!Stiles fics would be appreciated! I think I got most of the older ones...) Thanks so much!

Oh, and Derek/Stiles only please! The fic search if Derek/Stiles too.
I'm looking for a fic where Derek and Stiles are new at Beacon Hills. Derek is a construction worker and Stiles prepares Derek's lunchs. If I'm remember well Boyd is a Derek's co-worker and Erica is his girlfriend.
Thank in advance !

Deleted Fic? Fairytale by cheesewithmy

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Fairytale by cheesewithmy?

Please, I'd love to read it!

Thank you so much for any help!

Stiles name is on the Dead Pool list

Stiles-centric, gen/any pairing. I just want to read a story where Stiles has his name on the Dead Pool list. This is my first post, so I hope I tagged it correctly. Thank you!
Hello, I'm looking for a Peter/Stiles fanfiction where they are both in the hospital/rehab. I beleive Peter is recovering from his coma in the hospital and Stiles is there having also been in a fire. Stiles has serious burns and may be crippled.

Peter gets curious about Stiles and finds out that Kate Argent burned his family alive as well when Stiles dad got to close to solving the Hale fire. Scott is in it at some point telling Stiles to give up trying to solve the fire, that he's delusional. It is a story that I believe I read on AO3 but I can't find it and I've been looking for a while. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hung the moon by burnitallclean


Is there anyone who has a copy of hung the moon by burnitallclean, I know it had up to 8 chapters before it was deleted. I would be so grateful if someone could email me a copy. Majestic_rhapsody@hotmail.com
Specific fic: The pack and Stiles father basically ignore him after the nogitsune is gone and he becomes very depressed. Stiles is trying to give everyone space so they can grieve. Eventually, he goes to Derek's loft and sees everyone, the pack, his dad, Chris, Parrish, and Melissa watching a movie. He leaves after that after he confronts them all, I cannot remember where he goes. Stiles is very accepting of this treatment and seems resigned.

Details I remember:
-The sheriff tells him to give everyone time to recover
-He calls his dad who lies to him about where he is when everyone is together
Okay, so I'm looking for a fic (maybe it was a series of two fics?) on AO3 where Lydia Martin and Allison Argent need an Alpha for some reason and bring back Laura Hale with magic. The fic was kind of dark and gritty, and at one point they're boiling Laura's bones on the stove, I think. If anyone knows which fic I'm talking about, I'd super appreciate the help!!


Are there any sterek fics based...

On this article?? If not, can you guys rec me any sterek in which Derek is the "straight" one and Stiles openly gay and Derek is in denial or somethig along those lines... plz? I'm ok with any genre, warnings, triggers, etc.

Sterek/Stiles kidnapped as a child story

Hi All,

I read a story about a year ago (possibly 2) about stiles being kidnapped as a child.  In it, Stiles and Lydia had both been kidnapped when they were kids and mated/bonded with wolfs.  Stiles was paired with Derek and I think Lydia was with Peter.  I don't remember how, but they all end up escaping and getting back to Stile's dad in Beacon Hills.  Other than that, all I really remember are bits and pieces... Stiles slept on the floor of his closet with Derek instead of in his bed, Lydia had never had chocolate before and was amazed when she had a Reese's peanut butter cup, and I think she had a tattoo.  It may or may not be part of a series.

I would be eternally greatful if anyone could point me in the direction of it.  Also, if anyone has any other stories that involve stiles being kidnapped, at any age, that would be great.

Thank you!

Looking for badfriend Stiles fic.

I was hoping to find a fic where someone, anyone in the pack, though preferably Derek, Kira or Isaac, realize what a horribly abusive friend Stiles is to Scott. (like say finding out how he betrayed Scott in s5, or how he beat Scott up in the opening ep of 5b, when Scott though heavily wounded came to check up on Stiles.)

I just want to read something dealing with what a terrible person and horrendous excuse for a friend that Stiles has shown himself to be all throughout the show. With Derek or Isaac comforting Scott.

It woudl be awesome if it had the Pack dumping Stiles and making him realize they only tolerated him around for Scott's sake.

No woobie Stiles, I want Stiles to be shown to be utterly in the wrong.

BAMF Stiles/Angry Derek

Heres what I remember:

- Stiles has magic (maybe tattoos) and he's working with Derek's pack as a consultant of sorts
- Derek dislikes Stile's snarkiness immediately
- Stiles dies briefly while fighting some sort of ice monster with the pack but somehow manages to resurrect himself
- Stiles and Derek hook up, and stiles falls in love with Derek but chooses not to stay in beacon hills because Derek hates himself for loving stiles
- Derek sleeps with a incubus/succubus thinking it's stiles coming back for him, but finds out it isn't really Stiles the next day
- Derek texts Stiles and Stiles comes running back to beacon hills after he sees the message and confesses his love for Derek



There's Monsters at Home http://archiveofourown.org/works/1730159/chapters/3689288

Rec request for rescued Stiles

I really love the well worn trope that stiles leaves/is rescued from the pack and moves on to a better life where people appreciate him. I'm looking for recs, if they exist, of any fics that have Derrick coming back to town after the whole chimera and stiles killing what's his face nonsense and taking stiles away because Scott, is a judgy idiot, and his pack don't deserve stiles. I know that's pretty specific so any Derrick removing stiles from Scott's pack recs would be welcome.

2 Sterek stories

I’m looking for two stories, possibly three.

First one all I can remember is Stiles and Derek stop in a tea/coffee shop run by Danny, I think. He’s dating Isaac and makes a blend of tea call savage beast (could be called something else, but close to that).

Second one is even more vague. It’s about the dead pool. It’s Sterek. I’m pretty sure Haigh did something awful and someone kills him (maybe Chris?) in the police station and Peter says he’ll take the fall for it.
I've read a lot of fics where Stiles leaves because Derek doesn't ask him to stay. Are there any fics where Stiles leaves even though Derek asks him to stay?

Stiles dies to save the pack fics

Hey so I was just wondering if anyone has any fics where stiles is a big part of the pack and they would do anything for eachother, and he ends up dying for them. I'd prefer it if stiles wasn't portrayed as weak and in the way, but if you have any like this I'll still read them.

I do like ones where he comes back to life too so would be happy with any type of fic like this. I'd also really prefer it to be sterek, but if it's a good fic and it's not sterek then I don't mind :)

I was just reading one and got to chapter 17 and realised it was unfinished and last updated in 2013 :( So I'd be really grateful for anyone who can point me in the direction of some fics like this. Thank you!
I cant quite remember if Stiles leaves town for some reason, or if he dies (but comes back), and the rest of the pack...falls apart maybe?

Theres full-shift werewolves, and on a full moon run through the woods, Scott has sex with Liam (in wolf form). Maybe Scott dealt with Stiles leaving by having lots of sex.

Beyon that...I have no idea what it could be D:

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