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Stiles dreams of Derek dying

It's an older fic i think. Stiles keeps dreaming of derek dying in different places. Sometimes there's a ring on Derek's finger, sometimes there isn't. It turns out his dreams are leading him to this hunter in Colorado who is growing a certain type of wolfsbane in order to kill the pack, and stiles goes on a trip to kill him? But basically stiles just keeps having derek-dying nightmares over and over again.

Sterek - remove-able hearts


So I read this recently but yep, cannot find it again.

It's got quite a magic realism style - where people can take their hearts out and literally give it to others. I'm pretty sure Stiles buried his with his mum. Or packed it away after she died. So now his chest is empty. And Derek's heart is all banged up. I think he gives it to stiles who takes really good care of it.

I think it was a shortish fic but I don't know. It would definitely be on AO3.

Sterek, Monsters University AU

Hi, I’m looking for a specific story. I’m positive I’ve read it on the AO3, but now I can’t seem to find it.
It’s a Sterek crossover with Monsters University, with Derek as Sullivan and Stiles as Mike. It pretty much follows the plot of the movie.
Thank you in advance.

Stiles and Danny friendship?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of any fics where Stiles and Danny are friends? Or maybe something where Danny protects Stiles from bullying or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hi everyone! I'm super new at this but with some help from lovely members of this comm, i think i've figured out how to post an entry!

I've been looking everywhere for this fic where everyone knows werewolves exist and stiles is a human. he's best friends with allison, even though her family still hates werewolves. at the very beginning of the story stiles is walking at night on the wrong side of town and derek bites him and won't let go until police and their families arrive and talia makes derek let go with her alpha powers. derek's whole family is alive and okay. derek doesn't talk to stiles much because he's ashamed of losing control and biting him, even though stiles is all for making their situation work, even following steps from a book on what to expect when you've been claimed. derek is a teenager and kate manipulating him still happened but the hale family didn't suffer from it. i remember at once point stiles grabs one of derek's lacrosse jerseys and puts it on to make a statement and that stiles is allergic to pollen. i don't think mrs. stilinski is alive and i remember one of allison's cousins hitting on stiles a lot throughout this fic and making cruel comments towards stiles' situation with derek because he hates werewolves.

okay ~this is all i remember~ any help at all would be great, thanks guys.

Gen Crossover Fics

I'd love to read your favorite Teen Wolf crossover fics. The catch? I'd adore it if they were gen (or had only background/canon relationships) & complete. I like most fanonships, but I'd just love a good old fashioned meeting of 'verses. These types of crossovers seem few and far between, even though I've ran across some fun ones, including most the fics in the last TW xover bang.

I especially enjoy xovers w/ Supernatural, Buffy, Criminal Minds (lots of crime shows actually), Firefly, Marvel or DC verses...
Hi! Today I found very interesting rec:

Curiosity Killed the Cat, Satisfaction Brought it Back | ladylade | PG-13 |
PROMPT :: In which, Derek was captured by hunters after his house burned down, and Stiles and Scott stumble upon him, half-feral, in a filthy cage, in some hunter's shady backyard shed. is just showing me an error (both fic and author), I tried wayback machine too, but for this fic nada.
Any info? Was it deleted? Does somebody has it saved and is inclined to share?
Please help.

!Found! Sterek AU

Hi guys. I am looking for a story I read at AO3, but I can't find it. It is an AU. Derek, Boyd, Isaac and Erica run a coffe shop or a bakery. Stiles and Scott don't know about supernatural. Stiles goes there before the opening and helps. Derek and Stiles get together. I remember a scene when Derek and Stile are in the back of the shop and Stiles asks Derek when will they have sex. Derek wanted to tell him first about being a werewolf, but Erica comes in and tells him hereself. Help please :)

Stiles moves to beacon hills

Hi I read a teenwolf fanfic a while back and I can't for the life of me remember what it's called or find it
I'm hoping someone knows it.
in the fanfic stiles moves to beacon hills and he knows about werewolves but he doesn't want the pack to know that he knows. In one part the pack is having problems with what I think is ghouls and stiles while jogging literally stumbled into it and ttells them to make sure to burn the bodies. Stiles is either magic or a hunter in this fic.
thank you in advance.
Aj 😸
1, I read a fic recently that reminded me of a scene from some other fic I've read some time a while ago. I remember some kind of bad guys (probably the alphas not sure) kidnapping what I think was Jackson and Scott. I think Peter had betrayed the pack and for some reason they sent Stiles in to talk to him and/or the bad guys. He signaled to Jackson and Scott to hold their breath and then made mountain ash stay in the air so that the werewolves were forced to breathe it in. I'm pretty sure it's a sterek fic and I think maybe the scene I remember played out in a barn or something like that. Super vague I know, sorry.

2, I would love to read some sterek fics where Stiles is older than Derek without it being because of some magic or something just Stiles having been born before Derek or even stories where Stiles goes back in time and is older than Derek if there are any. Actually any slash fics where Stiles is the older partner would be grate, no season 4 spoilers would be best though.

3, I would also really love some help finding Stiles centered slash AUfics where his boyfriend (Derek/Peter/Scott whoever) is a werewolf and Stiles doesn't know for some reason.

First time doing this, sorry if I messed up with the tags or anything else.

specific sterek fic

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a specific fanfic derek/stiles. I'm not entirely sure on the deails but I think that after the fire the Sheriff took in Derek and Laura. Derek and Stiles get together at some point, first they keep it a secret but I think I remember a scene where they tell the Sheriff (though it could be that I'm confunsing that with a different fic). I think it was kind of a dark fic, Derek (and maybe Stiles) liked to burn things and at some point I think Derek an Stiles go on a camping trip and give Stiles a burn mark (or come to think of it maybe Derek gets the mark one of them).

That's all I remeber. I'm sorry it kind of vague. Does someone have an idea?
Thanks to anyone who can help :)
Hello all!

I am looking for a story where Isaac is worried about the relationship between Derek and Stiles. He thinks Derek is too possessive and Stiles is too quiet. There are flashes of scenes where the relationship gets darker. The story ends with him climbing up the stairs of the Stilinski home and discovering that Stiles is a werewolf. It's complete but I think the author was thinking of writing a sequel in Derek's PoV.

Fics where Stiles is close with the betas

Hi, I'd like to read some fics where Stiles is friends with Isaac, Erica, and Boyd. I'd also like any fics where Isaac is a sweetheart and specifically he and Stiles are close. Or any where Stiles is kidnapped with Erica and Boyd by the Alphas. I'd prefer Sterek but any pairing is good with me.

Sterek fanfic ( specific )

Hello! I'm looking for specific Sterek fanfic. As far as I remember it was about Stiles, who sacrificed his love for witch curse. Because of circumstances someone had to give something the most important and Stiles chose himself to do it, not telling others (?). The pack got to know about it later and also that Stiles was in love with Derek. Derek is furious, even if at first it was one-sided love. He rejected Stiles before the curse, that's why Stiles chose to sacrifice his love. At the end of the fic somehow they lifted the curse, but I'm not sure if it got happy ending. It's popular fanfic on ao3, but I couldn't find it even searching through tags, so I'd be very grateful for any help!

Derek Angst

Hi everyone! I'm looking for some decently sized (10k+) Derek angst, either gen or sterek. In the universe or canon divergent, I'd like to avoid too far out AUs. I have a few more specific (triggery) requests below the cut.

SpecificsCollapse )

I'd love to hear any recommendations! (And if I've done the posting thing wrong, I'd love feedback on that as well.)

Liam recs


I'm looking for any and all fics slashing Liam with either Stiles, Derek or Peter. Seriously, I'll take anything out there as long as there's no mpreg or non-con. I'd prefer PWP but I'll take anything of any rating - there's a *serious* shortage of fics out there because have you seen Liam? \o/


Sterek arranged marriage

I'm looking for a fic where stiles and derek marry each other. It may have been arranged because I think derek was a king? But I do remember one scene where stiles betrays Derek and gets locked up in the dungeon and beaten.
Please help?

*Found in comments*

searching for forced silent stiles

Hi I am looking for a specific did wherein a witch or maybe a fairy curses the pack turning them into real wolves and Stiles must weave sweaters out of vines and cannot speak at all. Sterek at the end. Thanks!
Okay so, I've been looking for these for ages and i just cant find them.

The first one Is a sterek fic from Peter's point of view. There's a bit where Peter didn't know that Derek and Kate were sleeping together before the fire and he leaves and at some point comes back i think to kill Derek but he sees him sleeping on the bed with stiles and cant kill him.

The second one is where another pack has come and they're trying to make links with the pack and peter notes that its a shame that Derek is with stiles cause then Derek could have gotten with one of the other pack members. Then a woman from the other pack approaches peter.

The Steter fic has Stiles travelling back in time so he gets bit instead of Scott and he and peter get together. At some point Peter mentions that his nurse had abused when he was catatonic and Derek got really mad at that. And Stiles fakes being an Alpha and still has magic.
Edit: dammit just found the steter one... It's to save them all

If anyone could help with these that would be great!!!

Stiles adopts a baby?

Looking for a story where Stiles adopts a baby and the pack is really happy. I think Boyd is a nutritionist?

Nov. 6th, 2014

Hi, was hoping anyone could help with a fic im trying to find, its at college au where stiles gets roomed with derek, so derek is the same age or a year above. Stiles is a wolf but he doesnt realise it until later in the chapters. Stiles has the hots for Derek and i remember one scene where derek is asleep and stiles gets him off but thinks he doesnt remember it until the following day. And then when stiles finds out he is a wolf is when he turns into one like a specific kind, because matt kidnaps him. I hope this is enough information.. Other than that i know that scott and jackson and them lot were are jock friends with derek. I definately know i read it on either aO3 or but im more certain it was aO3. Thankyou hope someone can help!!

Specific Fic

Hi hi! I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while back. Stiles had this charm that Derek gave him to save his life, and when Stiles was in danger he used the charm and ended up in an alternate universe, in another Stiles' body. But he was only able to use that body because the other Stiles actually died, moments before normal Stiles jumped universes. I think it was Sterek?

Police Officer Stiles

Trying to find stories in which Stiles works for the police, or is a deputy or work in the labs!
There is one i'm looking for: Stiles works witn Derek and he use magic to make something for alphas without knowing they are using it in a new drug!!

Derek/Stiles angst and fluff

I know this fic is on AO3 because I thought I bookmarked it but I didn't. Stiles finds himself attracted to and in love with Derek. To try and get over it, Stiles goes running during the Pack's training time. One night, Derek and Stiles end up alone and Derek kisses Stiles. Stile thinks Derek really wants him until he realizes that Derek is just sleeping with him so Stiles will 'be of use' again.

Stiles has a panic attack and flees to his jeep. then, Derek shows up at his house and they talk. They end up together. Does this sound familar?

Found! and so fast. It is in the comments. Thanks!

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